Bertello Pizza Oven Review – The Hero of SharkTank for Outdoor Pizzas

When you get a hankering to unleash your inner chef and whip up some outdoor pizzas, the names Ooni, Gozney, and Solo Stove may pop up first in your search. But let’s be real, not everyone has stacks of cash to drop on those pricey ovens, especially if you’re just starting out.

Bertello Pizza Oven Review

Then, there is a compact, lightweight, budget-friendly multi-fuel outdoor oven that swoops into and will surely excite many starter and intermediate pizza enthusiasts. Napoli Bertello Pizza oven aka the “Shark Tank pizza oven” will be a win for those who need an all-rounder under a 400$ budget.

With our detailed Bertello pizza oven review, let’s find out how the hero of Shark Tank competes with the likes of Ooni Koda 12, Gozney Roccbox, BakerStone and other outdoor pizza ovens with competing pricing.

Bertello Pizza Oven Review – The Compact Pizza Oven with Fullest of Performance


Bertello Pizza Oven

Without any flashy or exceptional design and owning the capability to reach the temperature standards of Neapolitan or Artisan pizzas, the Bertello pizza oven competes with the likes of the Ooni Koda 12, Gozney Roccbox, Campfire Artisan pizza oven, and Bakerstone. This creates a dilemma for many non-technical folks, so let’s dive into a detailed review of the Bertello outdoor pizza oven.

Who’s it For? Low-moderate budget users, intermediate chefs, low-moderate volumes, users looking no-frill gadgets, non-frequent travelers and hikers, 

Who Should Avoid It: People looking for advanced Commercial pizza ovens, bigger cooking spaces, handling upper-moderate or high volumes, Frequent or aggressive travelers.


  • Infuse great smoky flavors
  • Moderately weighted, so can be handled easily in various portable scenarios
  • Most straightforwardly setup to ease down non techies
  • Reaches 800+F in quickly to cook Neapolitans
  • Multi-fuel capability under a tight budget
  • Great sturdy build with matte-finish stainless steel


  • Heat retention is average and maintaining temperature require hard work
  • Doesn’t come with built-in thermometer

Design and Usability:

By aesthetics, it doesn’t scream fancy considering flashier carbon steel or glossier stainless finish. The all-black matte finish stainless steel is extremely endorsed by Leonard as he is a genuine black lover. Overall, the looks are minimalist without any additional bells and whistles, which is a good and bad thing for particular scenarios.

The good thing for those who are looking for cream-like and straightforward usability supporting the great performance. And the bad thing for those who are looking for some fancy basic to fancy widgets. For example, the non-existence of a built-in thermometer would have been a competition-killing feature.

Design and Usability

Anyways, apart from the looks, the Bertello pizza oven renders the rolling flame burner. The heat distribution gets supported by airflow to sizzle the ceiling and cordierite stone surface.

While this may not be anticipating news for its potential buyers, the major news is we love the wood and gas burner attachment process. Although the gas burner looks awkward, it helps the wood burner to achieve the highest temperatures.

Good Points

  • Most straightforward design with no frills but good practicality
  • The rectangular shape pizza deck is easy to manage and carry
  • It almost come pre-assembled so non-techies will take a sigh of relief
  • The 30 lbs stainless steel isn’t very light weight but manageable in many portable scenarios
  • Connecting or swapping Wood and Propane burner is easy

Bad Points

  • No built-in thermometer
  • Propane burner is awkwardly big

Performance and Temperatures:

With a combination of wood, charcoal, and gas, it was pretty evident this pizza oven is a 900F club member. And it proved that right but with a twist.

Well, Brian tested the shark tank hero with and without the combination of fuel types.

For wood fuel supported by propane gas, it did reach a height of 910F around 28 minutes. However, with only gas and wood separately, temperatures only managed to pass 840F in 20 and 23 minutes. So, we can take the idea that Bertello may struggle to claim the marketed claims.

Performance and Temperatures

However, the joyous news is, despite some struggles, the results came out puffy, evenly cooked from inside to out and had a good brownish texture at the base and crust. Also, we used fully seasoned Oak wood and got the smoky flavor induced in our menus – a treat for smoke pizza lovers.

But one more struggle one may face; maintaining the temperatures. Since it’s primarily a wood oven, keeping the wood container filled to maintain the heat requires somewhat frequent hand and skill.

Besides, this doorless oven uses natural airflow for its rolling flame burner to pull the convection effect. But it also makes the oven struggle for good heat retention. Once you have windy or cold nights, it may struggle to reach the heights and temperature sustainability.

Good Points

  • Heat distribution is on point, making sure your dishes are evenly cooked with great quality results.
  • It’s a speedster in reaching the 900F club, so you won’t have to wait long to get cookin’.
  • Offers ample space to cook up a storm and whip up all sorts of menus.
  • Give your dishes that extra oomph with an excellent smoky flavor that’ll have your taste buds jumping for joy.

Bad Points

  • Heat retention is just okay, not exceptional
  • Refilling wood fuel can be tricky without a built-in temperature gauge

Assembly and Safety:

This Shark tank pizza oven comes almost pre-assembled, so non-techies won’t need to smash their head in combining the components. That being said, this also comes to swapping and joining the wood and gas burner.

Just a heads up, the exterior gets extremely hot, with only carbon steel as insulation. So, saving your hands, kids, and pets is only your responsibility at the end of the day.

One last thing, folks!

Assembly and Safety

The wood log camber gets capped with a stainless steel cap. The burner at the rear side and airflow from the front of the doorless oven create a flame blowback when you lift the wood container cap.

It might surprise the newbies, but seasoned chefs surely know this drill. So, refueling the wood fuel may be tricky for many starters and newbie chefs.

Good Points

  • The assembly procedure is minimalist
  • Doesn’t require additional tools for combining the parts

Bad Points

  • It gets extremely hot
  • The flame blowback scenario isn’t nice

People Also Ask – FAQs:

Which pizza oven is better Ooni or Bertello?

When it comes to Ooni or Bertello which one is a better pizza oven. It’s basically, Ooni due to a better with better variety in models, great temperature reach, and better trust considering brand value. However, Bertello is sub 400$ oven whereas most Ooni ovens cross this budget line.

What temperature is Bertello?

Bertello can reach upto 930F. However, the main concern here is it doesn’t sustain at those levels and maintaining temperature in Bertello becomes challenging in windy weather conditions due to the unavailability of doors.

Does the Bertello Pizza Oven get hot underneath?

Yes, the Bertello pizza oven gets it heating source beneath its stone. It allows the stone to get heated faster and provide evenly heating to the menus from downside to up. It helps you to get excellently cooked food within minutes.

Are Bertello pizza ovens worth it?

Bertello known as Hero of Shark Tank, launched as a startup at that platform. With Eric Bert as bertello’s owner, today this oven is one of the most top-rated one in the outdoor pizza oven category, rivals Ooni, Burnhard Nero, and Campfire.

The Bottom Line:

So, at the end of the Bertello Pizza oven review, we’ll say, “an oven with huge potential lags at some point due to some limitations.” Or to summarize it in fancier words “A mixed bag of tricks.” Bertello outdoor pizza oven is definitely a great and budget-friendly multi-fuel for users who occasionally throw down pizza parties in their backyard or during traveling, camping, and tailgating. While its minimalist design and multi-fuel ability make it able to reach 400c, it could be a no-brainer for many pizza enthusiasts. Still, average heat retention will narrow down its scope to only skilled chefs.

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