Best Twin Deck Pizza Oven Review 

Have you ever torn between baking more pizzas or waiting for the first batch to finish? The struggle is real for pizza lovers seeking efficiency without compromising on taste. But fear not, because the solution to your pizza-making predicament has arrived: the double deck oven! This innovative marvel of culinary technology allows you to double the deliciousness by simultaneously baking two mouthwatering pizzas at once.

Best Twin Deck Pizza Oven Review

Gone are the days of waiting for one pizza to finish while the hunger pangs grow stronger. With the Twin Deck Pizza Oven, you can satisfy the appetites of your hungry guests or family members in record time. This powerhouse of a pizza oven ensures even heat distribution, resulting in pizzas cooked to perfection every time.

Whether you’re a passionate home cook, a small pizzeria owner, or a catering wizard, the Twin Deck Oven is here to revolutionize your culinary journey. Say goodbye to the pizza-making dilemma and hello to the ultimate solution that delivers double the satisfaction, the flavor, and the joy. Get ready to embark on a pizza-baking adventure like never before with the double deck oven. Your taste buds will thank you!

5 Best Twin Deck Pizza Oven Review  

After 16 weeks of research, our experts compiled the best products for you. Additionally, our buying guide will provide you with useful information.

1. Electric Twin Deck Pizza Oven by KuKoo


Electric Twin Deck Pizza Oven by KuKoo

Are you ready to master the art of pizza making? By KuKoo, you can revolutionize your culinary experience with the Electric Pizza Oven. This red beauty is not just a pizza oven. Yet, it’s a versatile baking and grilling machine you’ll enjoy. Let’s dive into the features of this pizza oven to see why it’s a must-have.

Interesting Facts about Oven

  • At a maximum temperature
  • Heaters with three independent controls
  • Suitable for baking or grilling a variety of foods
  • Compact size allows for larger pizza sizes.

Take Note

  • Limited timer duration of up to 30 minutes

Feature Description:

The Electric Pizza Oven by KuKoo is a twin deck oven for baking and grilling. With its compact dimensions of 50D x 56W x 44H centimeters, it can fit perfectly in your kitchen or commercial space. The dropdown door style adds convenience and easy access to your creations. This oven reaches a maximum temperature of 350ºC. Further, it ensures that your pizzas and other goodies are perfectly cooked.

Electric Twin Deck Pizza Oven by KuKoo

The oven features three heating elements that can be controlled individually. Further, it allows you to create different temperature zones and achieve optimal cooking results.

With the built-in audible timer, you can set the cooking time up to 30 minutes. Moreover, it ensures that your pizzas are perfected without any guesswork. The fire brick stones provide excellent heat retention and distribution. In fact, it results in crispy and evenly cooked pizza crusts.

User Review/Use Case: Why do I recommend it to you?

Whether you’re a pizza aficionado or a professional chef, the KuKoo oven is a game-changer. My favorite things about it are how easy it is to use and how delicious it makes restaurant-quality pizza. The individually controlled heating elements allow versatility in cooking different pizzas. While the audible timer ensures precise cooking every time. It is compact enough to fit into small kitchens or small commercial spaces. 

I’m very pleased with the price and quality of this product. If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient double deck pizza oven, the Electric Pizza Oven by KuKoo is a top-notch choice.

2. CK1677 Twin Deck Pizza Oven by Cater-Cook


CK1677 Twin Deck Pizza Oven by Cater-Cook

Get ready to elevate your pizza-making game with the Twin Deck Oven by Cater-Cook. This silver beauty is designed to deliver delicious results. Further, it ensures your pizzas are cooked to perfection. This compact and powerful unit is ideal for both residential and commercial use. Check out the exciting features of this pizza oven and see why it makes the perfect pizza oven.

Interesting Facts about Oven

  • Two LED lit ON/OFF switches
  • Cooking capacity of 8 x 9″ pizzas
  • Large pizza stone deck for authentic crusts
  • Heavy-duty, reliable heating.

Take Note

  • Silver finish may show fingerprints easily
  • Limited to electric heating method.

Feature Description:

Cater-Cook’s Twin Deck Pizza Oven holds up to 8 x 9″ pizzas, making it ideal for small and medium gatherings. An elegant touch for any kitchen or restaurant, it comes in brushed silver.

The oven has three heating elements that are independently controlled. In fact, it ensures consistent and efficient heating for even cooking results. The spacious deck provides ample room for pizzas to cook evenly and develop a perfect crust.

This oven comes with two ON/OFF LED switches for easy operation as well as a drop-down door style for convenient food access. Stainless steel construction and a cooking capacity of 8 x 9″ pizzas. Plus, this oven is built to withstand the demands of a busy kitchen.

User Review/Use Case: Why do I recommend it to you?

I praise the Twin Deck Cater-Cook for its reliability and performance. The individually controlled heating elements allow for precise temperature adjustments. Also, it ensures pizzas come out with a crispy crust and perfectly melted cheese. 

With its spacious pizza stone deck, it is ideal for pizza enthusiasts and small pizzerias. This oven is a reliable and efficient choice for every pizza party or professional kitchen.

3. CK9610 Twin Deck Pizza Oven By Cater-Cook 


CK9610 Twin Deck Pizza Oven By Cater-Cook

Take your pizza-making skills to the next level with the Electric Twin Deck Pizza Oven by Cater-Cook. This silver powerhouse is designed to deliver exceptional results. Besides, it allows you to bake delicious pizzas with ease. 

It’s a game-changer for pizza enthusiasts and professional chefs alike. Let’s dive into the impressive features of this pizza oven and discover why it’s a must-have for any pizza lover.

Interesting Facts about Oven

  • A total of four independent heating elements
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Spacious cooking for pizzas per deck
  • Stainless steel construction

Take Note

  • Requires a three-phase power supply
  • Additional stand needed for support (not included)

Feature Description:

The Best double deck pizza oven commercial by Cater-Cook is built to accommodate 8 x 12″ pizzas. Further, making it perfect for larger gatherings or commercial use. Its stainless steel construction ensures durability and reliability. With a dropdown door style for convenient access to your culinary creations. 

CK9610 Twin Deck Pizza Oven By Cater-Cook

The oven has an internal and viewing window on each deck. Besides, it lets you to monitor the cooking process without opening the door and losing heat. Perfectly cooked pizzas with a crispy base are achieved with this oven’s 600 x 610mm pizza stone base.

The oven offers adjustable temperature control ranging from 50°C to 450°C. Plus, letting you to customize the heat level based on your desired cooking preferences. It requires a power supply of 10 kW. The oven features four separate heating elements. So, it allows for precise temperature adjustments and even cooking.

User Review/Use Case: Why do I recommend it to you?

Users praise the Twin Deck Electric Oven by Cater-Cook for its reliability and versatility. The four independent heating elements allow for precise temperature control. Plus, it ensures consistent and even cooking results. The internal light and viewing window provide convenience. 

Moreover, the oven allows users to monitor their pizzas without interrupting the cooking process. Thanks to its spacious pizza stone base, this oven can be used at home and in commercial settings. The Cater-Cook twin deck oven is an efficient and reliable choice for pizzerias, catering businesses, or pizza lovers.

4. KuKoo Commercial Pizza & Baking Oven


KuKoo Commercial Pizza & Baking Oven

Experience the ultimate baking and pizza-making prowess with the KuKoo Commercial Baking & Pizza Oven. This large twin deck oven is a game-changer for restaurants, takeaways, cafés, pubs, and bakeries. Thanks to its superior heating capabilities and versatility, it delivers outstanding results every time. Find out why professionals and pizza enthusiasts alike love this electric oven’s impressive features.

Interesting Facts about Oven

  • Heats up to 400°C
  • Includes fire stones for crispy pizza bases
  • Comes with 4 baking trays and a free 9″ pizza peel
  • Backed by a 12-month electrical warranty.

Take Note

  • Installed by a professional
  • A large kitchen may be necessary.

Feature Description:

The KuKoo Commercial Baking & Pizza Oven is a 6.6kW baking oven with 12 x 10-inch pizzas. It boasts a durable stainless steel construction. Moreover, it ensures longevity and reliability in demanding kitchen environments. The oven comes equipped with fire stones that guarantee a crispy pizza base. 

Further, the oven has four baking trays and a free 9″ pizza peel for convenience. With a heating capacity of up to 400°C, this oven ensures precise and efficient baking results. The KuKoo Commercial Baking & Pizza Oven has a free 12-month electrical warranty. Also, it provides peace of mind and assurance of its quality and durability.

The oven can accommodate 12 x 10-inch pizzas. So, this makes it ideal for high-volume baking needs in commercial establishments. In addition to achieving an authentic taste and texture, fire stones in the oven help ensure a perfectly crispy crust.

User Review/Use Case: Why do I recommend it to you?

My mother highly recommends the KuKoo Commercial Baking & Pizza Oven for its exceptional performance and reliability. For busy kitchens, the twin deck design allows the simultaneous baking of multiple pizzas. With fire stones, pizza bases are perfectly crisp, satisfying even the most demanding pizza lovers. 

This oven is perfect for professional chefs and bakery owners who want to expand their pizza offerings. The free 12-month electrical warranty adds more confidence in me to use it freely.

5. GZZT Commercial Double Layer Pizza Oven


GZZT Commercial Double Layer Pizza Oven

Elevate your baking and cooking experience with the GZZT Commercial Double Layer Oven. This electric stainless steel oven is a versatile powerhouse. Also, it can handle various culinary creations, including pizzas, chicken, cakes, and bread. It’s reliable and innovative and designed for professional chefs and baking enthusiasts alike. Let’s explore the standout features of this double-layer oven and see why it’s a must-have addition to any kitchen.

Interesting Facts about Oven

  • Anti-scalding handle and widened handle 
  • Built-in baking lighting for clear visibility
  • Multi-faceted cooling holes for effective heat dissipation
  • Stainless steel body is durable and easy to clean

Take Note

  • Limited power output of 3 KW
  • Comparatively smaller cooking capacity.

Feature Description:

The GZZT Commercial Double Layer Oven is constructed from stainless steel, making it durable and long-lasting. It features a double-layer design that maximizes cooking capacity without compromising efficiency. Adjusting the temperature control allows you to cook various dishes at the desired heat level. 

GZZT Commercial Double Layer Pizza Oven

The oven has an anti-scalding handle for safe and easy door operation. Also,  along with built-in baking lighting for clear visibility of your dishes. Thanks to its adjustable temperature range and spacious interior, this oven offers endless culinary possibilities. The oven’s double-layer construction provides ample cooking space. 

The oven is designed with user safety in mind. Our analyze that it features an anti-scalding handle for easy door operation without the risk of burns. Besides, it allows you to bake multiple items simultaneously and save time in the kitchen. The built-in baking lighting ensures optimal visibility. So, this makes it easier to monitor the cooking progress.

User Review/Use Case: Why do I recommend it to you?

I rave about the GZZT Commercial Double Layer Oven’s versatility and user-friendly design. The double-layer feature allows for efficient cooking and multitasking. Also, making it suitable for both small-scale and high-volume operations. The anti-scalding handle ensures safe and hassle-free operation, with no external lighting required for baking. 

Chefs appreciate the adjustable temperature control, which enables precise cooking results for various recipes. A professional chef or a passionate home baker, this oven delivers outstanding performance and reliability. The spacious interior provides enough room to accommodate different sizes of pizzas, cakes, and other baked goods.

Buying Guide – What to Consider While Buying Pizza Oven?

Are you searching for the perfect twin-deck pizza oven to elevate your pizza-making experience? Prior to making your purchase, consider several factors, as there are many options available. Find the perfect twin deck oven for your needs with this comprehensive buying guide.

Best Twin Deck Pizza Oven Review
Infographic: Best Twin Deck Pizza Oven Review

Size and Capacity:

Consider the dimensions and cooking capacity of the twin deck pizza oven. Make sure the oven fits comfortably in your kitchen by measuring the available space. To ensure a proper fit, look for specifications such as the oven’s width, depth, and height. 

Additionally, check the cooking capacity, typically expressed as the number of pizzas each deck can accommodate simultaneously. For example, some models can accommodate up to 8 x 12″ pizzas per deck. In fact, it allows you to handle larger volumes efficiently.

Heating Capability:

The heating capability of the double deck pizza oven is crucial for achieving perfectly cooked pizzas. Look for ovens that can quickly reach high temperatures and maintain consistent heat throughout baking. 

Check the temperature range the oven can achieve. Moreover, it typically ranges from 50°C to 450°C (122°F to 842°F). A wide temperature range allows for versatility in baking different pizza styles and achieving desired crust textures.

Construction and Durability:

Evaluate the construction and durability of the twin-deck pizza oven. Stainless steel is a good material for ovens. Plus, it offers excellent heat resistance and longevity. Consider the thickness of the oven walls and insulation, as they contribute to heat retention and energy efficiency. 

For example, some models feature heavy-duty stainless steel construction. Drawn from our tests that, efficient insulation ensures durability and minimizes heat loss.

Control and Features:

Examine the control options and features offered by the Double deck pizza oven commercial. Look for ovens that provide independent controls for each deck. Plus, it allows you to adjust the heat settings individually. You can bake different types of pizzas simultaneously, each requiring a different temperature.

Additionally, consider features such as 

  • timers, 
  • temperature gauges,
  • and viewing windows, 

as they enhance convenience and precision in cooking. Some models offer timers with up to 30 minutes of cooking time and viewing windows. In addition, it allows you to monitor the progress of your pizzas without opening the oven doors.

Safety Measures:

Prioritize safety when selecting a twin deck pizza oven. Look for ovens equipped with drop-down doors that have heat-resistant handles. Plus, it ensures safe access to the cooking chambers. 

Safety certifications such as CE or NSF indicate compliance with industry standards. These measures ensure the well-being of your kitchen staff and customers.

User Reviews and Reputation:

Before finalizing your decision, read user reviews and consider the reputation of the brand and model you are interested in. Other users’ experiences can be useful in determining the twin deck oven’s performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Look for consistent positive feedback regarding temperature control, durability, ease of use, and overall performance.

Considering these detailed facts and figures, you can confidently choose the perfect twin deck pizza oven for your culinary endeavors. 

  • Assess the size (e.g., 81 x 92.5 x 76 cm), 
  • heating capability (e.g., 50°C to 450°C), 
  • construction quality (e.g., heavy-duty stainless steel), control features (e.g., independent controls and timers), 
  • safety measures (e.g., drop-down doors with heat-resistant handles), 
  • and user reviews to find an oven that meets your requirements and delivers outstanding pizza results. 

With the right twin deck oven, you can create delicious pizzas at home or in your commercial kitchen. Enjoy the art of pizza making!


Can you put a pizza oven on a deck?

Yes, it is generally safe to grill on a deck. However, there are several things to consider:

  • Weight: Ensure that your deck can support the weight of the pizza oven. Pizza ovens can be heavy, especially larger or commercial-grade ones. Check the weight capacity of your deck and consult a professional if needed.
  • Heat and Ventilation: Pizza ovens generate high temperatures. So, proper ventilation is essential to avoid heat damage to your deck. Ensure there is sufficient airflow around the oven to dissipate heat. A heat-resistant pad or insulating material under the oven can also help protect the deck.
  • Fire Safety: Pizza ovens involve open flames, so fire safety is crucial. Keep flammable materials away from the oven and have a fire extinguisher nearby. Consider installing a fireproof barrier or using a non-combustible surface under the oven to reduce fire risk further.
  • Local Regulations: Make sure it complies with your local building codes. Some areas may have specific guidelines or restrictions for outdoor cooking equipment.

As long as you take the necessary precautions, you can safely enjoy a pizza oven on your deck.

Is deck oven good for pizza?

Yes, deck ovens are widely used and considered excellent for baking pizzas. For pizza dough, deck ovens provide even heat distribution and retention. Here are a few reasons why deck ovens are well-suited for making pizzas:

  • Heat Retention: Deck ovens are known for their ability to retain heat. Usually made of stone or brick, the deck absorbs and holds heat, creating a consistent and evenly heated surface. Besides, this helps to achieve crispy and evenly cooked pizza crusts.
  • Radiant Heat: Deck ovens primarily use radiant heat to bake pizzas. Plus, this type of heat is similar to that of a traditional wood-fired oven, resulting in a desirable charred and blistered crust. Pizza’s flavor and texture are enhanced by radiant heat.
  • Versatility: Deck ovens offer versatility regarding cooking methods and temperature control. Temperature can be adjusted for crust texture and topping doneness. Several pizzas can be baked simultaneously with models with multiple decks.
  • Consistency: With proper preheating and temperature control, deck ovens provide consistent results. The even heat distribution across the deck ensures that each pizza cooks uniformly, minimizing the risk of undercooked or overcooked spots.

Deck ovens can be an excellent choice whether you are a professional pizza maker or a pizza enthusiast at home. Heat retention, radiant heat, and versatility make deck ovens ideal for baking pizzas.

What is the difference between a deck oven and a pizza oven?

A deck oven and a pizza oven are similar in function, as both are used for baking pizzas. However, they differ in some ways:

  • Design: 

Typically, deck ovens consist of a flat, heat-retaining baking surface like stone or brick. The decks are stacked vertically. So. the oven allows for multiple levels of baking. In contrast, a pizza oven can refer to various types. For example, it includes wood-fired ovens, conveyor belt ovens, or countertop electric ovens. Different pizza ovens are designed for different purposes and use different heating methods.

  • Heat Source: 

Deck ovens can heat the decks with various heat sources, such as gas or electricity. The heat is radiated from the deck’s surface to cook the pizza. On the other hand, pizza ovens can use different heating sources. Wood-fired ovens provide a traditional and distinctive flavor to pizzas. The conveyor belt oven uses heated belts, while the countertop oven uses electric elements.

  • Cooking Capacity: 

Deck ovens are often larger and have more capacity compared to pizza ovens. High volumes of pizzas are commonly produced in commercial settings. A pizza oven can be large or small, depending on its type and capacity, catering to various needs.

  • Versatility: 

Deck ovens are versatile and can be used for baking various types of bread, pastries, other food items, and pizzas. They offer flexibility in temperature control and cooking settings. Pizza ovens, especially specialized wood-fired or conveyor belt ovens. They are primarily designed for pizza baking and may have limited versatility in other food items.

The term “deck oven” refers to an oven with multiple decks and a heat-retaining surface for baking pizzas. On the other hand, pizza ovens encompass a broader range of oven types and designs explicitly used for pizza baking.

What is a deck pizza oven?

Deck pizza ovens are designed explicitly for baking pizzas. In a pizza oven, pizzas are placed in baking chambers called decks. Decks are usually made of heat-retaining materials like stone or brick.

  • Gas or electric deck pizza ovens are available. During cooking, the decks are heated, and heat radiates from the surface. Crispy crust and perfectly cooked toppings are achieved with radiant heat.
  • Deck pizza ovens are versatile. Users can adjust the temperature to suit their preferred cooking method and desired pizza crust texture. With some deck ovens, different temperature controls allow you to bake multiple pizzas simultaneously.
  • Pizzerias, restaurants, and commercial kitchens use deck pizza ovens because of their durability, reliability, and consistency. Baking delicious pizza at home using smaller deck ovens is also possible.
  • Thanks to their heat distribution and retention, authentic and high-quality pizzas can be baked in deck pizza ovens.

Final words

In conclusion, any kitchen or commercial establishment would benefit from a Twin Deck Oven. Well, they offer the possibility of baking multiple pizzas at once with consistently delicious results. For pizza enthusiasts and professionals, it’s a great investment.

According to thorough testing and analysis, these are the best twin pizza oven:

The KuKoo Electric Pizza Oven stands out for its compact size, easy-to-use controls, and excellent baking performance. It delivers consistent and evenly cooked pizzas. It comes with an audible timer and is a reliable choice for pizzas, garlic bread, lasagne, and more.

It’s independent heating elements and spacious cooking capacity offer versatility and efficiency. It is perfect for high-volume pizza production. For commercial kitchens, it’s a reliable and user-friendly option with LED-lit switches.

In short, investing in a Large commercial pizza oven can elevate your pizza-baking experience to new heights. Comfort, performance, and versatility come with this Pizza Oven.

Top choices include the KuKoo Oven and the Cater-Cook Pizza Oven. Choose the Twin Deck Oven of your choice to enjoy mouthwatering pizzas.

Wishing you an outstanding shopping experience!

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