Alfa Nano Pizza Oven Review – The Beast of Countertops

Some people are always hungry for “THAAT” perfection, even having luxury. The Ooni Karu 16 is known to be the most practical pizza oven in the outdoor portable category. However, if you are one of these peeps, and Ooni Karu with its 800+ price doesn’t tickle your inner chef, why not consider Alfa Nano? If that’s the case, then this Alfa Nano Pizza Oven Review is for you.

Alfa Nano Pizza Oven Review

You can take the Alfa Nano outdoor oven more as a bougie luxury than a useful pizza-making utility. But then, our thorough Alfa Nano Pizza oven review can tell you, this pizza oven is a sublime combination of trustworthy safety, indestructible durability, and astonishing performance. In short, everything has been dialed to a perfection that can turn this into a “Millennium-long” investment.

But are these comments enough to justify its worth? Let’s dig in a detailed Alfa oven review to know how it sets the bar for passionate pizza enthusiasts.

Alfa Nano Pizza Oven Review: Is it Worthy Enough?


Alfa Nano Pizza Oven

With every department executed with wholesomeness, the Alfa pizza oven invites Gozney Dome, Ooni Karu 16, and Solo Stone Pi to race for the throne. As Nano comes in two iterations; wood and gas, we choose the Gas version for experimentation in our lab.


  • Copper Colored Powder coated stainless steel turns aesthetic into a supremacy
  • The two-layer ceramic fiber entirely eliminates the risk of getting burned through exterior
  • Can reach even 500c within 30 minutes
  • 1.2 inches of refractory bricks instead of cordierite stone distributes heat more evenly
  • Comes with a built-in thermometer
  • 15 inches wider opening eases your checking during food processing
  • Patent Forninox technology marvelously reduces the fuel consumption
  • Minimal setup to calm down non-techies.
  • Comes with many free attachments


  • Most heavier in the portable oven category, featuring 50Kgs
  • Expensive than Average high-end portable ovens
  • Doesn’t make pizzas in batches due to limited 12” baking space

Design and Heat Retention:

The 55Kgs weight may raise many eyebrows, but we knew why it was so. First of all, Leonard reported to us that the powder-coated carbon steel gives an exotic look to the oven. Although the Alfa comes with a built-in thermometer named “Pyrometer” by the manufacturer, it would have been great if the manufacturer had tried an advanced digital thermometer.

But anyways, the front door has a peephole to keep a check inside the domed-shaped cooking chamber. We tried this, and the experience was just “meh”. You get the overall view of your menu, but a solid tempered glass would have raised the worth of this oven to many folds. However, we analyzed and gave props to this steel for retaining heat very well, and the peephole maintains the airflow perfectly.

Design and Heat Retention

Well, when it comes to heat retention, Alfa has done some marvelous and distinctive stuff to trash the competition. Leonard spilled the beans on a combination of materials used to combat heat leakage.

On the one hand, it has 4 1.2 inches of refractory tiles instead of the very common cordierite stone to lock and distribute heat much more efficiently, and on the other end, double-layered ceramic fiber raises the shield strength against heat leakage.

A single burner ignites a series of flames, and the airflow-boosting convection effect sizzles up the cooking chambers. With reinforced steel used as Alfa Nano oven’s interior, that’s why we see a quick rise in the temperature.

Good Points

  • A splendid combination of luxury materials to paramount easy usability and heat retention
  • The dome-shaped chamber with reinforced steel interior cooks evenly
  • Refractory bricks are much better than cordierite stone
  • Built-in thermometer actually helps chefs to optimize their cooking skills
  • Powder coated carbon steel provides good aesthetics
  • Steel door with peephole maintain good airflow and view inside the cooking bay.

Bad Points

  • Significantly heavier than its opponents, almost kill its portability purpose
  • Refractory bricks are more prone to crack
  • Digital thermometer should be given in this price bracket as we see in Ooni Karu 16.

Temperature and Performance:

The only beef we had in this department is that it isn’t a batch cooker. With only a 23.6” x 15.7” oven floor size, you’re limited to a 12-inch pie. But the Alfa Nano pizza oven doesn’t make it a weakness, as the manufacturer claims you can get a hot, piping, crispy pizza in just 90 seconds.

We put this claim to the test. Brain took charge of the performance department and reported 750F in 18 minutes and 970F in almost 31 minutes. This isn’t the fastest in the league, but with splendid oven execution with the most exotic materials, it cooked a medium crust pizza in 1.75 minutes, breast pieces in 6 minutes, and ooey-gooey chocolate cookies in 2.3 minutes.

Temperature and Performance

The results were cooked to perfection, specifically, the pizza quality came out as professional-grade. Most importantly, the weather implications on this oven are minimal. Due to its thick powder coating and dual-layer ceramic fiber shield, the Alfa oven reached 930F in 35 minutes.

If you look at surface-level things, the Ooni Karu 16 or Burnhard Nero give it strong competition in this regard with lower pricing. However, cooking quality is something which the Alfa Nano outdoor oven is a master of.”

Good Points

  • Performs like a boss-level commercial pizza oven, delivering that ooey-gooey goodness we all crave
  • Delivers professional-grade pizza quality that rivals your favorite pizzeria
  • Lightning-fast cooking times, with pizzas cooked to perfection in under 2 minutes; can churn out 25-30 pies in just an hour
  • Sizzles up to 1000F, perfect for cooking up a variety of Neapolitan and Artisan pizza styles
  • Not just limited to pizzas, can cook up a whole range of delicious dishes Bad

Bad Points

  • Low cooking space

Safety and Assembly:

As it’s a heavier piece of kitchen appliance, the oven which we bought for our Alfa Nano Pizza Oven Review, came pre-assembled. In the case of the gas version, you just need to install the conversion kit and other nitty-gritty stuff that gets done in minutes.

When we first heard its price tag, Candie was like, “Is it a gold-plated oven?” Later on, after inspecting its design, performance, and safety department, we knew it was worth its price. For many regular outdoor ovens, the common issue a family chef faces is that they run extremely hot, which can hurt you or your kids/pets.

Safety and Assembly

As we said, it executes a dual-layered ceramic fiber lining between inner reinforced steel and outer powder-coated shell, so the heat doesn’t affect the exterior. It doesn’t mean your pets can dance over the Alfa Nano oven, but the effective heat insulation can save you from critical burns. With that characteristic, it certainly comes in line with Gozney Roccbox.

Good Points

  • Comes almost pre-assembled for your convenience
  • Exterior stays cool to avoid any accidental burns
  • No blowback of flames in the wood version, so you won’t get caught off guard
  • Ignites quickly and without any fuss

Bad Points

  • The countertop stand is optional and costs you 600+ bucks

To wrap up this review of the Alfa Nano Pizza Oven, let’s be real: it ain’t cheap. If you’re counting your pennies, this might not be the oven for you. But if you’re looking for something that’s built to last and delivers pro-level quality and performance, then price shouldn’t be a deal breaker. The unmatched sturdiness and safety are definitely worth the price. Admittedly, it lags in adopting fancy-schmancy features and utilities like dual-fuel option and a digital thermometer. But all in all, this baby is worth the investment if you’re serious about your pie-making skills.

Alternatives To Alfa Nano:

Gozney Dome lies in between commercial and regular domestic oven, and we consider it Gozney dome rivaling partner. It’s like the heavyweight champ of ovens, sitting a little heavier on the scale at 128lbs compared to the 121lb Alfa Nano. Alfa Nano boasts refractory tiles and top-of-the-line insulation materials for heat retention, while Gozney Dome rolls with a 30mm cordierite stone that gets the job done but isn’t quite as premium.  

But forget this specs-specs comparison, both ovens are much restricted to pizza making due to limited cooking space and height. However, the Gozney dome is quicker to reach 950c height and much more stylish than Alfa Nano with digital display including thermometer. Both ovens are performance beasts. As for price, we’d give the nod to Alfa Nano, especially since they have different pricing for their Wood and Fuel models.Nonetheless, this makes Alfa Nano single fuel oven and the Gozney Dome being a dual-fuel oven with kit conversion makes no variation in the pricing. 

Overall, if you need more safety, less weight, and more conventional design, Alfa Nano’s your huckleberry, For much aggressive styling and dual-fuel capability, Gozney Dome is the one to beat.

 People Also Ask- FAQs

Can the Alfa One Nano sit on a tile countertop?

Yes, according to instructions given in the menu, it can sit on a strong, non-combustible surface. The alfa one nano also comes with a sturdy steel stand but it costs you around 600$ which may not be an affordable utility for many users.

How hot does an Alfa One pizza oven get?

The Alfa Nano subjects to reach 950F at its full spectrum of power. But practically, it maintains temperature somewhat at 830 if you have enough propane pressure. The wood version can also go to this range but type of wood matters a lot.

What are the dimensions of an Alfa One pizza?

The Alfa Nano covers around 73x55x48 cm of space. Along with that, the actual cooking bay dimension of Alfa Nano is about 23.6” x 15.7” that only lets you cook 12” as the largest pizza. With all these dimensions, this pizza oven weighs around 110lbs.

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