Can You Microwave a Frozen Pizza? Best Ways to Microwave Frozen Pizza

I saw a whirl of amazement in my friend’s eye when I told him, the chicken fajita which is spicing up your taste buds is actually a frozen pizza being microwaved.

Can You Microwave a Frozen Pizza

What!!! Are you serious?

Experiencing a frozen pizza isn’t bad at all until it doesn’t get microwaved according to your liking. But let’s ask me, why frozen pizzas when you can have a fresh pizza in less than 30 minutes? The reason for frozen pizza is, you can eat it whenever you want without worrying that it’ll go bad after some time.

Yet, can you microwave a frozen pizza to bring it back to its utmost life? That is the “REAL 4th LAW OF BAKING” you need to learn.

We’ll try to stop this mystery wheel in the article below, so let’s find out what is for your servings today;

Can You Microwave a Frozen Pizza? Tips to Bake Frozen Pizzas with Sheer Professionalism

Let me answer you first. Yes, you can microwave frozen pizza that is store-bought, frozen homemade pre-cooked, or your leftover pizza slices you tricked to save from your siblings. You know, most frozen foods need to be thawed before they become consumable.

Can You Microwave a Frozen Pizza

But with a microwave, you can beat that challenge, and in a span of minutes, you can see smoking hot food resting at your dining table.  

If you are debuting to microwave a frozen pizza, there are some twists and turns in your way that you should cross at a slow pace. Check here, how long does the frozen pizza last in the fridge?

How Long Do You Microwave a Frozen Pizza?

Before you face bad faith while heating up a frozen pizza, let’s understand the relationship between frozen food and microwaves.

Microwave has its name due to the radiation technology (Micro + wave) used for heating the product. Now, most microwaves work at 2.4GHz frequency of waves; it stirs extreme movements in the water molecules inside the food. The water molecules become dense with the process, converting it to steam when connected to the plate while reheating a frozen pizza.

How Long Do You Microwave a Frozen Pizza

This results in soggy and soft dough as the moisture doesn’t find an escape way. Indeed, these could not be the best results you wanted if your goal was a flaky base. So how to make frozen pizza crispy?

We’ll definitely jump onto this, but let’s see how long you microwave a frozen pizza.

Bear in mind, the greater and thick pizza will be, the more time you should give it in your microwave. Also, the microwaving duration depends on your appliance’s power capacity, wattages, and size.

Let’s make an estimation;

  • Pizza slice: Max 2.5 minutes – Min 1 minute
  • Pan Pizza: (usually 5-6 inches): Max. 5 minutes – Min. 2 minutes
  • Medium-Sized Pizza: (7-10 inches): Max. 7 minutes – Min. 3 Minutes
  • Large Size: (mainly termed as Family size; 11-13 inches): Max 10 minutes – Min. 6 minutes  

These are not exact values, factually speaking. Just some estimations of what normally a home microwave can do to a standard size frozen pizzas in how much duration. 

How to Make Frozen Pizza Crispy? Best Ways to Microwave a Pizza

You are a crispy pizza lover, right? But simply heating up a frozen pizza will serve you a soggy dough. Don’t worry; you can make it crispier, and this was the “twist and turns” I was talking about above.

Below are some best ways to microwave a pizza for a crispier dough;

Dual Baking Method

So, how to cook a frozen pizza in the microwave in order to get a crispy dough? A reminder for you is don’t use any pizza box (place link here) or plastic zipper bag in a microwave as it is a treacherous move.

Dual Baking Method
  • Preheat your pizza oven to 350-400F for 15-20 minutes. You can take more time if you have to do multiple frozen pizza reheating.
  • Place your pizza on a microwave plate and start baking according to the abovementioned specification (size and baking duration).
  • Cook the frozen pizza and let preheat a non-stick pan on the stovetop for the next step.
  • Preheat the non-stick pan for around 10-15 minutes with 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil.
  • Pull your pizza out from the microwave, and start cooking frozen pizza on the stovetop.
  • Only microwaving will give you soft dough; cooking on a stove will absorb further moisture, so you will have an excellent brownish and crispy dough for your treat.
  • Remember, you have to partially cover the non-stick pan while reheating at the stove so the moisture has a passage to evaporate.

If someone asks how to cook frozen pizza without an oven or microwave, you can mention this method as you can also skip the microwaving part and only rely on stove heating. Going this way only extends your heating time, but this is how you can also turn a frozen pizza crispy.

The Crisper Pan Method

It’s good to put a frozen pizza in a microwave-safe pot. If you want to make your frozen pizza reheating process more swift, easy, and less hectic, this method will surely work. Microwave plates don’t let moisture escape; thus, your dough doesn’t find its eternal crisp.

The Crisper Pan Method

Not only crispiness, but some people also love getting a perfect brownish dough. So, bring a Crispier pan to add beautiful brownish color and delectable crispiness to your dough.

Some Additional Stuff to Acknowledge Regarding Microwavable Pizza: 

Out of all these microwaving frozen pizza tips, your “Go-to” best way to microwave pizza can be the one the brand mentions if you prefer market-made frozen pizza.

The logic behind this is that brand-mentioned tips can give you the best results rather than scratching your head and hanging in between “whether I have done right or wrong” stuff. They know what ingredients and quantity they have used in the recipe and what treatment the frozen pizza needs.

Yet, if you don’t want to settle on the market-made products and find your satisfaction in “self-made” hygienic stuff, you definitely follow the path I mentioned above.

Some Additional Stuff to Acknowledge Regarding Microwavable Pizza

In addition to that, there is something necessary that you should follow too, to bake a frozen pizza perfectly;

  • You should distance yourself from cooking frozen pizza in a microwave with a box. It’s treacherous.
  • Consistently follows the Guidelines given by the frozen pizza brands. If anything is “prohibited to microwave,” that is undoubtedly and highly prohibited, don’t cross that line.
  • Preheating is necessary, don’t skip that part.
  • Leftover frozen pizzas are considered hazardous to health once they are reheated. Don’t freeze cooked pizza again and again.
  • Always maintain your oven for the best performance; you won’t regret it in the long run.

People Also Ask – FAQs

Are frozen pizzas precooked?

No, frozen pizzas are not already or pre-cooked. Some ingredients, like chicken or beef or other toppings, are already cooked. But if you ask about dough, cheese, and sauces, they are raw and uncooked. You have to bake these.

Can you get food poisoning from frozen pizza?

Food poisoning can happen through anything you eat, which is a highly debatable subject, indeed. However, the leading cause of food poisoning is E-Coli bacteria that mostly resides in partially cooked frozen foods.

That’s why microwaving, heating, or cooking a frozen pizza, or any other frozen meal is highly advisable before you consume it. High heat potentially kills the E-coli, so you have fewer chances of getting affected.

What are the best-frozen pizza UK and USA brands?

There is a wide variety of frozen pizza brands in the USA, like DiGiorno, Jack’s Pizza, tombstone, and many others. On the other hand, you can see DR, Oetker, Tesco, Morrisons, etc. in the UK delivering frozen or pre-cooked pizzas for the last 2-3 or more decades.

The Bottom Line – Don’t Make Microwaving a Heck

So, can you microwave a frozen pizza? Hell yes! Yet, there are some critical steps to follow. Mainly microwaving ends up with soggy dough, which is actually not bad for those who prefer soft dough.

But that doesn’t mean cooking frozen pizza in the microwave is a disappointment for crispy pizza lovers. You can bring an “Authentic” crisp to your pizza through some best ways for microwaving a frozen pizza, that I have mentioned in this article.

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