Easiest Homemade & Authentic Neapolitan Pizza Sauce Recipe

You heard of Authentic Neapolitan pizza sauce recipe, but couldn’t map the difference between this traditional San Marzano tomato pizza sauce and today’s fancy tomato or marinara sauce?

Well, I literally gave you a hint!

Let me tell you, there’s a world of difference between this best Italian Pizza sauce and your run-of-the-mill tomato pizza sauce.

Easiest Homemade & Authentic Neapolitan Pizza Sauce Recipe

Factually, it’s a secret and unparalleled flavor of San Marzano tomatoes, which are like the star of the pizza sauce ingredients. Grown in the rich volcanic soil of the Campania region in Italy, these sweet yet tangy tomatoes are responsible for making a difference while bringing an intense sweetness and natural acidity that regular tomatoes just can’t match.  

So, when you wonder about recreating this heavenly Neapolitan sauce right in your own kitchen. Today’s menu will aid you in testing it in your kitchen. So, let’s jump in together. 

Homemade & Authentic Neapolitan Pizza Sauce Recipe for a Perfect Italian Taste

Before we rightly jump onto the recipe section, knowing why San Marzano tomatoes make a difference here makes things easy for you regarding the pros and cons of this sauce. So, Can you make a Napoli pizza sauce without these specialized tomatoes? Let’s find out;  

Why Are San Marzano Tomatoes The Backbone Of a Best Italian Pizza Sauce Recipe?

We all know San Marzano tomatoes hail from the volcanic soil of Mount Vesuvius. However, differentiating from regular tomatoes, they are sweeter, less acidic, and have a deeper taste. This makes it easy for beginners to make a tasteful sauce with these tomatoes; why?

So, when you opt for this King of tomatoes, you get a richer, more balanced flavor, setting a perfect foundation for an authentic Neapolitan experience.

Why Are San Marzano Tomatoes The Backbone Of a Best Italian Pizza Sauce Recipe

In contrast, regular tomatoes, depending on their regional affiliation, sometimes might require adjustments in seasoning to achieve a similar sauce depth. Seasoning sometimes raises the acidity levels, and this is where San Marzano enjoys the royalty.  

San Marzano tomatoes have reduced acidity levels, which generally leads to a smoother, sweeter pizza sauce, putting gentle effects on the stomach. A blessing for those sensitive to acidic foods! From a health perspective, reduced acidity might benefit individuals prone to acid reflux or GERD. That’s what makes San Marzano pizza sauce a preferable choice for health-conscious people.

Another fact about San Marzano tomatoes is that they have thicker flesh and fewer seeds, making the sauce consistency smoother. This distinction makes San Marzano pizza sauce a favorite among purists.

But as San Marzano is a regional breed (European), its global availability is challenging. While overall, Europe enjoys an easy availability of these tomatoes, Central America, Canada, and Australia have moderate availability. On the other hand, Asia, Africa, and some regions of the Gulf face a difficult availability of these tomatoes. 

How to Make Neapolitan Pizza Sauce – Easy No-Cook San Marzano Pizza Sauce Recipe

How to Make Neapolitan Pizza Sauce Ingredients


  • San Marzano Tomatoes – 1 can (28 oz / 800g) – Ensure it has a DOP label for authenticity for a foundational flavor of the sauce. 
  • Sea Salt – To taste, typically around 1/2 tsp – a universal flavor enhancer.  
  • Fresh Basil (optional): A few leaves, torn, to impart a fresh, aromatic layer to the sauce. 
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (optional) – a drizzle – to add a silky texture and bind the flavors together, and contributes a slight fruity undertone

Nutritional Values:

(Per 50g of Neapolitan Pizza Sauce; approximate values, depending on the San Marzano brands): 

  • Kcal (Calories): 10-15
  • Protein: 0.5g – 1g
  • Sugars: 1g – 2g
  • Carbs: 2g – 3g
  • Fats: 0.1g – 0.5g

I am preparing this Authentic Italian pizza sauce with San Marzano tomatoes (canned). In case these aren’t available in the market, the only option left is regular tomatoes.

How to Make Neapolitan Pizza Sauce
  • Prepare the Tomatoes: Start the Neapolitan pizza sauce recipe by crushing the tomatoes by hand in a bowl. Remember, I always prefer hand crushing as opposed to blending. It helps to retain some of the tomatoes’ texture, ensuring that this Neapolitan tomato sauce shouldn’t be too smooth but have some pulp. This method provides a rustic consistency to the sauce, typical of traditional Neapolitan pizzas. 
  • Seasoning: Add sea salt to this crushed San Marzano pizza sauce mixture. Using sea salt instead of the table is due to its cleaner profile, more natural taste, easy dissolving nature to distribute flavor throughout the sauce, and balancing the sweetness and acidity. 
  • Add Basil (optional): Tear a few basil leaves and mix them into the sauce to add a sweet and aromatic flavor. Don’t chop, as it can turn the sauce into a green color and preserve its natural fresh taste.
  • Add Olive Oil (optional): Drizzle a bit of extra virgin olive oil into the sauce and mix to contribute richness, depth, and a silky mouthfeel to the sauce. I only prefer extra virgin olive oil to ensure you are adding the purest, least processed form of olive oil, which offers a fruity undertone.
  • Don’t cook to Keep it Authentic and Traditional: Do not cook this Neapolitan sauce to keep its authenticity and traditional aroma pure. This real Italian pizza is always raw, waiting for the high temperature of the pizza to cook the sauce during baking. Also, keeping the raw sauce on your dough preserves the vibrant, fresh tomato flavor, ensuring the pizza has a bright and lively taste. 

Recipe Practicality and Nature: 

Recipe Practicality and Nature
  • Flavor Tones: Natural sweetness and reduced acidity of San Marzano tomatoes with an Optional freshness and aromatic hints from basil and hint of fruitiness from optional extra virgin olive oil.
  • Complexity to Make: Simple and straightforward, No cooking required. 
  • Viscosity: Chunky with a medium consistency due to hand-crushing, not overly smooth or puréed
  • Who’s it for: Pizza enthusiasts seeking authentic Neapolitan flavors, prefer a fresh, vibrant tomato taste on their pizza, and low acidity seekers.
  • Who Should Avoid It: Those looking for a very smooth or heavily seasoned sauce, people with specific dietary restrictions,
  • Variations: Pinch of red pepper flakes for a spicier kick, finely minced garlic for added depth, fresh oregano or a mix of Italian herbs for herby touch. 

3 Key Takes from This Recipe:

  • The authentic Neapolitan pizza sauce recipe prioritizes San Marzano tomatoes’ natural and vibrant flavors.
  • Simplicity is the Key, ensuring minimal ingredients and straightforward preparation
  • The hand-crushing technique maintains a rustic, medium consistency in the sauce.

 The Bottom Line:

So, this Neapolitan pizza recipe is the easiest to craft in your kitchen. The only thing that can enhance the taste is the quality of tomatoes. Regular tomatoes can work but San Marzanos tomatoes has their own charm and taste profile. So, better to ensure the availability of these tomatoes for an authentic Italian taste 

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