Best Pizza Peel UK – 5 Professional and Non-Stick Baking Peels

If you want to understand the importance of a pizza oven paddle or peel for successfully serving your pizza, words alone can’t convey it. Simply search for “pizza peel fail compilation” on YouTube, and the story will become clear in under 30 seconds.

But what brings you here? Once you grasp the significance of a pizza shovel, I’ll guide you to the best ones on the market. Today, our main focus will be on how to choose a peel for a pizza oven, and we’ll explore some of the best pizza peels in the UK.

Best Pizza Peel UK

With a variety of baking peels available in terms of size, shape, handle length, material, maintenance, and other factors, it’s understandable that you might feel confused about the right choice for your needs. So, before we delve into the details of how to select a professional pizza peel for your next culinary adventure

In a Time Crunch? Want to Make A Quick Decision? Here are the Best Pizza Peels For Pizza Ovens In 2 Minutes!

We know that some hyperactive souls may not feel comfortable going deep into each baking peel review in a quest to find the best for their pizza journey. So, here is a quick overview: We picked 2 pizza oven paddles for Indoor small ovens and big woodfired ovens. So let’s shed some light on these one-by-one.

For domestic Indoor ovens, TKS metal pizza peel is our Winner, while Shine Star wins it in the long handled pizza peel for big Ovens. And yes, we can tell the characteristics of our winner at our fingertips

TKS Aluminum Perforated Pizza Peel:

  • Ultra-light weight yet Robust
  • Great Aesthetics with Sleek blade to pick pizzas
  • Good Perforation design to easily slide pizza

You can certainly find fancier pizza peels on the market, but what we liked about this one is that it’s a complete package, capable of handling all your pizza transferring needs. With excellent perforation and a superb non-stick surface, along with a chic and ultra-light handle for a firmer grip, its wider surface certainly enhances practicality. It’s a high-quality product suitable for both domestic and commercial smaller ovens. However, because it has a shorter 12″ handle length, we had to opt for a long-handled pizza peel for bigger wood-fired or brick ovens. 

That’s why we chose the ShinyStar Pizza Peel as our Second Winner

ShinyStar Pizza Peel:

  •  Extra long Handled for Biggest Brick Ovens
  • Detachable handle also become Rolling Pin Bar
  • Extremely light weight

We’ve found this to be one of the longest-handled pizza peels on the market, with a 51-inch length that’s more than sufficient for large pizza ovens. I’m a fan of its practicality, where half the length of the handle can be detached when there’s no need for the full length. As for quality and stability, it’s all excellent there.

Apart from these, you can check other pizza peels according to your preferences.

Best Pizza Peel UK – 5 Professional and Non-Stick Peels

1. TKC Perforated Pizza Peel 14 Inch


TKC Perforated Pizza Peel 14 Inch

Why Do We Choose This: To be honest, this paddle is something of an all-rounder: elegant, sleek, well-built, and straightforwardly practical. With its ultra-sleek blade and well-executed perforated structure, the surface is non-stick, and we easily slid our pizza into the oven. Although it weighs 794g, which might seem a bit cumbersome in comparison to others in its league, it still feels very light in the hand. This is largely thanks to its thoughtfully designed lightweight handle.

Who’s It For: Beginners to professionals, small-medium electric and gas domestic ovens, travelers, mobile kitchens

Who Should Avoid It: Wooden pizza peel lovers, big commercial ovens

The Best Selling Points of TKC Perforated Pizza Peel:

  •  Excellent Design: From a wider and sleek paddle to a sturdy and attractive handle, the overall design ensures good balance and grip.
  • Good Non-Stick Perforated Surface: The excellent perforation and non-stick coating make it easy for even beginners to transfer pizza without any hiccup.
  • Ultra Lightweight: While it might seem a bit cumbersome on paper, it feels superbly light even when handling heavy menu items.

Quality and Design:

When it comes to overall quality, there’s no question about it. The thickness is almost minimal for its category, and the blade is simply “Cheezious,” making it glide effortlessly under the pizza. We handed it to Leonard, and his analysis confirms that the anodized aluminum is sturdy enough to maintain balance, even with the heaviest dough. 

The entirely perforated structure of the paddle prevents dry flour or semolina from raining down, ensuring that your pizza’s taste remains undisturbed after cooking. The reason behind this is that the excess dry dusting material falls away before launching your pizza. 

The real focal point here is the sleek design of the handle. Available in two colors (red, black), the red appears absolutely stunning in combination with the dark grey perforated pizza oven paddle. The handle’s width is also manageable for those with shorter hands, providing excellent grip without any issue. 

TKC Perforated Pizza Peel 14 Inch

Usability and Practicality:

On the practicality side, the only issue is the 12” handle length, which doesn’t work in all scenarios, especially when you want to reach deeper into wood or brick fire ovens or larger multi-deck commercial ovens. 

For smaller domestic ovens like the Ooni 16-inch Koda, Karu, Gozney Roccbox, and other portable ovens, this perforated pizza steel serves its purpose with great ease. Apart from this, we tested the peel in excessively heated environments, and the coated handle didn’t feel extremely hot. Although there was a rise in temperature, it was still comfortable enough for gripping. 

As for cleaning, a mild dishwasher cycle was enough to restore it to like-new condition. But be aware, don’t use any scraping tool to peel off stubborn debris, as it may damage the non-stick coating. 

Overall, the TKC metal pizza peel is a great all-rounder, skillfully combining elegance, practicality, and quality. 


  • A most practical perforated pizza peel 
  • Handle is most robust and nicely designed for easy grip 
  • Non-stick paddle surface makes pizza’s sliding creamy 
  • Feels ultra-light during operations 
  • Handle ring for easy storage 
  • Wider and spacious surface to launch family-sized pizzas


  • The handle length is short for bigger commercial and wood-fired ovens

Best Alternative to TKC Metal Pizza PeelGourmet Ace Perforated Pizza Peel:

Undoubtedly, TKC is in a class of its own, but it doesn’t show any mercy when it comes to pricing. That said, it also has limited practicality when dealing with larger oven platforms. So, we selected the Gourmet Ace pizza paddle, which offers almost similar characteristics but at a substantially lower cost. The only thing to keep in mind is that it’s a 12-inch pizza peel, catering mainly to medium-sized pizzas.

2. New Star Wooden Pizza Peel 14”


New Star Wooden Pizza Peel

Why Do We Choose This: We selected this peel for its “perfect” shape, availability in multiple sizes, unparalleled rigidity, and above all, its remarkable lightweight design. Measuring 14×16 inches, the size of the handle, paddle thickness, and the sharpness of the blade for picking up pies make it a top-rated wooden pizza peel on the market. Made of high-quality bamboo wood, we didn’t encounter any unpleasant odors even after using it with various food menus.  

Who’s It For: Beginner-Intermediates-professional chefs, wooden peel lovers, bigger families, users looking for a reliable tool

Who Should Avoid It: Lazy or casual chefs who avoid maintenance, Wood-fire or brick ovens that need a more long handled pizza peel, users with smaller hands

The Best Selling Points of Azlan’s Essential 16-Inch Pizza Peel:

  • Great Robustness and Light Weight: Despite its bigger size, it’s one of the most lightweight wooden pizza peels in the market, with rigidity to witness for long-term use. 
  • Odorless Servicing: It has been in our Kitchen tool’s arsenal for a long time, and it has maintained its neutral odor till now, providing us with odorless pies every time. 
  • Diverse Sizing for Every Sort of Usage: Comes with multiple size options to be an ACTUALLY PRACTICAL ONE thing for commercial-domestic usage

Quality and Design:

Well, we were captivated by the fantastic practicality paired with an impressive lightweight design. Weighing only 770g, we never felt that the sturdiness was compromised at any moment. Even with the bigger size, it felt surprisingly light on our wrists. Leonard informed us that the new star wooden peel can handle even the heaviest menus without showing any flimsiness between the handle and paddle. 

However, the handle’s width is a bit too broad, which might be challenging for users with smaller hands. 

The rectangular 16” x 14” paddle, with a gracefully curved and sharply honed blade, provided delightful experiences every time we transferred pies from our countertop to the pizza ovens. Even beginners can slide this pizza peel under the pizza without any “tricky” jerks, which is why it has been highly rated as a top-tier wooden pizza peel, even among the razor-sharp metal pizza peels. 

Although it comes with multiple handle lengths to suit your preferences, a detachable or extendable handle would have been a brilliant addition to this wooden pizza peel. It’s not exactly a complaint, but we considered what might have been done to further enhance this masterpiece.  

Additionally, it doesn’t come with any hole or strap for storage purposes. That’s why traveling with this peel or finding a storage spot in your kitchen may require some extra effort. 

New Star Wooden Pizza Peel 14”

Usability and Practicality:

With its generous size, launching different menu items simultaneously isn’t a problem with this peel. Plus, its most rigid surface, devoid of any coating, allows you to use it as a cutting board as well. However, you might need to use an excessive amount of cornmeal or Semolina to smoothly slide the dough from the peel’s surface to the oven’s cooking bay. 

The reason for this, as Brian explained, is that the surface is slightly unfinished and unseasoned. You may need to spend a few minutes with sandpaper to make it smoother and more skid-resistant for perfect launching. This is mainly to boost a beginner’s confidence. 

Initially, on our first try, we used olive oil, and it worked well. But with a standard amount of cornmeal, the dough stuck a little. It didn’t lead to a disaster for us, but we could imagine what it might do to a newcomer. So, finishing the surface with sandpaper did the trick. 

Overall, with versatile sizing options, the lightest weight in its category, and great rigidity, this is one of the best pizza oven paddles on the market. Yes, there are some design shortcomings, but they aren’t major ones 


  • Perfect size for versatile menus and family-size pies 
  • Doesn’t odor with hand washing 
  • Most lightweight in the league 
  • Sharpest blade to pick and pull out pizza from oven


  •  No strap or whole in the handle for easy storage
  •  Slightly unfinished surface asks you to do some homework before your first pizza launch.

Best Alternatives to New Star Pizza PeelAzlan’s Essential Wooden Pizza Peel:

Boasting a size almost similar to its competitors, this one has a much rounder mouth and a greatly finished blade. Overcoming the weaknesses of the New Star, this pizza oven paddle features a smoother paddle surface that enables launching pizzas as effortlessly as a hot knife passing through butter. Plus, the handle has a hole, allowing for easy storage in your kitchen. In terms of storage and practicality, this peel wins the battle. But the New Star matches it by offering a lighter weight, at just 1.2kg, and a longer handle length.  

3. Chicago Brick Oven Pizza Peel


AmazonCommercial 66IR360

Why Do We Choose This: Are you seeking safety, reach, and ease? The Chicago long-handled pizza peel for brick pizza ovens handsomely delivers all these elements in a single item. The combination of wood and metal, coupled with a flexible design, allows you to excel in your backyard pizza game. Specifically, the detachable handle converts this large pizza peel into something highly portable. So, when you’re looking for practicality and easy maintenance, especially with larger commercial and brick ovens, this pizza shovel is a perfect fit.

Who’s It For: Beginners-professionals, domestic brick ovens-professional commercial oven, travelers, big kitchen,

Who Should Avoid It: Bigger family sized pie lovers, small domestic oven owners, congested spaces

The Best Selling Point of Chicago Brick Oven Pizza Peel:

  •  Good Length For Safety: The handle length is excellent for reaching the deepest spot of a brick oven with great safety and ease.
  • Detachable Handle Design for Easy Storage: The handle detaches from the paddle, preventing breakage and facilitating easy storage during travel.
  • Sturdy Metallic Paddle: The non-stick metallic paddle effortlessly shifts the uncooked dough into the oven without disturbing the toppings.

Quality and Design:

The square-shaped pizza spatula may not be uniquely designed, but we admire its sharp and thin mouth, setting the stage for the peel to swiftly slide under the pizza—and you know the rest. The non-stick surface may feel a bit adhesive, but a little cornmeal or olive oil does the trick. 

The handle length is tailored for busy pizza professionals who value excellent safety, especially when working with gigantic commercial and wood-fired pizza ovens. Leonard performed a grip test and found that the 21.5” long and finely finished bamboo handle feels superbly firm in your hands. 

Even while handling larger dough with generously stuffed toppings, we found that the handle remained intact and didn’t exhibit unwanted flexibility during operations. And the detachable handle mechanism? It makes storage and traveling a breeze.

Usability and Practicality:

For the practicality aspect, there’s a slight chance that it may not offer smooth, creamy operations due to its lengthy handle in highly congested spaces. 

However, for restaurants with larger commercial ovens or domestic backyards with sizable brick ovens, this long-handled pizza peel feels more like a sword, effortlessly cutting down the hassle to perfectly launch a pizza into the oven. 

We also tested this long-handled baking peel in humid and hot environments; the wooden handle remained cool and steady, providing a perfect grip. The most admirable feature here is the detachable handle, which also made cleaning and transporting this peel a breeze. 

Overall, with its ideal combination of metal and wood, extended length, and clever detachable design, it can make your backyard pizza parties more enjoyable. 


  • Great stability and practicality due to good quality materials 
  • The detachable design elevates excellent portability and easy maintenance 
  • Thinnest but robust blade to lift and drop pizzas easily 
  • Non-stick surface doesn’t ruin your pies


  • The long handle should have been foldable to become equally practical for congested spaces

Best Alternative to Chicago Brick Oven Baking PeelBefano 12-inch Pizza Peel

This pizza peel feels like the younger twin of the Chicago pizza paddle, with almost identical characteristics in terms of dimensions and quality, but with a shorter handle length. This makes it more manageable for smaller kitchens, and it comes at a comparatively lower price. What sets it apart, however, is the free pizza cutter included. The 3-in-1 cutter—comprising a rolling cutter, wavy edge separator, and triangle pizza server—truly adds superb value for the money.

4. The Italian Kitchen 13 Perforated Pizza Peel


The Italian Kitchen

Why Do We Choose This: When you want a wider pizza paddle requiring it to become unnecessarily large, The Italian Kitchen perforated pizza peel is here to meet your needs. With its silverish and shiny appearance, excellent perforation, and ultra-thin beveled-edge blade, this perforated pizza shovel epitomizes quality, aesthetics, and superb performance. We tested it with the Gozney Roccbox and Ooni Karu 16′, and it did the job nicely without causing any discomfort to our fingers.

Who’s It For: Small outdoor or indoor pizza ovens, alternative to wooden pizza peels, users who want compact but wider pizza peels, lightweight pizza peel lovers, Beginners – professionals

Who Should Avoid It: Bigger commercial and wood-fired ovens,  

The Best Selling Points of The Italian Kitchen Perforated Pizza Peel:

  •  Compact but Wider: It isn’t unnecessarily large, but its excellent width allows you to cook bigger pizzas without having to invest more money in larger and so-called best pizza peels in the UK. 
  • Highest Quality to Embrace: With eye-catching glossy looks and a sturdy anodized aluminum paddle, it’s lightweight but a heavyweight contender in terms of build quality.
  • Easy Maintenance and Storage: The handle loop, slim density, and dishwasher-safe nature allow you to use it in even the most challenging and mobile scenarios 

Quality and Design:

To be honest, it looks nothing short of a premium 100-dollar professional tool. The glossy non-stick coating gives it a shine that stands out during your cooking operations. The 16” wide perforated paddle surface allows not only for perfect airflow but also removes any excess dry flour or cornmeal dust. 

Some users have mentioned that the perforations are unusually numerous, which may unnecessarily remove flour, causing the dough to become slightly sticky to the surface at times. However, Leonard, our design champion, tested it with both olive oil and flour dust, and it performed above our expectations. 

The handle measures only 14.2”, making the overall length 27.3″; not too short, but not long enough either. Is it adequate for use with larger commercial or domestic wood-fire or brick ovens? 

Largely, it’s not. 

This peel doesn’t allow you to reach deep into such large oven platforms. However, for portable and small backyard or indoor ovens like the ones we tested against (Roccbox and Ooni Karu 16), it does the job handsomely.   

The Italian Kitchen 13″ Perforated Pizza Peel

Usability and Practicality:

Well, this metal pizza peel is not just a pretty face. Great aesthetics and easy usability have been added to its core. First of all, the robust and sleek handle ensures a strong grip, and it comes with a built-in loop for worry-free storage.

With that in mind, the pizza paddle is even more ultra-thin and lightweight than we expected. This doesn’t make it an inferior pizza shovel; instead, it ensures that the sleekest and slimmest beveled edge blade lifts and drops the pies seamlessly.

This performance is thanks to the nice non-stick surface that doesn’t require much effort when it comes to cleaning. We tested it with various dishwashers, and the surface didn’t absorb any odors, so we enjoyed odorless pizzas every time.

Overall, when it comes to excellent aesthetics combined with great performance, The Italian Kitchen Perforated Pizza Peel is a perfect fit.


  • Good looking and sleek pizza oven paddle
  • Lift heaviest pizza doughs without any sign of flimsiness
  • The handle is robust and provide good grip
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • The built-in loop provides easy storage for mobile kitchens and family outings


  • This isn’t a down point but some users feel its extraordinary thin density is a matter of low quality. We didn’t find any quality issues

Best Alternatives To The Italian Kitchen Perforated PeelNewMeto Perforated Pizza Peel

Among all the simple, plain, glossy perforated pizza peels, this one stands out in both style and quality. First of all, the vertical-shaped perforation looks quite cool and maintains the perfect balance between the required flour dust and airflow. The big hinged head acts like a pizza stopper to keep the pizza centered on the paddle. Additionally, when it comes to gripping, the extra silicone grip design is a step ahead of the competition. From aesthetics to design to quality, NewMeto excels in every aspect. Last but not least, the handle length is slightly longer, measuring 15.7 inches.

5. SHINESTAR 12 x 14 Inch Pizza Peel


SHINESTAR 12 x 14 Inch Pizza Peel

Why Do We Choose This: Some pizza peels are designed specifically for small pizza ovens, others for medium-sized, and still others for large pizza ovens. To save you both the cost and the stress of managing a dedicated pizza peel for each type of oven, ShineStar offers a solution. The detachable handle, which also serves as a smooth rolling pin, is sure to be a lifesaver when it comes to having one multipurpose tool for both small indoor and gigantic outdoor pizza ovens. We were impressed by the smooth detaching mechanism, high-quality materials, and a simplistic yet practical design that ensures everything operates smoothly.

Who’s It For: For large wood-fired pizza ovens, big multi-deck indoor ovens, beginners, moderate budget users

Who Should Avoid It: Aesthetic conscious, users only looking for some basic peels for small ovens

The Best Selling Points of Shine Star Long Handled Pizza Peel:

  • Extra Long Length: To be honest, I haven’t encountered such a substantial length suitable for large wood-fired pizza ovens at this price point. The 51” length is truly exceptional. 
  • Great Quality Materials: The wooden handle is neither rough nor flimsy, and the sleek peel blades are functional and purposeful.
  • Great Practicality: The detachable handle also serves as a handy rolling pin when not in use for sliding pizzas in and out of the oven. 

Quality and Design:

About the design sense, anodized aluminum has been used to craft the blade in lightweight and sharpest form. Like regular pizza oven peels, this one also has a similar design with a width of 14”. But these briefings definitely don’t highlight what is hidden in this large pizza peel.

So, the star of the show here is the long handle, which makes this pizza shovel much more practical in different ways. The long detachable handle divides into two, giving an exceptional long range of 51” overall length. 

We measured 37.125 inches of original length while the detachable 19.25” handle adds more range for users who play with gigantic brick ovens or indoor multi-deck ovens.

And when you don’t need the extra length to assist you, the removable handle can be used as a rolling pin to play the “dough games.” We also tested this feature, and it does a remarkable job, saving our additional cost for a dedicated rolling pin. 

Overall, the design isn’t flashier but much practical to serve the purpose excellently. 

SHINESTAR 12 x 14 Inch Pizza Peel

Usability and Practicality:

As it’s no-nonsense design-wise, performance is also the main pillar of this professional pizza peel. The non-stick surface allowed us to slip-in and pull out pizzas quite effortlessly and comfortably. 

We only used plenty of semolina, and it transferred the pizza into the oven like butter sliding into a hot pan. Apart from this, when using the peel at full length, the long handle feels absolutely firm. Many pizza peels with detachable long handles feel wobbly and flimsy at the handle joints. 

We didn’t encounter any such scenario even after various test cases or jobs. So, full marks to the practicality. 

We also tested this long-handled pizza peel in a 45” W x 40” D brick oven. The 51” overall length made sure we reached the deepest point with great ease and safety. 


  • Great length with quality detachable mechanism
  • The detachable handle can also be used as rolling pin
  • Easy to save and clean
  • Excellent stability when using both handles. 


  • We had to use lot of cornmeal

Best Alternative to ShineStar Pizza PeelMiuezuth Professional Pizza Peel:

If a detachable handle and extra-long length aren’t essential for you, the Miuezuth professional pizza peel might be the right alternative. Even so, it’s still practical for small indoor and outdoor ovens with a 33″ handle. It’s slightly less wide than ShineStar, offering a 12″ x 13″ surface, but it can easily handle a 14″ pizza without any problem. While this doesn’t make a huge difference, ShineStar does have a slight advantage over this pizza shovel. Otherwise, when it comes to performance and other details, these two are quite similar. 

How to Choose a Best Pizza Oven Paddle:

Jumping into the baking peels market, you’ll likely encounter discussions about round vs. square, wooden vs. metal, and 14-inch vs. 16-inch pizza peels. This is where things may take a wrong turn if you don’t focus on your unique circumstances and requirements.

Materials: This might seem casual, but it’s the foundation of your decision. Most people prefer wood due to its traditional acceptance in pizza kitchens and the smooth transfer of dough into the oven. On the other hand, metal pizza peels are often more effective at removing pizza from the oven and require less maintenance.

Wood: Wooden pizza peels are the prime examples of non-stick pizza utensils. They typically come in two types of materials: Bamboo and Hardwood. Let’s explore which one may be the best for your pizza oven:

How to Choose a Best Pizza Oven Paddle
Infographic: How to Choose a Best Pizza Oven Paddle

Hardwood Pizza Shovels:

Made from heavy-duty woods like maple, cherry, and oak, these are the rock stars of pizza peels.

  • So smooth, they could sell ice to a penguin! Even the stickiest pizza dough doesn’t stand a chance.
  • These hardwood peels are like a well-made pair of boots – durable, sturdy, and built to last.
  • They won’t give up on you after a few uses – they’re in it for the long haul!

Bamboo Pizza Peels:

Made from bamboo, which regrows so quickly it seems to be in a race against time, these are like the eco-warriors of pizza peels.

  • Recognizable by their laminated strips, they stand out like a zebra in a herd of horses.
  • Beware! If not kept clean, these peels can harbor bacteria.
  • They’re like the tortoise in “The Tortoise and The Hare” – not flashy, but reliable and surprisingly tough.
  • With proper care, they’ll stick around for plenty of pizza parties to come.

A Word of Caution: While there are many pros to wooden pizza peels, there are also some cons, whether it’s bamboo or hardwood. They require more maintenance than metal, and they can’t be washed in the dishwasher or soaked in water, as they may warp, crack, or absorb unwanted odors. Trust me; you wouldn’t enjoy a lemon-lime BBQ ranch-flavored pizza.

So, these should be hand-washed quickly and dried immediately. Over time, the surface may become rough or scarred from use, requiring sanding to keep it smooth.”  

Metal Pizza Peels:

If you’re looking for durability, lightweight construction, and easy maintenance, a metal pizza peel is your go-to option. Unlike wooden peels, these are thinner and better for spinning and retrieving the pizza from the oven. 

Aluminum Pizza Peels: 

  • Light, catchy, and fun to work with, these are like the pop music of the pizza world.
  • They’re quick and efficient, owing to their lightweight nature.
  • Sturdy and easy-going, they can stand the test of time, just like your favorite pair of jeans.
  • Cleaning them is a dream. A little soap and water, and they’re ready to go. Plus, most of these peels are dishwasher safe.

Stainless Steel Pizza Peels: 

Experts at retrieving pizza, these baking peels slide under that golden crust as smoothly as a hot knife through butter.

  • Tough, resistant to rust, and always ready for action, they’re the superheroes of the pizza world.
  • Like Aluminum peels, they clean up easily with a quick wash, leaving them shiny and new, ready for the next pizza adventure.

A Word of Caution:

Despite these advantages, there are some red flags to consider. Both aluminum and stainless steel peels are typically thinner than wooden peels, making them efficient at sliding under cooked pizza. However, they can be a bit sticky when it comes to raw dough, which seems to love them a little too much. Using a little extra flour or cornmeal can prevent the dough from getting too attached, but it’s something to keep in mind. 

Shape – Rounder or Squarer?

Let me get this straight right from the start: I have a preference for square pizza peels. However, round peels are better for rotating and retrieving pizza, especially in larger ovens, while square peels are often favored for launching pizza into the oven. My choice for square peels comes down to personal preference; I feel more secure using them. 

Size – Opt for the Upsize:

Always consider going 2 inches up from your requirements. If you regularly make a 14-inch family-size pizza, then a 16-inch pizza peel is the way to go. The reason? If something unexpected happens, the larger size reduces the chance of messing up your dough and toppings. In the case of a smaller electric pizza oven, though, you might want to stick with an equal size rather than upsizing. 

Handle Material – Choose Wisely:

There’s a broad array of handle materials to choose from, and here’s a quick rundown: 

Wood: Natural insulators, so no unexpected surprises for your fingers; they are a classic, reliable choice. Soft or hardwood, the grip is comfortable, like your favorite pair of slippers. Just remember, wood and water don’t mix, so keep it dry. 

Metal (Aluminum or Stainless Steel): A common choice, but watch out! Like a sports car in the sun, these can conduct heat. In hot, crowded commercial kitchens, these handles might become uncomfortable. They’re best suited for cooler areas. 

Rubber or Plastic: A practical option in a hot environment. Usually attached to metal peels, they offer a comfortable, heat-resistant grip. But treat them with care, like plastic straws; they don’t like high temperatures or dishwashers. 

So, there you have it! These considerations will help you conquer the quest for the best pizza peel for your next pizza adventure. Also, don’t forget to factor in the price, thickness, and maintenance when making your choice

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