Best Pizza Oven Temperature and Time to Cook Pizza

You have shed tons of sweat to make your first homemade pizza try “successful.” Right after throwing your pizza in the oven, I know it’s like putting all your reputation at stake; I share the feelings with you. 

Well, the microwave alarms the bell; it’s done, woohoo! 

But unfortunately, the pizza is burnt outside and uncooked from the inside. It’s just sky lightning that has fallen on you. 

Best Pizza Oven Temperature and Time to Cook Pizza

My little chef buddy, you have done everything right, trust me. However, you may be mistaken about setting the best pizza oven temperature and time to cook mind-blowing homemade pizza. 

Not to lose sight of the fact, the correct pizza baking temperatures and time are the soul and oxygen, respectively. With a variety of ovens for baking and pizza styles, 450-550 degrees are the best temperature to cook pizza in most scenarios

But what kind of variation are you going to face in your baking career? Let’s dig in deeper.

Best Pizza Oven Temperature and Time for Homemade Pizza – The Ultimate Oven Temperature Guide:

Mamma Mia, it’s a holy truth; there is no hard and fast pizza cooking temp endorsement for amateur chefs. 

But generally, how hot should a pizza oven be? 

The 450-550 degree is a widespread pizza oven temperature range for baking a perfect pizza, considering you either use portable outdoor pizza ovens or wood-fired ovens. And along with that, you are generally making regular Neapolitan or NewYorker-style pizza.

Best Pizza Oven Temperature and Time for Homemade Pizza

I mean, why is there not a meticulous recommendation? 

The baking world has long wings of diversity in oven platforms that work entirely different from each other. 

There is a very classic wood-fired oven category, a microwave which is a ubiquitous domestic platform in every house, a rare toaster oven, then a conventional oven; I mean, the more you dig, the higher your eyebrows can rise by learning about pizza ovens.  

Listen more, but don’t be scared; each platform needs a different approach and management to cook pizza. You lose focus, and you lose your pizza. End, it’s never coming back!

Best Oven Temp for Homemade Pizza Using Domestic Ovens:

Most universally, you see a premier limit of pizza baking temperature in domestic ovens is 500-600F degrees (250-300 Celsius). 

This is something near to perfect heat range, but if you are doing a Neapolitan pizza like a stunt at these temperature ranges, maybe you won’t triumph superlative results as this pizza style requires the highest degrees of temperatures like 800-900F. 

Best Oven Temp for Homemade Pizza Using Domestic Ovens

However, if you are trying a pervasive pizza style, setting the temperature range between 350-450 degrees for 5-15 minutes can get the job done. Nevertheless, don’t forget the time and temperature fluctuate as per the size and style of pizza dough. 

But how long to cook pizza when using Domestic microwaves?

Typically, you need to do reheating for various reasons. And honestly speaking, reheating is a bit of a patience-squeezing task if you are short at temperament. It becomes even more long-winded if you are going to withdraw a batch of pizzas at one time.

Am I Scaring you? It seems like I am. 

So, considering the most common pizza oven temp range, 20-30 minutes for an excellent reheating session, then 8-15 minutes for pizza baking.

Technically, after completing the recipe job, baking at 350-450 degrees can get you pizza in 40-50 minutes with complete a-z baking. So this much pizza oven temperatures and time are necessitous to cook pizza in domestic ovens. 

Wood-Fired/Brick Oven Temperature for Pizza Baking:

The other thing most pizzerias prefer, considering baking as art and pizza as their finest craftsmanship, is wood-fired/brick oven. This is because you can genuinely fiddle around with flavor and temperatures according to your needs. 

The brick oven temperature for pizza cooking can reach up to even 1000+ degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature of the pizza oven ranges from 600-900F on regular days. However, 700-900 is the perfect pizza baking temp range to have a delicious, flavorful, and crispy pizza after an hours-long struggle.

Wood-Fired Brick Oven Temperature for Pizza Baking

The reason for such a diverse pizza baking temp range is that wood-fired/brick stone ovens remain at the mercy of the wood type you use. Seeing the wood guide for a pizza oven (place link here), a seasonal hardwood can range from 19000 to 35000 BTUs with slow to fast igniting speed. 

As mostly pizzerias prefer, OAK, Hickory combined with fruit woods like apple and pine, can give you the best pizza cooking temp around 800-900F. 

Now how long to cook pizza in a wood-fired oven?

Reheating is also the main part here that can consume 15-20 minutes. But if you are good at firing up the oven with different wood types, which is itself a knack to master, you won’t be cooking pizza for more than 5 minutes. Even more Elated news for you is that you can get your favorite Neapolitan pizza cooked in less than 2 minutes. 

Pizza Baking Time and Temperature in Electric Oven:

The woodfired oven uses wood heat, and the microwave oven uses radiation technology, but what about electric ovens? These use a number of fans that throw heated air to baked different types of dough. As this type also comes in various sizes, power and capacity, you can typically see 8-12 liters of ovens with a max 500-600F temp for homemade pizza cooking.

Pizza Baking Time and Temperature in Electric Oven

Manufacturers always consider appliance safety on top of everything; you should also not agonize about pushing your oven to click 500 degrees.

Apart from heating technology, baking time and temperature in an electric oven are as same as in domestic microwaves.

Mistakes to Avoid While Dealing Pizza Oven Temp:

Achieving the highest temperatures in a pizza oven isn’t a difficult task. Above this, you should learn to avoid vanilla oven mistakes, which may cost you time and money. Hence, take into your mind how to make merry with pizza oven temp;

Don’t Miss the Reheating Part – Best Temperature to Reheat Pizza:   

Reheating is Highly Recommended, whether you are reheating a day-old leftover pizza slice or frozen pizza after you thaw it. If you don’t want to turn your pizza dough soggy, I already said, Reheating is a MUST-TO DO task.

But what are the best temperatures to reheat pizza?

Don’t Miss the Reheating Part

It highly relies on the size and type of the pizza oven. However, whatever is the case, reheating at 400-450F degrees is always a perfect pizza oven temp range for reheating.

Factually speaking, the bigger the oven size, the more time will be consumed to make the environment hot and toasty enough. And for the type of oven, wood-fired ovens consume more time as sometimes wood starts burning gradually, some types of wood are slow igniters, and some gigantic ovens fundamentally need more time to get a suitable hot environment.

Bake the Pizza from Bottom to Top – Pizza Stone with Right Placement Matters:

The most common mistake newbies, even intermediate chefs make is placing the pizza in the wrong place in the pizza oven. If I keep this topic a bit aside, keep it in your mind, a pizza stone is the essential component of pizza baking. 

Technically, pizza stones – a porous ceramic slab, consume heat and deliver it to the bottom of the pizza. So the pizza heat flows from the bottom to the top, baking each of the ingredients evenly, from dough to sauces to mozzarella to pepperonis.

Bake the Pizza from Bottom to Top

The horrible mistakes you commit when you put pizza on the higher or middle racks create an imbalance in the heat distribution. That’s why, you sometimes get a crispy crust with soggy dough. Or sometimes burnt ingredients with uncooked dough.

That’s why placing pizza at lower racks is an optimum move. And this is where the brick/wood-fired oven works the best.

Check Your Pizza is Perfectly Cooked or Not: 

You have done all the tasks right, from ingredients settings to temperature management to rightly transferring pizza into the oven, but how do you get acknowledged that your pizza has been reached to a perfect extent?

Frankly speaking, you learn it by experience without using any tools and gadgets.

Check Your Pizza is Perfectly Cooked or Not

However, as a newbie, you would witness 2 things in this regard;

  • Sort of light to dark brownish dough with crispy ingredients.
  • Soft dough with a soggy crust but with crisp ingredients in the center.

I don’t check or ignore the sides of the pizza. Instead, the area of my judgment is the main center part of the pizza where there is a slight difficulty for heat to reach and let prosper the ingredients to their fuller, comparing the side areas.

Apart from this, you should check the pizza 2-3 times between the timer you set for baking. And also, rotate your pizza to get evenly heat exposure for a better crust. This sort of practice gives you more leverage to capture the utmost win percentage for your pizza attempt at home.

 People Also Ask – FAQs

What is the best temperature for a wood-fired pizza oven?

The best temperature range for a wood-fired oven is 600-900F. Sometimes the temperature also goes by 1000+F but that is totally subjective to wood type and quality.

What is the perfect temperature for a pizza oven?

For domestic oven types, 450-500F is the perfect range to ready a pizza in 10-20 minutes. However, for woodfired ovens, as they are big in size, the essential temperature needs are above 800F.

Can a pizza oven be too hot?

Any number above that sustain above 900F will make the oven too hot which will burn your pizza quickly. For that purpose, you are always advised to manage the temperatures after racing heights. 

The Bottom Line – What Temp Should I Cook Pizza:

Making pizza at home is always fun. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn. But learning the art of pizza oven temperatures is really necessary to keep your winning streak going. So what is the best pizza oven temperature and time to cook pizza for perfect dining?

The best temperatures to cook pizza are 400-500 Celsius degrees, or 800-900 Fahrenheit are the best temperatures. 

In addition to this, how long does it take to cook pizza in the oven?

This is also a very generic ask, depending on the oven type, size, fuel Category, and much more. Good luck with your next pizza campaign.

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