Best Hardwood Kindling For Pizza Oven – The Right Type of Wood!

Making pizza at home can challenging. A high oven temperature is one of the key factors in ensuring that pizza crust and toppings cook evenly and quickly. Not all wood types are right for pizza ovens. Some types of wood may produce too much smoke, ash, or sparks, affecting pizza taste. In contrast, some woods may be too wet, large, or hard to ignite. Therefore, selecting suitable wood for a wood-fired pizza oven is crucial.

Best Hardwood Kindling For Pizza Oven

Hardwood kindling for pizza ovens is one of the best fuel options to start and sustain a fire. Despite its low moisture content, it has a high energy density. I am an avid wood-fired pizza fan, so I know the importance of using suitable wood kindling to create that mouthwatering, crispy crust.

Where to buy hardwood kindling for pizza oven? I’m thrilled to share my experience with three high-quality hardwood kindling products that have improved my pizza-making skills. Whether you prefer slow burns or perfectly dried logs, these options enhance your pizza oven adventures. So, let’s find the best hardwood kindling for pizza oven!

Perks of using Hardwood kindling for pizza oven

In comparison to other types of wood, hardwood kindling offers several advantages, including:

  • High Heat Output: When burned, Oak, beech, and birch kindling produce intense heat. In this way, wood-fired pizzas develop a high temperature.
  • Slow and Even Burn: Wood kindling burns evenly and slowly. As a result, pizzas cook evenly and taste delicious.
  • Longer Burning Time: Hardwood kindling burns slowly, so it lasts longer. So, you can cook multiple pizzas simultaneously with a sufficient amount of kindling.
  • Minimal Residue: Hardwood kindling leaves little ash or residue. Making pizza is more accessible with less cleanup after cooking.
  • Natural Wood Flavor: Hardwood kindling enhances the flavor of the pizzas, elevating their taste. Thus, aromatic wood enhances the pizza experience.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Hardwoods used for kindling are often sustainably sourced. Hardwood kindling for pizza oven b&q supports responsible forestry practices.
  • Versatile Use: Besides pizza ovens, hardwood kindling can also use for fire pits, chimineas, fireplaces, and campfires.
  • Easy Ignition: With hardwood kindling, you can quickly heat your pizza oven without a lot of effort.

3 Products Reviews for Best Hardwood Kindling For Pizza Oven 

Our expert team spent 11 weeks researching the best hardwood kindling for pizza oven for you. Additionally, we will provide you with an informative buying guide.

1. OOFT 6 Inch Mini Pizza Oven Wood


OOFT 6 Inch Mini Pizza Oven Wood

Interesting Facts about Hardwood Kindling

  • Perfect Fit
  • Kiln Dried Oak
  • Convenient Box
  • Slow Burn, Long Enjoyment

Take Note

  • Only for small ovens

Feature Description:

This 6-inch mini pizza oven wood log fits perfectly into Ooni Karu, and other pizza ovens of similar size. Also, these hardwood kindling logs are made from 100% kiln-dried oak. You’ll enjoy the authentic taste of wood-fired pizza with these ovens that deliver consistent high heat.

Easily store and use 12-13 lbs of hardwood pizza oven kindling in each box whenever you crave pizza. Its slow burn ensures your pizza oven stays at its optimum temperature for a long time. In one firing, you can cook several pizzas at once.

Wood logs for mini pizza ovens are ideal for smaller ovens. For a seamless fit, consider other options if your pizza oven is larger. With a pizza oven, I couldn’t resist testing OOFT’s 6-inch mini pizza oven wood, and boy, I was impressed! 

OOFT 6 Inch Mini Pizza Oven Wood

The 6-inch mini pizza oven wood logs fit perfectly in my Ooni Karu pizza oven. It also ensures even heating and a slow, steady burn. These hardwood kindling for pizza oven are made from 100% kiln-dried oak. Thus, the result is a wood-fired pizza that is perfectly crispy and delicious. 

User Review/Use Case: Why do I recommend it to you?

My Ooni Karu pizza oven and these mini wood logs go together like peas and carrots. I can cook multiple pizzas without refueling constantly thanks to the slow burn. Kiln dried oak adds an incredible smoky flavor to each pie. The OOFT mini pizza oven wood is highly recommended for anyone with a mini pizza oven.

Overall, I can store and use the 12-13lb box whenever I have a pizza craving. Due to their slow burn, I can make multiple pizzas with these mini wood logs in one firing.

2. Logpile Pizza Oven Wood, 20kg, Kiln Dried Logs


Logpile Pizza Oven Wood

Interesting Facts about Hardwood Kindling

  • Sustainably Sourced
  • Quick to Light
  • Perfect Moisture Content
  • Hand-Packed in Recycled Boxes

Take Note

  • Not thin

Feature Description:

Recently, I upgraded my pizza oven, which required premium pizza oven wood. I discovered Logpile Pizza Oven Wood, 20kg, Kiln Dried Logs. The results are fantastic, and I’m thrilled! They ignite quickly and efficiently thanks to their sustainably sourced hardwood. In fact it saves me time and effort when starting my pizza oven. 

As an eco-friendly option, these hardwood kindling for pizza ovens are responsibly sourced. You can start your pizza oven quickly with the kiln-dried logs.

Logpile Pizza Oven Wood

The logs provide a clean, efficient burn. Besides, they minimize smoke production for an enjoyable cooking experience, with moisture levels under 20%. Sustainable packaging extends to the logs, which come in recycled boxes. In addition, they are eco-friendly.

Pizza ovens work well with 25cm split logs, but ensure they fit your oven precisely. Using these logs results in minimal smoke output and a distinct wood-fired taste. 

User Review/Use Case: Why do I recommend it to you?

The logs have made pizza nights at home so much easier. Their moisture content is perfect, and they light up quickly. Additionally, it maintains a constant heat, resulting in crispy, smoky pizzas. Additionally, I’m reassured knowing that they sustainably source and package in recycled boxes.

My eco-conscious choice is made even better by the hand-packed recycled boxes. Also, provide ample pizza oven wood to last multiple pizza nights. For making pizzas, I wouldn’t use anything else!

3. Ecoblaze Kiln Dried Firewood – Pizza Oven Wood


Ecoblaze Kiln Dried Firewood

Interesting Facts about Hardwood Kindling

  • Multi-Purpose
  • Dried Under 20%
  • Versatile Box Size
  • High Heat Performance

Take Note

  • Check the size and compatibility

Feature Description:

My favorite thing about Ecoblaze Kiln Dried Firewood – Pizza Oven Wood is its versatility! Also, my pizza oven works perfectly with these hardwood logs but works well in fire pits, chimineas, fireplaces, and even campfires. My pizzas cook efficiently and evenly because they have 20% or less moisture levels. 

In addition, you can use these wood logs in fire pits, chimineas, fireplaces, and even for campfires. You can cook your pizza efficiently and evenly with these logs, which have 20% or less moisture levels.

Ecoblaze Kiln Dried Firewood

You can enjoy wood-fired delights whenever you like with this 20L box of pizza oven wood. A kiln dried firewood delivers a robust heat output. Moreover, they allow you to achieve those heavenly pizza char marks quickly.

The logs are perfect for pizza ovens, but check the size and compatibility with your oven. So, I would have enough pizza oven wood to cook in multiple sessions and for outdoor activities.

User Review/Use Case: Why do I recommend it to you?

Besides pizza ovens, these logs are great for a wide range of wood-burning activities. My pizzas always come out perfectly cooked thanks to their excellent heat performance. I am also well-stocked with the 20L box size to have multiple pizza nights or go on other outdoor excursions.

The robust heat performance guarantees my pizzas get those heavenly char marks that elevate them to the next level. If you plan to use wood in your oven, I highly recommend Ecoblaze Kiln Dried Firewood – Pizza Oven Wood. Overall, my outdoor cooking enthusiasts will find it versatile and practical.

Buying Guide – What to Consider While Buying Hardwood Kindling?

I’ve discovered a few essential characteristics when purchasing kilndried hardwood kindling for pizza oven. These factors can significantly impact how well my pizza-making experience turns out. Here are my thoughts about it:

What to Consider While Buying Hardwood Kindling
Infographic: What to Consider While Buying Hardwood Kindling

Timber Type: 

The flavor of my wood-fired pizzas can significantly influence the kind of wood used for kindling. In fact, I constantly search for 100% kiln-dried timber, such as oak or birch. Since they offer a clean burn and give the pizzas a smoky flavor.

Moisture Level: 

For effective burning and little smoke formation, low moisture content is essential. To ensure a stable, I choose hardwood kindling with moisture content below 20%. Besides, these produce heat consistently and with an even burn.

Size and Form: 

When inserting the kindling logs into my pizza oven, their size and form are important. Mini wood logs about 6 inches long are what I favor. since they instantly ignite and fit perfectly inside my small pizza oven.

Burn Period:

 For prolonged sessions of baking pizza, hardwood kindling for pizza oven is best. I select logs with a lengthy burn period for even cooking.


I support making environmentally responsible decisions. I seek out hardwood kindling harvested sustainably to ensure ethical operations. Additionally, a benefit is having certifications from organizations like the FSC or the PEFC.


Kindling that is sturdy and well-packaged avoids harm during delivery and storage. I like kindling that package nicely in cartons or sacks. Moreover, making it simple to store and use as required.


It must work with the brand and model of my pizza oven. I make sure the hardwood kindling is appropriate for my particular oven. Being ideal for Ooni Karu or other small pizza ovens, for example.


How much hardwood kindling contains in a package affects how many pizza-making sessions I can have before running out and needing to refill. Larger boxes with 12–13 pounds of kindling are more practical for frequent use.

User opinions: 

To learn more about the effectiveness and caliber of the hardwood kindling, I consistently read user evaluations and ratings. Also, I get helpful advice from other pizza lovers, which aids in my decision-making.


While quality is important, I also take the cost of the hardwood kindling into account. In fact, I search for products that strike a fair mix between price and quality. Purchasing in bulk or utilizing subscription services might also be inexpensive.

Delivery and Shipping: 

A fast and dependable shipment is essential to receive the kindling in excellent condition and in time for my pizza-making plans. Also, a bonus is shipping that is free or reasonably priced.

Customer Service

Finally, I favor companies with top-notch customer service. Customer care that is accommodating and helpful in the event of problems or questions improves the satisfaction of the purchasing process. Manufacturers that offer peace of mind that has open lines of communication and accessible helplines.

In short, considering these criteria, my hunt for the ideal hardwood kindling for my pizza oven has been made much simpler and more pleasurable. Therefore, it improves my wood-fired pizza-making adventures! There are many options available to suit various preferences and needs. So, whether it’s the premium oak from OOFT, the ethically obtained logs with quick lighting from another brand, or the long-burning performance of the Ecoblaze kiln dried firewood. Happy making, everyone!


What is the best wood kindling for pizza oven?

The “OOFT 6 Inch Mini Pizza Oven Wood” is, in my opinion, the greatest wood kindling for a pizza oven. It constructs entirely of kiln-dried wood, which offers a clean burn and gives the pizzas a delicious smoky flavor. Also, it is approximately six-inch-long wood logs. In fact, it fits precisely inside my pizza oven, lights up immediately, and is simple to light. 

Therefore, this hardwood kindling is also made specifically for small pizza ovens like the Ooni Karu and Solo Stove Pi to ensure the best compatibility and performance. It enables me to keep a constant temperature for properly cooked pizzas because of its high heat output and delayed burn. 

The considerable amount in the 12–13 lb box allows for numerous pizza-making sessions. And the strong packaging guarantees the kindling will arrive in top shape. Overall, my wood-fired pizzas taste better and cook more efficiently thanks to the OOFT 6 Inch Mini Pizza Oven Wood.

Can I use kindling in a pizza oven?

Yes, you can use kindling to make pizza. 

To start a fire in the pizza oven, little bits of dry, easily ignitable wood are called “kindling.” It aids in establishing a solid base of heat and flames, which is necessary for swiftly and effectively raising the oven’s temperature. 

The kindling will assist in sustaining the fire and provide the heat required to cook the pizzas once the larger logs or fuel is sparked. For an excellent pizza-making experience, kindling is a typical technique in wood-fired pizza ovens and is an efficient way to start and maintain the fire.

Can you use hardwood for pizza oven?

Yes, hardwood is an excellent choice for a pizza oven. 

Hardwood is good for producing intense and steady heat in the pizza oven since it is dense and has a higher energy content, like oak, maple, beech, or cherry. 

Pizzas can bake ideally using a solid heat source like hardwood, which burns slowly and evenly. Additionally, it emits a pleasing aroma that might give the pizzas a light smoky flavor. In fact, it improves the entire flavor. 

Hardwood is a common choice among amateur and expert pizzaiolos since it guarantees effective and dependable performance in a pizza oven.

What is the best kindling for OONI?

Small, dry, easily ignitable wood that can start a fire fast and effectively makes the ideal kindling for Ooni pizza ovens. The following are some suggested choices for Ooni pizza ovens:

  • Kiln-dried kindling: As it is dried to a low moisture content, kiln-dried hardwood kindling for pizza ovens is a great option. Thus, ensuring a quick and intense ignite.
  • Oak kindling: due to its high energy content and simple ignition, oak is a common choice for kindling.
  • Pine kindling: Pine wood burns hot and ignites easily. Consequently, it is a good choice for lighting the fire in an Ooni pizza oven.
  • Eco-friendly firelighters: A quick way to start a fire is using eco-friendly firelighters composed of wax and wood shavings. Aside from that, no extra kindling is required.

To guarantee safe and effective use when using Ooni pizza ovens, it’s crucial to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions regarding the kind of kindling to use. For the greatest results and to prevent excessive smoke and unfavorable flavors in the pizza, always use dry, seasoned wood.

Final words

In conclusion, choosing the right hardwood kindling for pizza oven is crucial to getting that authentic wood-fired flavor. 

According to thorough testing and analysis, these are the best hardwood kindling for pizza oven:

  • OOFT 6 Inch Mini Pizza Oven Wood“:
    • Its 100% kiln-dried wood provides intense heat and a slow burn, making it ideal for Ooni Karu and Solo Stove Pi pizza ovens. The 6-inch and 12-13lb box delivers enough kindling for numerous pizza-making sessions.
    • Its 100% kiln-dried wood provides intense heat and a slow burn, making it ideal for Ooni Karu and Solo Stove Pi pizza ovens. The 6-inch and 12-13lb box delivers enough kindling for numerous pizza-making sessions.

In short, after trying out OOFT, Logpile Wood, and Ecoblaze, I’m confident you will impress with any of these options. So, let’s get started on the ultimate wood-fired pizza feast by firing up your pizza oven!

Let’s make this shopping experience awesome!

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