Best Natural Gas Pizza Oven – Outstanding Gas Pizza Ovens for BackYard

You yearn for that perfectly cooked Neapolitan or Artisan masterpiece, but your electric pizza oven doesn’t reach those scorching heights. Then there are outdoor wood-fired pizza ovens which are the culinary equivalent of assembling IKEA furniture – difficult to set up and manage, not to mention the constant dance of dealing with seasoned wood, igniting the oven, and maintaining temperature.

Best Natural Gas Pizza Oven

In this regard, natural gas pizza ovens become a harmonious blend of convenience and quality. With the easiest setup, the ability to reach the highest cooking degrees and creamy management is all that lazy or non-techie pizza enthusiasts want.

Apart from expensive gas pizza ovens, our team has scoured the ends of the Earth for the most practical gas outdoor pizza ovens to enjoy family gatherings. After all, who doesn’t want to strike a delightful balance between family fun and exquisite culinary experiences? So, hold onto your chef’s hats, and let’s jump in together.

Best Natural Gas Pizza Oven in 2 Minutes

In a hurry? Take a 2-minute summary of which outdoor gas pizza oven tops our report.

Phew, the competition for outdoor gas oven pizza was no joke, and we just couldn’t choose between the Gozney Dome and Summerset Pizza Oven as the ultimate winner. 

Honestly, it felt like trying to pick your favorite child. 

While the Gozney Dome flexes its muscles, boasting, “I’m futuristic, robust, and a powerhouse performer,” the Summerset struts its stuff with multiple racks and halogen lighting, showing off unmatched practicality and versatility that we just couldn’t turn a blind eye to.

So, we’re calling it a tie! If you’re all about killer looks and top-notch performance, the Dome’s wearing the crown. But if you need some serious volume and practicality, the Summerset is here to stay. Sure, the Alfa Nano gave them a run for their money, but its hefty price tag kept it from clinching the top spot in our report card.

Best Natural Gas Pizza Oven – Top 5 Hybrid and Outdoor Gas Pizza Ovens

Normally, custom-built commercial-grade natural gas ovens can cost you somewhere between 3000-50,000+ bucks. However, not to make your bank scream and get professional quality pizza at your home, we are listing down some of the hybrid fuel and propane gas ovens with natural gas conversion kits. So, here we are starting out;

1. Gozney Dome – Winner + Most Stylish Outdoor Gas Pizza Oven


Gozney Dome

Why Do We Choose This: Ever heard of beauty with brains? If yes, Embrace the Gozney dome as Beauty with performance. After three years of careful planning, the Dome finally made its public debut in 2021. And let’s just say, it was worth the wait! The Dome exudes the completeness of a ‘pure’ commercial natural gas pizza oven. Though it comes in single and multi-fuel iterations, there’s no need for a conversion kit, as it also includes a natural gas burner. But it’s the Dome’s ceramic coating that truly sets it apart from the competition in the outdoor gas pizza oven market, making it the most weather-resistant oven in its class.

Who’s it For: Quality Lovers, Outdoor kitchens, Upper-moderate budget, Aesthetics Lovers

Who Should Avoid It: Travelers, Portability seekers, Budget Users

The Best Selling Point of Gozney Dome:

  • Absolute Robustness with Weather Shield: With Calcium Silicate insulation internally and Dual-layered Ceramic insulation over stainless steel body, it’s not only robust but potent against harsh weather conditions.
  • Fabulous Design: Not only get furnished with glossy coatings but the futuristic design sense also gets hailed by domestic-commercial users.
  • Big Enough for Family-Size Pizzas: Though it’s heavy and big, it has oceans of space to cook family-size pies easily.

Design and Usability:

While typically you’d use conversion kits to switch fuel types, Leonard fell in love with Gozney Dome smoothly transitions between wood and natural gas variants. Hence, we didn’t witness any complex calculations to make your pizza oven compatible with your preferred fuel type.

The Dome’s large, UFO-shaped body is more than capable of handling two small pizzas and one large, family-sized pizza simultaneously, thanks to cooking dimensions of 7.48”H x 18.50”D x 21.65”W. These generous dimensions also mean you have the flexibility to cook a wide variety of dishes.

But versatility is just one side of the coin. 

We were enamored with the Dome’s attractively sleek aesthetics that exude luxury. In particular, the stylish digital thermometer, which gives the Ooni Karu 16 a run for its money, and the smooth temperature control knob are clear indicators of the Dome’s masterful design.

Moreover, switching between fuels is a breeze. 

Gozney Dome

There’s no need to swap burners or disassemble any accessories; just a twist of the temperature knob, and the flames come to life. For those partial to wood fuel, the Dome provides a 6-inch compartment to store wood and an ashtray located beneath the wood burner for easy ash management.

Given all these thoughtful design elements, Leonard had no choice but to award full marks in the design category. But here’s the catch: while the 30mm Cordierite stone ensures excellent durability and heat retention, it’s a trade-off for portability. At 128 lbs, moving the Dome is a two-person job. However, as a natural gas outdoor pizza oven, it’s designed to stay in a fixed spot.

Overall, the impressive execution of the Dome’s design left us truly astounded.

Performance and Temperatures:

The Gozney Dome, a true trendsetter in the 900°F club, is a must-have for Neapolitan and Artisan pizza aficionados. However, reviewing its performance and capability area, 2-3 distinctive things in this Best natural gas pizza oven made our main man Brian utterly smitten.

First off, the wicked ceramic coating – a trailblazer in its class, becomes a shield against dust, water, and UV rays. This is sort of the first of its kind to have that much weather shield. And not only this, the Ceramic insulation makes the insulation way more practical than any other outdoor gas pizza oven in this category. That said, we enjoyed a rock-steady temperature throughout our cookout sesh!

While many wood and gas outdoor pizza ovens can whip up a diverse menu, Gozney Dome is also the same guy with advanced norms. We found a “steam-injector,” a showstopper for steaming, roasting, smoking, and baking. A small water reservoir at the top of the oven and a rope-sealed door elevates the most suitable environments for baking moisture-demanding foods.

Even the expensive Alfa Nano can’t touch this. 

The manufacturer asks the new parents to this baby a 30-minute test run before they start slinging pies. We made it to preheat to 750F at a slow pace in almost 40 minutes. Afterward, this big boy made us multiple family-size pizzas in a range of 70-110 seconds, which is truly incredible.

Overall, Gozney Dome lives up to its hype and style.


  • An incredible blend of style and practicality
  • Most robust and incredible engineering
  • Quickly and easily cooks a family size 17-18” pizza
  • Truly made for outdoors with ceramic insulation for Water and UV resistance and water-proof cover
  • The steam injector is an edge-cutting feature to cook variety of menus
  • Abundance of accessories
  • Temperature management is excellent with stylish digital meter


  • Heaviest in its league
  • Though renders exceptional practicality, many users feel it’s expensive

Alternatives to Gozney DomeForno Bravo Casa80, Primavera, Ooni Karu 16, WPPO Karma

The list of alternatives could stretch on, but we’ve pinpointed the Primavera as a compelling rival to the Dome. While they’re vastly different in style, they run neck and neck in terms of practicality. 

While Primavera boasts a somewhat larger space (24”), Dome counters with its dual fuel capabilities in response to Primavera’s wood fuel. Both ovens are the heavyweight contenders in the realm of natural gas outdoor pizza ovens, but the Dome steals the win with its superior roller-caster portable oven stand. In comparison, the Forno Bravo Primavera comes with a fixed stand. So, if portability is a must for your gas-powered pizza oven, the Dome might just be the better pick.

2. Summerset The Oven – The Second Winner With Most Roomy Interior


Summerset The Oven

Why Do We Choose This: Sometimes, out of the open market, you find some gem products that make you proud of your decision. Similarly, it may not be very well known in the market, but the Summerset Gas pizza oven is just a unique beast in the market. With multiple racks to handle a high volume, commercial grade build quality, and marvelous usability makes it incredibly practical under a moderate budget.

Who’s it For: Kitchen dealing high volumes, Big families, Beginners, Chefs looking for more than a pizza oven

Who Should Avoid It: Budget Users, Dual-fuel lovers, Travelers

The Best Selling Points of Summerset Oven:

  • Admirable Usability: While it’s not the fanciest out there, it simply executes condemnable usability with some distinctive features.
  • Robust Build Quality: Again, it’s not about killer aesthetics, but glossy silverish 304-grade stainless steel makes this oven a CSA-certified product.
  • Versatile Performance: You get multiple racks, 450c temperature reach, and a built-in thermometer; what else do you want?

Design and Usability:

The Summerset pizza oven is not just a run-of-the-mill countertop gas pizza oven – it’s a breath of fresh air in terms of uniqueness, versatility, and practicality. First of all, the gas variant comes in propane fuel type; snag a separate kit for NG to cater to your preference.

Secondly, talking about uniqueness, we haven’t seen any portable gas pizza oven with a commercial 304-grade stainless steel body, but Summerset does. With such materialism, it’s ready to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws it’s way.

But this is not what we want to have your attention. When we talk about admirable usability, it’s more about a built-in halogen lamp that gives you a full view of your menus during cooking. We really loved this, as we haven’t found this nifty feature in any gas outdoor pizza oven we have reviewed so far.

Other than that, 3 porcelain enamel finished racks raise the count of cooked pizzas in one pool. Featuring multiple racks in this category is a tall order which is yet to achieve by big brands. So, for users who always complain about mishandling volume, this outdoor gas pizza oven is the perfect answer to your prayers.

However, you have to be a little careful as variable heat distribution may affect the cooking duration for each pizza at a different rack. Technically, the lower rack food items get cooked slightly more quickly than the upper ones.

Performance and Temperatures:

With its huge physical presence, it may not climb the highest temperature in the market, but we loved versatility the most. A 16K BTU burner can easily reach 450c within 30 minutes.

But it’s not the climax of the story.

Brain loved the size and removable racks, which let our whole squad chow down on a 5lb roasted turkey, massive veggie rolls, and a 14″ Neapolitan pizza. You can whip up a smorgasbord of lip-smacking, family-size pizzas all at once. Just remember, 16″ might be pushing it—stick to 14″ or 12″ pies.

Moreover, don’t go thinking these multiple racks are like separate decks with dedicated controls. The heat transfers from bottom-top, A-game regarding temp control and cooking skills. Practice makes perfect, right?

So, to sum it up, the Summerset oven is like the Hulk of outdoor gas pizza ovens—tons of space, top-notch practicality, and ready to flex its muscles. Bring on the pizza parties.


  • Absolute robust build quality
  • Tons of space never let you down while testing versatile menus
  • Compact and brilliantly handle volumes
  • Excellent Usability with Build-in halogen lamp and multiple racks
  • Competitive pricing and portability than Big Alfa one and Gozney Dome
  • Good fuel efficiency


  • Runs a bit hot
  • Doesn’t feature dual-fuel

Alternatives to Summerset Pizza Oven – Gozney Dome

Now, Gozney Dome, with its price point and versatility, slides into this contest like the cool cousin at a family reunion. For those who prefer a killer combination of aesthetics and performance, It’s got the charm, it’s got the versatility, and oh boy, it’s got the style! But if you want a hardworking, no-nonsense countertop companion that handles volume, embodies lighter weight, and sports an impressive versatility badge, Summerset has got you covered – all while chucking a cheeky wink at your wallet with its competitive pricing. 

Talk about value to money in terms of durability, time’s the only fair judge that which model is more long-lasting. However, But, we’d be remiss not to mention Gozney Dome’s secret weapon: an extra layer of insulation against water and UV rays. It’s like the pizza oven equivalent of a waterproof, sun-blocking superhero.

3. Ooni Karu 16(I Choose Karu 16) – Value-to-Money Natural Gas Oven


Ooni Karu 16

Why Do We Choose This: Though the Ooni Lineup requires no introduction, it’s worth noting that the Ooni Koda and Karu are among the most beginner-friendly and manageable portable gas pizza ovens available. While neither of these models are natural gas variants out of the box, a separately sold conversion kit is available for this purpose. Aside from that, these ovens’ beginner-friendly design, ability to efficiently reach 930F, and their superior portability make them practical options even under a tight budget.

Who’s it For: Travelers, Low-moderate volume, beginners,

Who Should Avoid It: Users looking for fancy gadgets with lots of features.

Note: I choose Karu 16 as a better value to money, so I’ll be reviewing this model particularly. You can consider Koda 16 with this detailed review;

The Best Selling Points of Ooni Karu 16:

  • Great Value-to-Money: The beginner-friendly design and easy temperature reach to 900F make it a tremendous value to money in a market of luxury appliances.
  • Superb Build Quality: Ooni’s famed for speedy heating and its sleek, powder-coated stainless steel body appeals to style-savvy, long-term investors.
  • Bigger Space: The 12″ version felt a tad cramped, so this big boy boasts a 16″ width and the deepest depth in its class, providing ample space to cook family-sized pizzas with ease. 

Design and Usability:

Ooni Karu 16 has sashayed into the market with some striking changes from its cousin series Koda. First of all, this turtle-shaped body integrates a dual fuel capability that makes this oven a strong performer against many challenging circumstances e:g, pesky, shivering cold weather. Though it’s originally a propane burner, a separately sold natural gas conversion kit can do the purpose.

Anyways, the Powdered-coated turtle-shaped body is very much practical. But Leonard discovered its iconic design became the muse for many budget-level outdoor portable pizza ovens, including Ecowell EPO12L, Commercial Chef, NutriChef NCPIZOVN.

But Ooni Karu 16 isn’t just a pretty face; flaunting some swanky tech upgrades. The very first is the View-flame technology, a durable removable glass door that lets you watch your pizza bake to golden perfection. While this technology’s nifty addition is splendid for heat retention, the use of wood fuel brings in a smudgy situation.

The pesky wood ash, mingling with warm airflow, clings to the door, blocking or blurring the cooking view, which is a bit of a bummer. Keeping a cleaning cloth handy for those high-volume pizza parties can only save your day.

Ooni Karu 16(I Choose Karu 16) - Value-to-Money Natural Gas Oven

Secondly, the much-anticipated feature finally has made its entry with style – A built-in thermometer, A Digital Thermometer. Moreover, elaborating on the changes, Ooni Karu 16 is much bigger with a cavernous depth.

The opening height has been raised to 5.71”, and the depth reached 24”, which is the highest in the 16” outdoor pizza oven category. With such roomy dimensions, it’s a cakewalk – or should we say, pizza walk – to whip up mouthwatering, family-sized pies!

Performance and Temperatures:

Ooni Karu 16 is a fan favorite in the outdoor gas pizza oven category, heating up to a blistering 930F within minutes. Although the 12″ Koda and Karu siblings are speed demons, the Karu 16 still brings the heat with just a minor lag! 

But let’s cut it some slack; it’s got a larger space to heat up! 

That’s why Brian reached around 905F in almost 19 minutes. Honestly, we endorse this because you can’t usually reach these scorching temperatures with standard electric and wood-fired ovens in such a short time. Ooni Karu does this with the utmost practicality, and we got our first pizza in almost 120 seconds.

The good opening height allowed us to test a versatile range of menus. Whether it’s English muffins, bread rolls, or thin-crust Margheritas, it nailed it, giving us scrumptious, evenly cooked treats every time. But hold up, there’s a catch. The Karu’s exterior gets hotter than a jalapeño on a summer day. Although Karu 16 possesses a powder-coated dual insulation, we’re fans of the $500 Gozney Roccbox.

Seeing this, the portable gas pizza oven might throw a tantrum in windy, cold weather. But the dual fuel capability allows you to maintain temperatures quite easily. We tested in a cloudy and windy 8c daylight; it barely reached 900F in 25 minutes, giving us pizza in almost 3 minutes.

These aren’t numbers of utmost worry as every pizza oven struggles in such circumstances. Yet, Ooni Karu remains a (mostly) hot-to-trot pizza oven in irregular circumstances


  • Robust performer even in challenging circumstances
  • A quickie to reach heights
  • Easy management with every fuel type
  • Amplest space to cook family size pizza
  • Moderately weight for good portability purpose
  • Good build quality and heat retention


  • Separate purchase of gas burner and conversion kit
  • Doesn’t come with other pizza-making tool and accessories

Alternatives to Ooni Karu 16Koda 16, Gozney Roccbox

The Ooni Karu’s got versatility in spades, but it might make budget-conscious folks wince since gas burners and kits are sold separately. To reduce your cost without skimping on performance, you can choose Gozney Roccbox, which is very similar to dual-fuel Ooni Karu but rocks the 12″ small gas pizza oven scene category. For that purpose, Koda 16 will be a save.

4. Alfa Nano – Most Robust Oven with Superb Performance


Alfa Nano

Why Do We Choose This: When you’re on the hunt for something substantial in the portable category and robust without needing a separate conversion kit, the Alfa Nano One natural gas pizza oven leads the pack. Its swanky, patented Alfa Inforno technology allows the oven to hit a blistering 1000F in just 10 minutes – talk about fast food! And let’s not forget the commercial-grade build quality, which had us gawking in amazement

Who’s it For: Commercial users, Neapolitan and Artisan Lovers, Upper-Moderate budget users

Who Should Avoid It: Travelers, Budget Users

The Best Selling Point of Alfa Nano:

  • No Unnecessary Attachments for Natural Gas Fuel: No more juggling conversion kits and burners to make it a Natural gas-powered pizza oven. NG gas kit is Already included in the package.
  • Splendid Insulation for Safety: The dual-layer ceramic insulation makes insulation and heat retention a thing out of this world.
  • Reaches 1000F in no Time: The 4 refractory tiles and 27K BTUs burner quickly turns things to make 1000F attainable within 10-12 minutes.

Design and Usability:

For the design part, No need for a shopping spree, folks! You don’t need to play detective buying separate conversion kits and burners to convert into a natural gas outdoor pizza oven. The Alfa Nano’s got your back – its LPG-ready gas version includes a natural gas conversion in the package, so you can kick back, relax, and focus on crafting those scrumptious pies!

Anyways, at a hefty 55 kgs, the Alfa Nano oven might have you raising an eyebrow. But trust us, there’s a method to the madness, and that is 4 refractory tiles instead of Cordierite stone and a chunky stainless steel body. Leonard let us in on the secret: the powder-coated carbon steel gives it a sleek look to die for.

It’s got a built-in “Pyrometer” thermometer, but honestly, a fancy digital one would’ve been a sweet touch; we really anticipated that!

Similarly, the front door sports a peephole to spy on your pizza in the dome-shaped chamber, but it’s just “meh”; we looked for tempered glass like Ooni Karu 16. Still, props to the steel for heat retention, and the peephole does its job with airflow.

That said, Alfa’s heat retention game is on fire, leaving competitors in the dust. Leonard dished the deets on the killer combo of materials to fight heat leakage. As mentioned above, we found 4 refractory tiles (1.2 inches thick) instead of basic cordierite stone, plus double-layered ceramic fiber for extra heat-shielding prowess.

The single burner ignites a flame party, and the convection effect turns the cooking chamber into a sizzling hot zone. Reinforced steel makes for speedy temp rises. Overall, the Alfa Nano oven, boy, you’re one impressive pizza-making machine!

Performance and Usability:

While the manufacturer touts the fastest pizza turnout, our testing yielded some mixed results. Our friend Brian took the reins and clocked 750°F in 16 minutes and a fiery 970°F in about 27 minutes. 

It might not be the fastest, but the oven’s high-quality materials cooked a medium-crust pizza in 1.75 minutes, a chicken breast in 6 minutes, and gooey cookies in just 2.3 minutes. Now, that’s some delectable efficiency!

The quality of the pizza was at a professional level, and even inclement weather hardly ruffled this oven’s performance. While the Ooni Karu 16 and Burnhard Nero put up strong competition in terms of price, the Alfa Nano outdoor oven stands out for its ability to cook up professional-quality dishes, making it a standout choice for those prioritizing performance over price.

Our only gripe is that the Alfa Nano isn’t the champion of batch-cooking. With an oven floor of 23.6″ x 15.7″, you’re maxed out at a 12-inch pie. But, let’s pivot to some good news (if you were starting to feel bummed). T

The Alfa Nano remains cool to the touch, preventing the exterior from turning into a scorching hot surface – a fantastic feature for the safety of your kids and pets. The dual-layered ceramic fiber lining, sandwiched between reinforced steel and a powder-coated shell, keeps the heat inside where it belongs. This is a standard many premium outdoor gas pizza ovens fall short of.

Therefore, with the Alfa Nano, there’s no need to sweat over safety. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy a hot, crispy pizza.


  • A highly muscled natural gas pizza oven for quality pizza
  • Don’t leak to make exterior scorching
  • Quickly preheats and delivers hot piping pizzas
  • Can handle versatile menus due to ample height
  • Saves you from buying additional burners and kits
  • Superb heat retention even in harsh weather


  • Chunky and weighty
  • Expensive in portable gas pizza oven league

Alternatives to Alfa NanoAlfa Moderno, Gozney Dome

While the Alfa Nano is a robust, exceptional performer and tremendously practical, it does come with a hefty price tag, clocking in at over $2000 for its gas variant. Not everyone might be ready to embrace that level of luxury. So, the Alfa Nano has a more affordable sibling – the Moderno.

 With less weight and a smaller price tag, it still packs almost the same punch. The Moderno also reaches a fiery 1000F and churns out tasty pizzas in under 2 minutes. However, it hasn’t yet made its debut in a natural gas (NG) variant. If you’re comfortable with an LPG version, it could be a handsome pick for a more moderate budget.

5. Bertello Grande – Best-Budget Natural Gas Pizza Oven


Bertello Grande

Why Do We Choose This: While natural gas pizza ovens come with fancy, fancier, and fanciest features and pricing, if you want something that is to the point without flash and frills, Bertello is your go-to countertop gas pizza oven. With a very straightforward design, a bigger space, and a temperature of 900°F, the usability is excellent without compromising quality. This is all we get at a competitive price.

Who’s it For: Mid-size families, Budget users, travelers, Intermediate chefs

Who Should Avoid It: Newbie chefs, Fancy-gadget seekers,

The Best Selling Points of Bertello Grande:

  • Dual-Fuel Capability: Imagine getting a dual-fuel capability within a 500$ budget. Yes, Bertello Grande offers that
  • Ability to Climb 900F: Not just the Dual-fuel capability, it doesn’t disappoint on Temperature reach either. Reaches 930F within 30 minutes
  • Straightforward but Robust: Yes, very basic black semi-gloss hammered finish steel, but the durability that deserves a 5-star rating.

Design and Usability:

How does it sound to have a dual-fuel oven for under half a grand? Bertello originally provides propane as a second fuel option along with wood. However, a separately sold burner can convert it into a natural gas pizza oven.

At first glance, we thought, “This oven looks kind of rough.” However, there’s no mistaking its purpose, and the semi-gloss hammered finish steel, all dressed in black, tells its own story of aesthetics.

This becomes completely acceptable when you consider it in the context of great natural gas outdoor pizza ovens. The finishing may not be supremely elegant, but it feels sturdy. Weighing almost 30 kg, it can easily accommodate a 16-inch pizza. Additionally, it’s a larger version of the Sharktank star Napoli Bertello, so the burner mechanism here is slightly different.

Leonard chimed in, saying that instead of a rolling flame, they’ve incorporated a U-shaped burner tucked beneath the pizza stone. Many pizza ovens use a similar mechanism to distribute heat from the bottom to the top, and Grande follows the same approach.

Bertello Grande - Best-Budget Natural Gas Pizza Oven

However, Candie also had her input, saying, “This boy gets hot.” We’re not exactly sure what kind of insulation magic they’ve employed, but this oven can reach scorching temperatures. So, it’s important to keep your pets safe.

Performance and Temperatures:

Alright, so maybe this gas pizza oven isn’t going to win any beauty contests. But its performance more than makes up for it.

Once again, our champion, Brain takes over the performance department and gives us the lowdown on what this oven can do.

Firstly, it can reach 900°F in under 30 minutes. To be precise, it reached 750°F in just 20 minutes during our testing. The opening height is only 4 inches, so forget about attempting to roast a whole turkey in there. However, it had no problem handling bread rolls, deep-dish pizza, and English muffins.

Specifically, the pizza comes out piping hot within 100 seconds.

But here’s the twist: the manufacturer has cut some corners by not including a built-in thermometer. Additionally, heat retention is excellent. But managing the temperature may be a steep learning curve for beginners due to unavailability of a door and built-in thermometer, especially when using wood as fuel.

But when all is said and done, this oven is a quick solution that has the ability to seriously deliver delicious Neapolitan and Artisan pizzas in your own backyard.


  • Straightforward and crispy utilization
  • Easily clicks 900F
  • Dual fuel under a competitive pricing
  • Good Build quality and wider space for family size pizza


  • Runs scorching hot
  • Beginners may take time to get used to it.

Alternative to Bertello Grande Pizza OvenOoni Koda 16;

If you’re a pizza aficionado in the market for a portable gas oven for baking and have been flipping a coin between the Ooni Koda and the Bertello Grande; Koda 16 as a fan’s favorite pizza oven, wins some big gains over Bertello Grande! It got a style that Bertello marginally needs to catch up on. Otherwise, both ovens can sun blush – hitting 930°F with ease, but Ooni Koda is easier to manage. It’s like Bertello showed up to the party in smart-casual, while Koda donned a tux Ooni also has a slight edge over the weight and portability department, but Bertello Grande flexes less pricing than Koda 16. However, both ovens miss out on basic accessories like a built-in thermometer.

People Also Ask – FAQs

Is Propane and Natural Gas Oven the Same?

No, the propane and Natural gas ovens are not the same. The major difference here is the fuel type. While in both cases, the fuel is in gas form, however, the propane, known as LPG, is easier to ignite due to its higher energy content. That’s why pizza brands mostly come as propane pizza ovens to meet higher temperatures.

Can I Use Propane Instead of Natural Gas?

No, without the help of a conversion kit, you can’t use Propane in any appliance instead of Natural Gas. That’s why many pizza ovens come with an optional or free conversion kit or dedicated burner.

Are natural gas pizza ovens safe to use?

No matter what fuel type it uses, every appliance always needs precautionary measures for safe operations. But for natural gas pizza ovens, good insulation, build quality, leakproof finishing, and proper ventilation are the most common elements to consider. Apart from that, good maintenance is the key.

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