Can You Burn Conifer Wood in a Wood Burner? 

Wood burners are commonly used in every household with the goal of warming up the house. These burners are also known as wood-burning stoves or fireplaces. They are not only quite popular in recent times due to their aesthetic outlook but also the top choice in Scandinavian countries. 

Can You Burn Conifer Wood in a Wood Burner

Conifer wood is one of the best woods to burn if you have dried it properly with no moisture. You can also buy it if you live in Britain. The best part is it is soft and burns slowly as compared to hardwood which burns faster. 

Wood burners need wood. This wood works as fuel. The kind of wood you choose for your wood burner can have a big impact on its performance and efficiency. 

When you go on to burning conifer wood, such as pine or spruce, there are some conditions to keep in mind. In this article, we will talk about whether burning conifer wood in a wood burner is a good choice or not.  

Conifer Wood

Conifer woods are also known as softwood. This wood comes from trees belonging to the coniferous family. Conifers got their name due to their cone-bearing structures and needle-like leaves. 

Conifer Wood

These are evergreen beautiful, looking trees and shrubs. These trees are found all around the globe. They also have a significant environmental as well as economic role. 

Can You Burn Conifer Wood in a Wood Burner?

Well, the answer is yes, conifer wood can be burned in a wood burner. Conifer wood, which comes from trees such as pine, spruce, and fir, is utilized as firewood. Conifer wood burns well and also produces a good amount of heat. But there are a few things to keep in mind when burning conifer wood:

Resin content

Conifer wood tends to have a higher resin content as compared to hardwoods. This means that it may produce more tar when burned, which can build up in the chimney.

Resin content

This might increase the chances of chimney fires. To stay on the safer side, it’s crucial yet important to have your chimney checked and cleaned regularly.

Moisture content

Like any other firewood, conifer wood is supposed to be properly seasoned before burning. Fresh-cut or green conifer wood contains a high amount of moisture. This makes it hard to burn and also produces more smoke. It’s recommended to let the wood dry for at least six months to a year, or until its moisture content is around 20% or less.

Pros of Burning Conifer Wood

Pros of Burning Conifer Wood


Conifer wood is available in many regions and is affordable compared to hardwood. This makes it a convenient option due to its easy accessibility and affordability. 

Ignition and Burning

Conifer wood lights up quickly due to its sticky nature. It burns relatively fast, providing immediate heat and warmth.

Aromatic Qualities

Aromatic Qualities

Burning conifer wood releases a pleasant aroma in the environment. This is one of many reasons why most people prefer conifer wood appealing. The fragrance can create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere in your home.

Cons of Burning Conifer Wood

Cons of Burning Conifer Wood

Resin Content

Conifer wood has higher levels of resin and other compounds as compared to hardwoods. When burned, these compounds produce tar. Tar is a flammable and sticky substance that can build up in the chimney. Excessive tar buildup can lead to chimney fires and pose a danger.

Lower Heat Output

While conifer wood burns quickly, it tends to produce less heat compared to hardwoods. This means that you may need to burn more conifer wood to maintain the desired temperature. This results in increased consumption and potentially higher costs. 

Increased Maintenance

The high resin content of conifer wood results in more regular cleaning and maintenance. You will need to clean your wood burner more often.

Increased Maintenance

Regular chimney cleaning is necessary to stop the buildup of creosote. This minimizes the risk of chimney fires.

Best Practices for Burning Conifer Wood

If you prefer to burn conifer wood in your wood burner, there are some best methods to follow:

Best Practices for Burning Conifer Wood

Use Seasoned Wood

Allow conifer wood to season properly before burning. Seasoning involves drying the wood for an extended period, normally for 6-12 months. This helps in reducing its moisture content. Dry wood burns more efficiently and produces less smoke, minimizing creosote/tar buildup.

Mix with Hardwood

For the burning process, consider mixing conifer wood with hardwood. Hardwood has a higher energy thickness and burns longer. It provides more sustained heat. Mixing these two types of wood can help balance the heat and reduce the expansion of creosote.

Mix with Hardwood

Regular Maintenance

Schedule regular inspections and cleanings for your wood burner, especially the chimney vent. This will help stop the build-up in the chimney and reduce the danger of fires. 


Are conifers good firewood? 

Conifer wood is good firewood when it is seasoned well. You need a proper season and drying of the conifer wood to burn it. This lessens the quantity of resin content and stickiness. It is ideal always to burn conifer wood with any hardwood.

Can I burn Leylandii logs on a wood burner?

You can use Leylandii logs in a wood burner. Yet, it is important to dry and season the logs for at least 3 years and have them covered. Due to its increased resin content, the wood may not be able to produce much heat. This is why it is advised to dry the leylandii logs well before using them in a wood burner. 

Is it illegal to burn conifers?

No, it is not illegal to burn conifers. Most Scandinavian countries use conifers with the intention of generating heat. These woods are also affordable and available everywhere.

What wood should you not burn in a wood burner? 

You should avoid softwood from burning in a wood burner. These woods have high resin content and stickiness. This is why these woods tend to produce less heat and more tar. 


It is possible to burn conifer wood in a wood burner. Yet, there are some drawbacks that people should be aware of. Conifer wood is easy and effortless to burn in a wood burner. This type of wood is easily available and rather affordable, as conifer wood lights up quickly and produces more heat than hardwood. 

It is also to be kept in mind that this type of wood creates more tar, and you have the danger of fire in chimneys. To stay safer, if you want to use conifer wood in a wood burner, be regular with the maintenance. 

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