5 Best Electric Pizza Ovens – Top-Rated Pizza Maker Machines for Home and Bakeries

Playing with your pups and family in the backyard while making pizza with your outdoor oven is a drool-worthy combo for weekends. However, sometimes you just want something quick and don’t feel like setting up the whole shebang before finally getting a taste of pizza.

That’s where the best electric pizza oven comes in handy, offering a plug-and-play scenario.

Best Electric Pizza Ovens

Although some pizza maker machines for home may not be as powerful as gas or wood ovens, if you’re a lazy pizza lover looking for an effortless way to get your fix, an electric pizza oven for home does the trick.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best pizza maker machines based on a combination of high-performance electric commercial ovens and small electric ovens for home and cramped countertops. So, let’s jump in together;

In a Time Crunch? Want To Make A Quick Decision? Pick the Best Electric Pizza Oven in 2 Minutes

We know that sometimes getting lost in the weeds of details can make your head spin. So, if you need some no-nonsense guidance on choosing the best electric oven for home or restaurant, here is our fair and summarized advice for you;

After putting these top-rated electric pizza ovens through their paces, we crowned the Breville Pizzaiolo as the King of the Jungle and the Best electric pizza oven on our list. Reasonably, the much-targeted intent to bake pizzas in a congested space and provide the safest indoor experience was enough to convince us to vouch for this electric pizza maker. And apart from this good temperature reach, Breville’s Iconic ElementIQ intelligent system and unique Wood-fired preset support it being the best in the market. It’s got everything a die-hard pizza lover could ask for.

However, if you need something more robust and straightforward but efficient, we picked Ooni Volt 12 as our 2nd-best and Runner-up product. 

It’s the latest by Ooni in electric countertop pizza oven categories, and it lags in our ranking due to somewhat limited cooking space and less versatility than Breville. Otherwise, the highest temperature reach in the electric countertop category, and the unique Boost function makes it much more practical for Neapolitan lovers who don’t want to go in tiring setups of outdoor gas and wood-fired ovens.

Apart from all this, Of course, you can always check out the other contenders to see which one fits your specific needs like a glove. After all, different strokes for different folks, as they say

Best Electric Pizza Ovens: Take The Best Pizza Maker Machine For Your Home:

Electric pizza cookers are predominantly a domestic breed. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a commercial-grade oven on a shoestring budget for your restaurant, the choices can be limited. But fret not, as we’ve compiled a multifaceted selection of small electric ovens for both home and restaurant use, ensuring that you’re never short of options.

1. Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo – Overall Best Electric Pizza Oven


Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo

Why Do We Choose This: You’ll see hundreds of the best electric pizza ovens pushing a huge number of presets and oven settings and all trying to outdo each other with these presets. But let’s face it, in most cases, the majority of these settings are either inaccurate, filling the spot only, or impractical. Breville offers a splendid combination of features that eventually tips a professional-grade pizza in under 2 minutes. That said, we loved the commendable easy usability, Neapolitan standards temperatures, and good build quality. In short, we’re totally smitten!

Who’s it For: Performance hunters, Intermediate chefs with moderate budget, wood-fired pizza lovers.

Who Should Avoid it: Kitchens dealing with volumes, Versatile menus as this is highly pizza-targeted oven, Budget Users,

The Best Selling Points of Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo:

  • High Temperatures: While the Mentioned temperature limit is 750F, our infrared Thermometer measured it around 790F.
  • Wood-Fired Preset: With a very sensible wood-fired preset, it actually reaches the stone temperature of 750F, maintaining an ideal amount of humidity to give Authentic Neapolitan results.
  • IQ Elements: Pizzaiolo also gets Breville patent IQ elements systems, which gives the oven the most sensible automated configuration for delicious cooking outputs. One example is the above-mentioned wood-fired preset

Design and Usability:

Pizzaiolo may not be the fanciest contender in the market with a big LED panel or attractive design, but the shiny Stainless steel body with 3 dialers hanging at the front gives lots of Perky interaction to every level of chef.

While cooking performance is one thing, the easy usability and placement or planning of things by the manufacturer really make things easier to understand for first-timers. The very first dialer at the right corner gives two options for lighter or darker crusts. You can set 4 different levels within these settings.

The second one gives you cooking modes for pizza crust type preference.

From thin crust to New York style to deep dish pizza crust, the front-facing easy menu saves you from navigating from one menu to other for the right option. It actually helps the newbie chefs.

The third and extreme left dialer controls the timer settings. Apart from all these, there is an ALL manual option that allows you to customize your temperature settings as per your choice.

The stainless steel glossy silverish body has a fantastic finish. Though it’s not a small electric oven, the only limitation here is its cooking chamber height. With very “Pizza-specific” intent, dimensions like 12W x 10.3H inches will be challenging to cook versatile menus like a full roast.

However, overall, Breville has laid out the design with great sensibility while keeping easy usability in mind.

Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo

Performance and Temperatures:

Like its Rival Ooni Volt 12, it also has two heating elements. However, the foremost thing here is the circular parabolic reflectors that distribute heat more evenly. Pizzaiolo gets to 750F easily, but Brain was much impressed by the Patent ElementIQ system that lets the fan dynamically turn on and off.

Technically, this maintains the humidity that plays an essential part in getting a crispier crust; you can also manage it manually. Other than that, the dynamic and intelligent sync between the upper and lower heating element relieves you significantly from rotating the pizza after some seconds.

Furthermore, we loved the wood-fired Feature. Wood-fired or brick-fired ovens are known for handling the highest degrees of temperature. Domestic or small countertop electric pizza ovens mostly lack this ability. Breville, with its Wood-fired option, allows the deck temperature to reach even 760+F to cook authentic Neapolitan Pizza.

Also, the Darkness settings are too good for beginners who get puzzled while managing temperatures. The parabolic reflectors produce radiant heat toward the crust that manages the darkness. As a result, this authorizes you to manage the brownish crust very well instead of regretting the burning of your pizza.

So overall, Breville Pizzaiolo is a magnificent performer showing splendid intelligence in handling your food.


  • Very well-built with good finishing
  • Easy usability with intuitive design
  • ElementIQ system manages your food with great intelligence
  • Reaches highs in 20 minutes
  • Darkness settings allow beginners to avoid burning


  • A bit expensive.
  • Limited height kills versatility

Alternatives to Breville Pizzaiolo Wisco 561, Ooni Volt 12, VEVOR Commercial Convection Oven

Though Ooni Volt 12 comes closer to this home electric pizza oven, we assume taking Ooni as a competitor will produce immature competition. We have our own reasoning. Anyway, the Vevor commercial oven is our choice to compete with Pizzaiolo. This isn’t much more intelligent than Breville, but coming with lots of cooking presets and availability in 3 sizes allows you to enjoy lots of customization. Also, it doesn’t reach 750F, but 500F would be enough for many pizza types. Clearly, Breville had significant aspects over Vevor, but relatively less price is what you pay for Vevor.

2. Ooni Volt 12 – Electric Oven with Highest Temperature Reach


Ooni Volt 12

Why Do We Choose This: When it comes to home electric pizza ovens, they are not always the most powerful in terms of reaching the highest temperatures. However, Ooni’s latest model defies that notion, as it can efficiently hit 850F in just half an hour. While mapping how unorthodox it is, IPX4 caught our attention, making it an equally good performer for both Indoors and Outdoors. And for aesthetics, the carbon-powered metal gray body with piano black facing, Volt 12″ blooms in kitchen decors.

Who’s it For: RVers, Mobile Kitchen facing low-moderate Volumes, Neapolitan Lovers, Small Countertops

Who Should Avoid It: Most Versatile Menus, Budget Users

The Best Selling Points of Ooni Volt 12:   

  • IPX4 Certified: Making it protective against splash of water so you can use it as an Outdoor and Indoor electric pizza oven without any worry
  • Cutting Edge Temperature Reach: With its 850F temperature reach, it’s one of the hottest Oven in this league under a 1000$ budget.
  • Good Design and Aesthetics: 3 dialers at the Piano finished front, and Powdered carbon metal gray body makes a good combination of fancy aesthetics and excellent design.

When we received official news of Ooni’s highly anticipated new release, Bryan couldn’t contain his excitement and shouted, “I knew it was coming!” We immediately compared it to other top electric pizza ovens on the market, including the Breville Pizzaiolo, Vevor, and Wisco.

Design and Usability:

Ooni kept its legacy of simplistic but catchy design, and we loved how all the controls have placed in front of us without making clutter. I mean, Leonard also reported cream-like usability, explaining an exotic aesthetic is the first thing; the flip-down full-width glassed Triple-glazed door has 3 knob controllers that act as heat equalizers.

While these controllers include burner settings, temperature control, and boost function, the response is super crispy. However, these are old-school dialers; a digital control panel would have been an excellent addition to the overall oven’s worth.

Moreover, this might look tiny in the visuals, but it’s originally a 13” pizza oven with actual cooking 13.27” x 13.27” dimensions. But making a somewhat bigger pizza than 12” may feel congested and struggling at the rotation phase.

Yet, whether you make it an entire 13” pizza or an 8” one-person pizza, the dual-burner specification is responsible for producing heat efficiently on two sides. The under-stone burner transfers heat from downside to upside, reaching the depth of the pizza base; the other burner at the ceiling gives a shower/umbrella effect so not a single inch of food item remains “heat-less,” resulting in more evenly cooking.

Things further get enhanced when you balance the heat ratio of both burners. We tested it with different menus, and the results were majestic. An expert chef with a good knowledge of temperature settings can get ever-delicious results through this function.

Performance and Temperatures:

Ooni Volt 12 proves it’s not necessary to get Neapolitan standard temperatures by only kindling the hottest burning expensive wood or setting up a dual-fuel thing to achieve maximum temperatures. While most of the electric countertop pizza ovens only reach 600 to somewhat 700F, this bad boy had Brian’s jaw on the floor, seeing it crossing 800F in 23 minutes.

The boost function is one of the most attractive things or the real showstopper here. Electric ovens lose a significant portion of heat when the door opens and eventually takes time to get their power back.

Well, the boost function basically says, “Nah, not today!” by cranking up the power and getting back up to maximum heat in no time.

Ideally, the boost function makes it really quick while thrusting full power to produce maximum heat in less time. The 1600W motor is powerful enough, and we only achieved 800F again in 10 minutes after it dropped to 400c when we tested a heat release.

Other than that, trying versatile menus, the third controller gives you a wide range of temperature range, going as low as 150c. So, you love deep and slow cooking; it does that too here.

Limited modes are the only complaints we had with this new Ooni boy while seeing its pricing. Since the majority of electric pizza oven category offers multiple cooking modes, Volt 12 only possesses 1 mode by default, which is kind of average versatility.


  • IPX4 provides great practicality indoors and outdoors
  • Excellent build quality and aesthetics
  • Reaches 850F, which means killing the competition
  • The 39lbs compact body makes it ultra-portable
  • Enough powerful with a 1600W motor
  • Triple glazed door with boost feature embark great heat retention and recovery


  • Limited cooking mode
  • Expensive

Alternatives to Ooni Volt 12Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo, Vevor 14”, Wisco 560

The Volt 12 is the new kid on the block, but it’s already giving many pizza cookers a run for their money. Its biggest competition? The Breville Pizzaiolo, no doubt. With almost similar cooking space (a bit smaller), the design also looks almost the same. Overall, Ooni Volt, with its technical specs, looks like edging out the Breville with much lighter weight, better endurance against indoor and outdoor environment, and better temperature reach. Sorry, Breville, but you can’t beat the Volt on that front.

However, Breville responds by beating Ooni Volt marginally at cooking versatility with 7 different modes in response to only 1 option.   

3. ZXMT 3000W – Most Powerful Double-Decker Oven Under a Budget


ZXMT 3000W

Why Do We Choose This: We know ZXMT isn’t that famous household name, but don’t be a brand snob. However, if you are running a pizza joint and need to crank out pies with precision and pro-level quality, ZXMT double-deck pizza oven will definitely influence your sentiments positively. You’ll be slinging pizzas faster than Usain Bolt! Waring WP0750 is much famous in the multiple deck category, but seeing the price-point, ZXMT provides better value.

Who’s it For: Versatile Kitchens, Moderate to bigger kitchens, for starter restaurants and bakeries, moderate to big countertops

Who Should Avoid It: Congested Kitchens, Neapolitan Lovers,

Best Selling Points of ZXMT 3000W Pizza Oven:

  • Good Value of Money: Renders great value for money in the double-deck category with the easiest controls and MOST competitive pricing
  • High-Temperature Reach: Almost get to Neapolitan temperature standards, but evenly cook almost all the world’s menu.
  • Good Space In Each Deck: Though it has been marketed as a 14” oven, both decks offer 16” inch space to handle bigger families gatherings.

Design and Usability:

There is nothing extremely “technical” in the design section, as you get a sturdy stainless steel body with conventional plastic dialers aligned vertically at the right corner. The front door has tempered explosion-proof glass to check the inner view during cooking.

Aesthetically, there is no fancy stuff. As a double-decker electric pizza oven, you can certainly expect 3 heating systems for the upper and lower floors. ZXMT delivers that and provides 4 old-school dialers to manage upper-middle-lower heating channels separately.

While these all specs and briefings may not fascinate one. Yet, Leonard was stunned about its cooking space coming in the most competitive pricing. It’s big and can’t settle on a small countertop. With 73 lbs, each deck can give 16-inch space for family-size pizza. Yet, 16” might be a tight call, 14-15” pie can get cooked comfortably on each floor. This’ll definitely be good news for users who want to crank out pies like a NASCAR pit crew. However, the insulation quality is average. This thing gets extremely hot, especially from the top.

Though we aren’t sure what safe distance manufacturer has recommended, you should keep appliances away from this countertop electric oven for at least 10 inches.

ZXMT 3000W

Performance and Temperatures:

To be honest, the temperature range isn’t extraordinary, but the cooking quality surely is. The manufacturer claims it can hit 350c with 50c ranges; we mapped down 320c in about 28 minutes. Again, this isn’t the fanciest stuff, but the combination of lower and upper U-tube heating channels delivered us fantastically baked pizza in under 5 minutes.

Not too shabby, eh?

The 16-inch width combined with 17.2” opening height, imagine we have this size of a playground to test different types of menus. So, we had plenty of room to experiment with different types of cuisine, and we tested this at its full potential. Apart from getting a thick-crust pizza in 5 mins, the chocolate cookies, brownies, and cheese vegetable rolls were all pretty above our expectations.

The only thing we complained about was the average insulation that makes heat retention challenging in some circumstances. As already mentioned, it gets really hot (despite having multiple ventilation holes), so definitely some heat leaks from the walls making the exterior hot. But significantly, when you open the door, we experienced a great drop in the temperature, and it struggled a bit to regain the heights.

But despite its flaws, the overall experience was smooth and speedy. With both decks working in tandem, you’ll be cranking out piping hot family pizzas in just 4-5 minutes flat.


  • Spacious in managing volumes easily
  • Good temperature ranges to reach heights in no time
  • Most competitive price
  • Simplistic design, good usability, and sturdily built
  • Evenly cook most of the menus, so it can be a versatile appliance for bakeries and small restaurants


  • Gets extremely hot
  • Big and can’t settle on small countertops

Alternatives to ZXMT Countertop OvenWaring Commercial WPO350, Vevor Commercial Oven, Nutrichef,

Since commercial-grade customized double deck or dual electric pizza ovens come expensive, seeing the ZXMT price point and capability, Vevor double deck commercial oven finds itself more parallel to ZXMT. It’s actually smaller in size and somewhat has less wattage power in comparison to ZXMT. Slightly lighter than ZXMT, it cooks almost the same quantity and quality of pizza in competition with its counter. From aesthetics to finishing and handling volumes, Vevor and ZXMT almost do the same purpose, but Vevor edges out with less pricing.

4. Wisco 561 – Valuable Electric Pizza Oven for Home and Restaurants


Wisco 561

Why Do We Choose This: We apologize for being genuine; the older Wisco 560 was a bit ugly. That’s probably why it got the boot, and Pizza World came through with the fresh, new Wisco 561 with some noticeable upgrades like a digital display, a much improved brushed stainless steel body, and overall improved performance. Yeah, definitely, we are talking about the Wisco 561, that almost retains the same size and classical performance but carries much more modern looks than its older retired brother. So performance packed with easy usability and compactness, small countertops and snack bars will love this.

Who’s it For: Commercial spots like small restaurants, small-medium countertops, medium size families

Who Should Avoid it: Budget Users

Best Selling Points of Wisco 561:

  • Sturdiest Build and Durability: Clean finishing and brushed Stainless steel body having an extra layer of protective shield against rust
  • Easy Usability: Maybe you are tired of analog displays; here is a nice digital display for beginners and aesthetics lovers.
  • Big Space and Quick Turnaround time: Though it isn’t small (tiniest), it can cook big 16” family-size pizza in its belly in under 3-4 minutes.

Design and Usability:

Don’t take this as a mini boy. Firstly, there isn’t any complicated design and a single extended pizza rack can offer 16+ inches of pizza in less than 5 minutes. As we talked about its older version, the style is pretty evident to get endorsed by the users who are bored of the same old-school analog meters and displays.

Wisco 561 is a real head-turner compared to its old-school brother.

Our boy Leonard got his hands on this indoor electric pizza oven, and reported an upgraded brushed stainless steel to better match the kitchen aesthetics. However, insulation is what we guess didn’t get much of the manufacturer’s attention during planning. The older version was an extremely “Hot” boy, so it continued with the same legacy.

In easy words, it’s still a hot tamale, just like the previous version.

So, a 6-inch clearance space is recommended by the manufacturer. Yet, if you don’t have any space issues, make it 10 inches to better be on the safer side.

But then, we loved it and continued with a spacious 17 x 17” cooking bay that can easily bless you with the freedom of cooking a large family-size (even 16.5”) pizza and 2 personal pan pizzas. And if you love authentic New York-style rectangular pizza, it can also handle 2 medium-sized pizzas.

Precisely, the controls are simplistic, with only one knob for settings, and beginners may not find it hard to get used to it. Nonetheless, it should separate controls to manage upper and lower heating elements in such a price range.

However, overall, the fusion of minimalism and bigger space allows users to interact efficiently with this appliance.

Performance and Temperatures:

Well, it also falls in the category of a small electric countertop pizza oven, so it doesn’t boost extraordinary temperature limits. That being said, it fell slightly short of its older brother and reached 650F in under 23 minutes in Brian’s testing, which is decent but not mind-blowing.

Many best electric pizza ovens furnish this range, and so is the Wisco 561. But hey, it’s not all about the heat. The Wisco 561 may not be the hottest, but it can still cook up a storm. In fact, we were able to whip up a family-sized pizza in just 4.5 minutes. The only trouble which a beginner may face is a blocked view of food during cooking, as the rolling pizza rack is all-steel. We also had some slightly burned pizza in our initial runs.

But then, when we got used to it on the 3rd attempt, the crust was absolutely cooked to perfection, the toppings were finely brown, and the cheese was bubbling enough to make us tempted.

Though it’s a design-related thing, the opening height feels limited. And with overall limited cooking bay height, you can’t cook big menus like big bread rolls or full chicken roasts. That’s why the manufacturer doesn’t recommend using it commercially for snack bars and bakeries. However, if you own a pizza parlor, this awesomely handles low-moderate volumes.


  • Excellent sturdy brushed stainless steel body
  • Digital display and one knob controller make usability easy
  • Biggest cooking rack to handle family-size pizza easily
  • It can equally be good for domestic and commercial events


  • Runs extremely hot
  • Bit Expensive

Alternatives to Wisco 561Winco EPO-1, Adcraft CK-2

While very similar in shape, build quality, and performance, We choose Winco EPO-1 as the closest alternative to Wisco. No, it’s not like twins separated at birth. However, Winco wins many battles against Wisco 561 and can be a handsome pick if you value more cooking flexibility and versatility. Though it’s smaller in size, having the capacity to only cook 12” pizza vs. Wisco’s amplest 16”, it efficiently allows you to manage dual-heating elements separately, opening up a world of culinary possibilities. But if you bear this lack and only want space to handle volumes, stick to Wisco 561.

5. Vevor Double Layer Oven – Best Value to Money Double Decker


Vevor Double Layer Oven

Why Do We Choose This: To be honest, we are slightly inclined towards double-decker pizza ovens for home and restaurants. That’s why Vevor comes into our consideration due to its performance precision and competitive pricing as a multiple-deck oven. On the second floor, we were graced with some top-notch quality grub that put other fancy schmancy double-deckers like Waring WP075 and Ninjafoodie to shame.

Who’s it For: Budget users looking for handle volumes, Medium countertops, Beginners

Who Should Avoid it: Full-fledged commercial oven, high volumes

The Best Selling Points of Vevor Electric Pizza Cooker:

  • Good Usability and Control: It gives dedicated controls to manage each of the 3 heating elements to save fuel costs and cooking Quality.
  • Good Build Quality: Though it runs hot like other electric ovens, the finishing and high-gauge stainless steel body ensure good durability.
  • Evenly Cooking: With our experimentation with English muffins, pizzas, and bread, the cooking quality is admirable.

Design and Usability:

Technically, budgeted all-rounders like Vevor don’t get a crispy and crunchy user interface. Instead, these types of ovens are much more bent towards practicality. So, that’s why, the Vevor double-decker pizza oven for home poses a minimalist design to leverage beginners. Like other dual-chamber pizza ovens, the 3 manual knobs manage each of the 3 heating elements.

Though these U-shaped tubed elements aren’t much fancy mechanism in the market, it accomplishes the purpose very well. Leonard reported; the accuracy of these knobs hit right in the face of the cooking chamber.

We tried this electric pizza maker while utilizing one deck and both at the same time. The performance of heating elements in each case was supreme. This permits us to try different menus to expand the horizon of our expectations.

As the whole interface isn’t that fancy, the explosion-proof glass in the door and the heat-resistant plastic door handle left good vibes while reviewing this little boy. It’s good to see a good amount of ventilation holes for excessive heat discharge, but it runs hot. The manufacturer Recommends a 6-inch clearance space, but if you don’t have a space issue, give 10 inches of clearance.

Vevor Double Layer Oven

Performance and Temperatures:

This looks small, but it isn’t. However, don’t let its small size fool you; it’s a mighty warrior on a pizza-making battlefield. To give a good value for money; along with other accessories, a pizza stone in the package really had good words from our side. The 15 x 15 cooking chamber can hold a 15” pizza stone.

With that stone, the menus come sizzling hot and evenly cooked. Though Brian didn’t find a recommended time for preheating, it reached 500F in 17 minutes, which isn’t bad at all. After a 30 minutes preheating session, we had our first 14” medium-thick pizza in 4.2 minutes. With pizza stone, the preheating time almost reached 40+ minutes. In that scenario, the turnaround time was almost 4.5 minutes.

The only issue we faced in the shape of pizza stone minors cracks; when we all in once dialed the thermostat to maximum. Gradual heating may save you from this scenario.

But apart from pizza, we tried English muffins, bread rolls, and Margarita pizza; all the menus had fine detailing and a good brownish texture. However, this doesn’t ring an alarm when cooking gets done. So, chefs have to prepare themselves for this situation.

Overall, Vevor doesn’t have plenty of features to discuss, but performance is what brings this electric pizza cooker into the spotlight.


  • Good quality finishing and sturdy body materials
  • Ample space to cater to volumes and big families
  • Straightforward interface to get used to it without any complexity
  • Cooks supremely versatile range of menus
  • Comes with different accessories, including a pizza stone


  • Runs extremely hot – Like others
  • Doesn’t alarm when cooking get done

Alternatives to Vevor Indoor Electric Pizza OvenOster French Door Convection Oven

Looking for an alternative to Vevor’s double-decker oven was tougher than a cat trying to catch a laser pointer due to Vevor’s provision of superb value for money. But we finally found one that’s worth a second look. Say hello to the Oster French door 8-in-1 convection oven, which puts up a good fight against Vevor’s weaknesses.

One of the first things you’ll notice is that this oven is easy on the eyes, with a glossy French door and a digital display that’s sure to turn heads. And let’s not forget about the extra rack, which means you can cook up some bigger pizzas than what Vevor’s oven can handle. But don’t expect the Oster to reach the same temperature as Vevor’s powerhouse – it maxes out at around 450F. Still, if you’re not in a rush to feed your hungry crew, Oster can be a pretty sweet alternative..

People Also Ask – FAQs

Is Electric Oven Good for Pizza?

Typically, people prefer wood-fired and outdoor gas ovens due to the flavor and fun part. Electric ovens are good for pizza when they are powerful enough to reach the highest degree of temperature (atleast 400c), and cook evenly. Electric ovens are specifically good for beginners who don’t want to go into assembly setups of outdoor pizza ovens or don’t know how to cook in a propane/wood-fired oven.

What Can You Cook in An Electric Pizza Oven?

Depending on oven capability, you can cook multiple menus including the cookies, chicken or beef breast and thigh piece, casserole or muffins and much more. If you have an electric convection oven with vast numbers of cooking capabilities, cooking versatility can expand much more than cooking and baking.

Is electric or wood-fired pizza oven better?

Wood fired ovens are generally preferable for chefs who love to cook Neapolitan and Artisan pizzas at highest temperature (from 800F to 100F) which electric ovens don’t reach. So, this is where wood-fired ovens have their charm. On the other hand, managing a wood-fired oven and pizza-making with this breed require skill that many beginner or part-time chefs avoid. So, here electric pizza ovens come handy.

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