8 Best Pellets For Pizza Ovens in 2023

It’s pizza aficionados and flavor enthusiasts time! Are you ready to turn your pizza oven into a flavor powerhouse? Here’s a sizzling review that you won’t want to miss. Whatever you’re craving, we have it. From bold mesquite to fruity apple, we’ve got you covered. Let’s unleash a symphony of tastes that will have everyone wanting more.

Best Pellets For Pizza Oven

Let’s go into a world of tantalizing tastes, discovering the top pellets for pizza oven that will fire up your pizza. Whether it’s smoky mesquite or apple fruit, prepare to embark on a culinary journey that leaves your taste buds wishing for more.

Choosing the right pellets for your pizza oven is crucial to getting the perfect wood-fired flavor in your pizza. Bring your pizzas to extraordinary heights of flavor by firing up your pizza oven. Find out how the best wood pellets for pizza oven can unlock pizza perfection.

Discover the secret to incredible flavors with pellets below.

8 Best Pellets for Pizza Oven Review  

Here are wood pellets for the oven and their features, benefits, and other helpful information. Our expert team spent 14 weeks of in-depth research to list the top products for you. Moreover, we will provide you with an informative pellet buying guide.

1. Traeger Grills 100% All-Natural Mesquite Wood Pellets


Traeger Grills 100% All-Natural Mesquite Wood Pellets

Interesting Facts about Pellets

  • Mesquite Flavor elevates the taste of your pizza.
  • Clean and natural cooking with 100% natural hardwood.
  • It’s suitable for baking, roasting, grilling, and BBQing.

Take Note

  • Milder tastes may not like the mesquite flavor.

Feature Description:

Wood pellets from Traeger Grills are a versatile option for pizza ovens, smokers, and pellet grills. These pellets are made from 100% all-natural hardwood and feature a distinct flavor. Drawing from our experience, wood enhances the flavor of your pizza. A 20 lb. bag of pellets will last you for multiple cooking sessions.

Traeger Grills 100% All-Natural Mesquite Wood Pellets

Add a unique twist to your culinary creations by infusing your pizzas with smoky and robust mesquite flavors. Further, there are no fillers, binders, or artificial additives in the pellets. In addition, it ensures a clean and natural cooking experience. These pellets are perfect for baking, roasting, grilling, or barbecuing.

User Review/Use Case: Why do I recommend it to you?

Several users praise the pellets’ distinct mesquite flavor. Infuse these wood pellets into pizzas and other grilled dishes if you enjoy mesquite’s bold taste. People who prefer milder flavors or have limited storage space may consider alternative options.

In addition to this being my second order, I will likely be ordering more in the future. They enhance the taste of our food. I was happy to receive a heavy package in good condition. I get great flavor from my pizza oven. Well, I would definitely recommend it. In the future, I will rebuy it.

2. WowHaoHuo Fire Starters for Pizza Ovens


WowHaoHuo Fire Starters for Pizza Ovens

Interesting Facts about Pellets

  • Suitable for cooking equipment and outdoor activities.
  • Fast fire starting
  • Fuel Efficient
  • The large pack size ensures long-term supply.

Take Note

  • Small starters are not suitable for all applications.
  • Starters could have ignited better for some users.

Feature Description:

You will need WowHaoHuo Fire Starters if you own an outdoor pizza oven or other cooking equipment. As indicated by our tests, they work well in campfires and fireplaces. Aside from BBQs, grills, camping stoves, fire pits, and smokers, you can also use wood pellet stoves. To start your cooking adventures, they provide a reliable and efficient flame.

Fire starters ignite quickly and maintain a steady flame. Further, fires can be quickly started and other cooking equipment heated. So, this pack contains 200 fire starters, so you’ll have plenty of material for multiple cooking sessions.

User Review/Use Case: Why do I recommend it to you?

Its versatility and reliability make WowHaoHuo Fire Starters highly recommended by users. Our team discovered through using this product that, these fire starters are handy for pizza ovens. The large pack size will ensure you always have enough fire starters. Keep in mind, however, that small fire starters are only suitable for some situations.

I found it to be more economical and convenient than other options. Overall, these fire starters are practical and convenient for outdoor pizza-making plans.

3. Western 4-Pack Bundle Wood Chips (Original Version)


Western 4-Pack Bundle Wood Chips

Interesting Facts about Pellets

  • Versatile cooking options.
  • Convenient for gas and electric grills.
  • A sufficient quantity of wood chips.

Take Note

  • Wood chips burn quickly, requiring frequent refilling.

Feature Description:

Western BBQ Smoking, Wood Chips Variety Pack, contains four popular flavors. The variety pack has four flavors: Apple, Mesquite, Hickory, and Cherry. Also, it allows you to experiment with different flavors and textures when making pizzas. Pizzas and other grilled dishes will enhance with these wood chips.

Western 4-Pack Bundle Wood Chips

This wood pellets for pizza oven homebase adds a smoky flavor to your cooking with its large bag. Besides, that is suited to both electric and gas grills. After putting it to the test, we found the chips suitable starter for electric and gas ovens. The bags contain 180 cubic inches of wood chips. Through our trial and error, we discovered that, it allows you to cook multiple times.

User Review/Use Case: Why do I recommend it to you?

People who enjoy experimenting with different flavors recommend the Western Variety Pack. You may need to refill the wood chips frequently, as they burn quickly, and the intensity of the flavor may vary.

Small but packed with smoke flavor, also these bags are perfect for travel. I loved the cherry and Mesquite wood chips that gave the meat a sweet-smoke flavor. Also, I will purchase it again. Thus, I love the taste. Overall, this variety pack adds a touch of smoky flavor to pizzas.

4. Traeger Grills PEL305 All-Natural Mesquite Pellets


Traeger Grills PEL305 All-Natural Mesquite Pellets

Interesting Facts about Pellets

  • Rich and smoky mesquite flavor.
  • Authentic cooking with natural hardwood.
  • Apple and Honey Pork and Poultry Rub included.

Take Note

  • Users reported finding the rub overpowering and requiring moderation.

Feature Description:

100% all-natural hardwood Pellets for Traeger Grills are made from Mesquite. Based on our firsthand experience, you can expect distinctive mesquite flavor from your pizza. For pizza ovens, a 20 lb. bag of pellets is ideal. In addition, the bundle includes a Pork and Poultry Rub with Apple and Honey.

The smoky flavor of these wood pellets enhances smoked and baked dishes. Natural hardwood ensures an authentic and clean cooking experience with no fillers or additives.

User Review/Use Case: Why do I recommend it to you?

Those who enjoy baking with mesquite wood pellets recommend the Traeger Grills PEL305 Mesquite Wood Pellets. Pork and Poultry Rubbed with Apple and Honey brings a delightful blend of flavors. Smoky tastes may be too strong for individuals preferring milder flavors.

I bought all pellets. I have tried Mesquite, hickory, the original blend, and Apple. The hickory is my favorite. Overall, the bundle offers a robust mesquite flavor with added seasoning options.

5. Giantex Premium Apple Pizza Oven Wood Pellets


Giantex Premium Apple Pizza Oven Wood Pellets

Interesting Facts about Pellets

  • Fruity flavor enhances your dishes.
  • 100% pure apple wood for a natural cooking.
  • Multi-purpose pellets.

Take Note

  • Fast burning, faster finish

Feature Description:

Giantex Premium Apple Wood Pellets deliver a fruity and flavorful experience for baking and barbecuing. These all-natural hardwood pellets are made from 100% pure apple wood. You can cook for multiple hours in your smoker grill or pizza oven with an ample supply.

When we trialed this product, the pellets were free of fillers and artificial flavors. Further, it guarantees your health safety, so you don’t need to worry about hidden risks. Using this product, you can grill, smoke, bake, roast, and BBQ.

Giantex Premium Apple Pizza Oven Wood Pellets

As per our expertise, its excellent heat output is another great feature. Wood pellets made of giant apple burn efficiently and can reach temperatures of 500 Fahrenheit faster than most others. Burning 20 pounds of pellets for 40 hours (0.5 lbs per hour) is possible.

User Review/Use Case: Why do I recommend it to you?

Users recommend it for those who strive for a unique and fruity taste in their grilled, smoked, baked, roasted, or BBQ dishes. Additionally, I noticed that the pellets burned very quickly. Cooking sessions will require more frequent refills, so be prepared.

6. Signature Blend Traeger Grills Pizza Oven Wood Pellets 


Dellonda Pizza Oven

Interesting Facts about Pellets

  • A blend of flavors for versatile cooking.
  • Pure and natural hardwood for clean cooking.
  • Consistently heats and tastes great.

Take Note

  • Ash production may be higher than other options, requiring frequent cleaning.

Feature Description:

Pizza baking is made easier with Traeger Grills Signature Blend Wood Pellets. This 20-pound hardwood table is made from 100% all-natural hardwood. A bag of pellets provides consistent heat for a flavorful cooking experience.

Having conducted experiments with signature pellets, I found it to be a satisfying product. This product is versatile and delicious with hickory, maple, and cherry flavors. A natural and clean cooking experience without fillers or artificial additives. In addition to smoking, pellet baking, roasting, and grilling, this provides consistent heat and flavor.

User Review/Use Case: Why do I recommend it to you?

Users recommend Traeger Signature Blend Pellets for their versatility and well-balanced flavor profile. Through our practical knowledge, hardwood flavors enhance pizza flavor and other baked dishes. If you prefer stronger flavors, add more seasoning.

In addition, this was my first time using a brand-name pellet grill. There’s no denying that the good stuff is worth spending a bit more on. My mother noted that pellets produce more ash, which requires more frequent cleaning. Overall, it’s a reliable choice for various cooking methods.

7. Premium Ooni Hardwood Pizza Oven Pellets 


Premium Ooni Hardwood Pizza Oven Pellets

Interesting Facts about Pellets

  • Compatible with Ooni Pizza Ovens
  • Maintaining optimal performance.
  • Premium hardwoods for authentic wood-fired flavors.
  • Multiple pizza sessions can done with ample supply.

Take Note

  • Grilling equipment or pizza ovens are not compatible.
  • Pellets are slightly more expensive than alternatives.

Feature Description:

These hardwood best wood pellets for pizza oven uk are designed to fit Ooni pizza ovens. Our analysis demonstrated that, we found that these ensure optimal savor. The 20.2 pounds of these pellets are sufficient to make pizza for many people. Pellets are made from premium hardwood. 

Premium Ooni Hardwood Pizza Oven Pellets

Ooni pizza oven pellets are specially formulated for excellent performance and flavor. Additionally, it provides authentic wood-fired flavor and high temperatures.

User Review/Use Case: Why do I recommend it to you?

 I recommend Ooni Pellets to Ooni pizza oven owners seeking optimal performance and authentic wood-fired flavors. Through our practical knowledge, Ooni pellets are specifically designed for pizza ovens. Pellets may not work well with other pizza oven brands or grills.

I also found the price to be slightly higher than other options. Overall, these pellets are my top choice for pizza baking.

8. Zorestar Set of 9 Packs Pizza Oven Pellets 


Zorestar Set of 9 Packs Pizza Oven Pellets

Interesting Facts about Pellets

  • Variety of flavors for versatile cooking.
  • Authentically made from 100% natural wood.
  • Flavorful results with varying cooking methods.

Take Note

  • It may be lighter than other options (12 pounds).

Feature Description:

You will enjoy pizza baking more with the Zorestar Smoker Pellets Variety Pack. Each pack weighs 12 pounds. There are 9 flavors in the variety pack. Our wood pellet selection includes Oak, Maple, Apple, Peach, Alder, Cherry, and fire pit wood.

Our research indicates that, using these pellets delivers authentic flavors. Baking is made clean and natural with 100% pure wood, without additives or fillers. Well, the product is suitable for various baking methods after trying it out. Smoking, grilling, and baking with these pellets will enhance your dishes’ distinct flavors.

User Review/Use Case: Why do I recommend it to you?

I like the flavors of Zorestar Smoker Pellets. As a result, I explored different baking tastes. Some users, however, noted inconsistent pellet quality. so I would highly recommend these pellets.

My dad got this for his birthday so he could sample several flavors. He loved it! He smoked pizzas for all the grandchildren as well! Overall, if you like to experiment with different wood flavors, this variety pack is for you.

Buying Guide – What to Consider While Buying Pizza Oven Pellets?

Choosing pellets that meet your needs can be challenging due to the various options available. You can make an informed purchase with the help of this comprehensive buying guide.

What to Consider While Buying Pizza Oven Pellets
Infographic: What to Consider While Buying Pizza Oven Pellets

Types and flavors of pellets

Pizzas will taste different depending on the type of wood used in the pellets. Popular options include mesquite, apple, cherry, and hickory. Choose the wood type that complements the flavors of your pizza.

Hardwood vs. Softwood Pellets

Hardwood and softwood are the two main types of wood pellets. Hardwood pellets are best for pizza, but both wood pellets have their uses. It is best to use hardwood pellets for pizza due to the way they burn. Wood burns hot without leaving much ash behind.

Additionally, it burns more slowly than softwood and will last longer. Hardwoods such as oak, hickory, and applewood are common. In contrast, softwood burns hotter and faster, producing more BTUs. For this reason, most pellet blends include softwood pellets. Softwood does create more ash and smoke, which could be better for pizza cooking.

Chemical-free and all-natural

Make sure you choose 100% all-natural hardwood pellets without artificial additives or chemicals. The result is a clean, authentic wood-fired flavor without potential health risks.


Make sure the pellets work with the model of your pizza oven. Pellets designed specifically for some ovens provide optimal performance and flavor. Based on our observations, consider pizza oven requirements when choosing pellets.

Size of pellets

Consider the pellet size, which may affect the burn rate and heat output. A smaller pellet burns faster, while a larger pellet burns slower. The size and cooking time you choose should align with your preferences for cooking.

Quantity and packaging

Make sure the pellets are packaged properly and in sufficient quantities. If you plan to cook frequently, you’ll need larger bags versus smaller ones. The pellets must also be stored in an available space.

Reputation and Reviews

Analyze customer reviews and feedback to determine the quality and performance of different pellet brands. Ensure a satisfactory cooking experience by choosing reputable brands with positive reviews.

Ashes Residues

The best wood pellets to burn are those that produce the least amount of ash. As ash content decreases, fewer wood pellets are used in cooking.

Moisture Content

Moisture content is another factor to take into account when buying wood pellets. Low moisture levels in wood will result in wood pellets burning efficiently for a long time. An idle burning rate should have an 8-10% moisture level.

Wood pellet composition

Pellets for pizza ovens made from wood should be 100% hardwood. It retains a hot temperature for a long time, keeping the food hot.  It is safe to burn hardwood pellets because they burn efficiently and produce little ash residue.

Amount of heat 

Temperature is an essential factor to consider. You should look for wood pellets that burn hot enough to cook pizza. Temperatures ranging from 400°F to 900°F are ideal for cooking pizza. It is beneficial to cook some pizzas at lower temperatures for longer periods of time and vice versa.

For example, most homemade pizza must be cooked for more than 8 minutes if it is to be Neapolitan-style. Plus, pellets need to burn between 700°F and 1,000°F to cook it.

Taste and smell of smoke 

You should also take into account the smoke and taste. The reason for grouping smoke and taste is that smoke often affects the taste. We determined through our tests that, wood pellet choice affects pizza flavor. In contrast to oak pellets, mesquite pellets, and other types add flavor.

For example, mesquite pellets leave a barbecue-like aftertaste when smoked. Alternatively, cherry or maple wood pellets are sweeter. Furthermore, wood pellets can be combined to combine these flavors. In this way, you sometimes get flavors such as smoky and sweet in the same bag.

Seasoned wood vs. greenwood

Generally, greenwood is not used in pizza ovens because it contains a lot of moisture. Greenwood is difficult to heat to the right temperature. In contrast, seasoned wood is hardwood and drier. Due to its low moisture content, it burns easily and stays hot for a long time.

Value and price

Compare the prices of different pellet brands and evaluate their value. To determine the overall value of a package, consider its quality, flavor, and quantity of pellets.

Impact on the Environment

Choose pellets sourced from responsibly managed forests or certified sustainable sources if sustainability is important. Also, the use of eco-friendly products can reduce your carbon footprint.

For a successful pizza oven, selecting suitable pellets is crucial. Considering these factors and conducting thorough research will help you make an informed decision and elevate your pizza-making experience. Best wishes for your pizza baking!

Frequently Asked Questions

What wood pellets are best for a pizza oven?

A pizza oven’s best wood pellets depend on your personal preferences and desired flavor profile. In general, the following wood types are recommended for pizza ovens:

Hardwood Blend: Oak, hickory, and cherry are hardwoods that combine to offer a versatile and balanced flavor profile. A wide range of pizza toppings and ingredients benefit from its combination of smokiness, sweetness, and richness.

Apple Wood: You can enhance the flavor of your pizza by using apple wood pellets. It adds a subtle and pleasant taste to many toppings. Especially those with a touch of sweetness, such as caramelized onions or barbecue-style pizza.

Mesquite: Using mesquite pellets will provide a flavor that is bold and smoky. The perfect pizza for those who enjoy a more robust taste. With this wood type’s pronounced smoky aroma and flavor, you can elevate your pizza to a new level.

Cherry Wood: Wood pellets from cherry trees add a delicate touch of sweetness and tartness to your pizzas. In addition to enhancing natural sweetness, it creates an overall well-rounded taste profile. Suitable for both traditional and unconventional pizza combinations.

Try different wood pellet flavors to discover your personal favorite. Consider blending different types of wood to create a custom flavor profile. Ultimately, the best wood pellets for your pizza oven will enhance your favorite flavors and make each slice delicious.

Can you use any wood pellets in a pizza oven?

Pizza ovens usually recommend wood pellets specifically designed for grilling and smoking. Not all wood pellets. Some types of wood pellets can be used interchangeably. It is also possible to grill, smoke, and barbecue wood pellets in a pizza oven. However, there are some factors to consider.

  • Compatibility: Choose wood pellets that are suitable for your pizza oven. The type and size of pellets in some pizza ovens may have specific requirements. For compatibility information, consult the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Flavor: Wood imparts different flavors to food. Think about the flavor profile you desire for your pizza. Wood-fired pizza flavors can create using pellets specifically designed for pizza ovens.
  • Quality and Composition: Purchase wood pellets made with natural hardwood without additives or fillers. Beware of pellets that contain chemicals or binders, as they may affect the taste and pose health risks.

In addition, wood pellets in a pizza oven may be appropriate for some pellets, but others may not. To ensure that your pizza oven performs and tastes its best, it’s always recommended that you follow its manufacturer’s recommendations.

How long do pellets last in a pizza oven?

Several factors can influence how long pellets last in a pizza oven. These factors include the oven’s size, efficiency, cooking temperature, and wood pellet type. The following are some general guidelines:

  • Burn Rate: How quickly pellets burn refers to their burn rate. A pellet’s density and quality, as well as the oven’s ventilation and airflow, can affect this. Generally, hardwood pellets of high quality burn slower and last longer.
  • Cooking Temperature: You can also influence pellet consumption by adjusting the cooking temperature of your pizza oven. Increasing the heat requires more pellets, resulting in faster burn rates. The longer the pellets last, the lower the temperature or, the shorter the cooking session.
  • Pellet Size: Pellet size can affect the burn time. Compared to smaller pellets, larger pellets burn slower and last longer. In addition, pellet size can impact the airflow and combustion within the oven. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure that pellets are the right size.
  • Cooking Techniques: Baking, grilling, and smoking use varying amounts of heat and pellets. Pellet consumption is sometimes faster when longer cooking times are required or sustained high temperatures are used.

Due to these factors, it’s difficult to determine how long pellets will last in a pizza oven. Depending on the factors above, a 20-pound bag of wood pellets can typically last 8 to 20 hours of continuous cooking.

To ensure uninterrupted cooking sessions, monitoring pellet levels during cooking is important. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines for your specific pizza oven model for optimal pellet use.

How many pellets do I need to cook a pizza?

Several factors can affect how many pellets are needed to cook a pizza. A pizza oven’s size, cooking time, temperature, and efficiency are all important considerations. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Preheating: Prepare your pizza oven for cooking 15-30 minutes in advance. The oven must be preheated with sufficient pellets during this phase.
  • Cooking Temperature: Pizza is typically cooked at 500 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit (260 to 370 degrees Celsius). You will need more pellets to maintain and sustain the heat as the desired temperature rises.
  • Cooking Time: Different levels of doneness and crust thickness affect the cooking time. Generally, pizza cooks within 3 to 10 minutes. It is possible to need more pellets as the cooking time increases.
  • Pellet Consumption: Pellet consumption is determined by the oven’s efficiency and the pellet’s burn rate. The burning efficiency of hardwood pellets is higher, so they require fewer pellets than pellets of lower quality.

In short, how many wood pellets for pizza oven? In general, 1 to 2 cups of wood pellets for a standard-sized pizza cooked at 600 degrees Fahrenheit. However, extra pellets should always be on hand to ensure a constant heat supply throughout cooking.

Depending on your oven and cooking preferences, you may need to experiment and adjust the amount of pellets. Your pizza’s ideal amount of pellets will depend on the temperature and burn rate during cooking.

Final words

In conclusion, using the right pellets for pizza oven will make all the difference for the most delicious pizzas. Each product in this review provides unique features and benefits that cater to different flavor preferences and cooking methods. There is something for everyone. With various pellet options, including robust mesquite flavors, fruity apple undertones, and versatile signature blends, there is something for everyone.

Our top pick

The top three pellets based on features, pros, and cons are:

  1. Traeger Grills PEL305 Hardwood Pellets: A mesquite pellet option provides your dishes with a bold, smoky flavor. Additionally, the Pork and Poultry Rub bundle offers additional seasoning options.
  2. Giantex Premium Apple Pellets: These all-natural hardwood pellets infused with apple wood offer a fruity, flavorful experience. Adding them to your BBQ, baked, smoked, or grilled dishes will add a unique touch.
  3. Signature Blend Traeger Wood Pellets: These hickory, maple, and cherry hardwood pellets provide versatility and a balanced flavor profile. It provides consistent heat and flavor for a wide range of cooking methods.

Consider your preferences and desired flavor profiles when choosing a pellet option. When choosing pellets for your pizza oven, consider the features and uses of each product. Enjoy your wood-fired pizzas, and happy baking!

I hope you enjoy your shopping!

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