Dellonda Wood Fired Pizza Oven Review for 2023

Do you long for wood-fired goodness instead of mediocre pizza? With Dellonda, you can enjoy good food with loved ones. With their pizza ovens, you can bring the spirit of pizzerias right to your own home. Its excellent features and impressive performance will instantly elevate your pizza game. You don’t have to be a professional chef to use these appliances to make crispy pizzas with gooey cheese.

Dellonda Pizza Oven Review

We’ll take a closer look at the Dellonda pizza oven, reviewing its features, advantages, and why it’s a must-have for pizza enthusiasts. 

Among the most popular appliances 2023, this unit can do more than just cook pizza. Nevertheless, are all the benefits and perks worth the cost? See what Dellonda oven has to offer in this in-depth review! Let’s delve into the Dellonda oven in detail today.

Dellonda Pizza Oven Review


Dellonda Pizza Oven

Whether you’re hosting a backyard bbq or a family pizza night, Dellonda’s pizza ovens create unforgettable memories and culinary delights. We uncovered several noteworthy facts about Dellonda ovens during 11 weeks of research for our Dellonda pizza oven review article.

Interesting Facts about Dellonda 

  • A versatile cook for fish, meat, and vegetables
  • Consistent results with efficient fuel usage
  • Outdoor-friendly and portable
  • Easy meal preparation with fast heating

Take Note

  • Smoking may require additional accessories.
  • Regular cleaning is required for brushed finishes.

Feature Description of Dellonda Oven:

Due to its commitment to both innovation and quality, Dellonda has established itself as a market leader in the outdoor cooking sector. A pizza oven from Dellonda, a name that is synonymous with culinary brilliance, combines innovation, quality, and performance. 

You can depend on Dellonda since their pizza ovens are expertly made from premium components. Our team tested that, this brand assures durability and excellent cooking outcomes.  It is a multifunctional cooking tool that combines the convenience of a smoking oven with the flavors of cooking over wood. Thanks to its small size and effective features, it provides a portable option for enjoying perfectly cooked pizzas, smoked meats, fish, and vegetables.

Versatile Cooking Options: 

You can prepare a range of foods on the DG11, including pizza, fish, pork, and veggies. Pizzas up to 14″ in diameter can fit in its roomy cooking space. The stainless steel pizza paddle/peel and detachable smoking cap that comes with it provide you with the tools you need for a variety of culinary excursions.

Versatile Cooking Options

The DG11 is excellent for making real wood-fired pizzas, but it is also quite versatile in other ways. You may make a variety of foods with it, like bread, roasted veggies, steaks, and even desserts. The culinary options are endless thanks to this multipurpose oven.

Efficient Fuel Usage: 

Utilizing fuel efficiently is a key component of the oven’s construction. Its conduction heating system makes sure that heat distributes evenly. Cooking becomes effective and reliable as a result. A maximum temperature can be reached, giving you precise control over cooking. Also, this is highly efficient and versatile with hardwood, charcoal, or wood pellets options.

The DG11 reaches the appropriate heat levels for crispier crusts, properly melted cheese, and evenly cooked toppings with a maximum temperature range of 350 – 380°C. The high temperatures guarantee that your pizzas and other foods will be perfectly cooked. They were additionally, preserving that distinct wood-fired flavor.

Portable and Easy to Use: 

The DG11 has a retractable chimney and hinged legs, making it portable and simple. Further, it enables quick installation and dismantling in addition. Because of its small size and lightweight (just 14kg), it is quite portable. Also, ideal for picnics, camping, and outdoor events. So you won’t have to wait long to eat your favorite wood-fired foods.

Portable and Easy to Use

The mobility of the DG11 considers during the design. It is simple to move and put up in many outdoor locations thanks to its lightweight design and small size. Whether you’re going camping, throwing a party in your backyard, or spending the day at the beach. Additionally, you have a dependable cooking partner in this portable oven.

Quick Heat-Up Time:

The Dellonda DG11 has an incredibly quick heat-up time. Moreover, enabling you to begin cooking in just 10 to 15 minutes. Besides, this implies that you won’t have to wait too long to cook other delectable meals or satisfy your hunger for pizza. Moreover, this oven uses conduction heating methods for cooking.

The DG11 has a great temperature control system. Further, enabling you to change the heat to meet various cooking needs. Plus, this guarantees accurate cooking and lets you experiment with different cooking methods and recipes.

Durable Construction: 

Our tests show that, it is made of brushed-finish, premium stainless steel. The DG11 is designed to endure the demands of outdoor cooking and is not simply aesthetically pleasing. The solid structure guarantees durability and long-lasting performance.

Durable Construction

Smoking Capabilities:

Using the detachable smoking cap, you may give your food a smokey flavor. The DG11 lets you improve the flavor and scent of your culinary masterpieces, whether you’re smoking meats, fish, or veggies. 

Accessories Included: 

This pizza oven has an ‎82 x 44.2 x 74.5 cm size. In fact, its weight is approx 17.2  kg. A pizza peel is one of the included accessories with the DG11, giving you the tools to handle and move your pizzas easily. This useful addition ensures a flawless cooking experience.

Accessories Included

For our Pizza Ovens, Dellonda also offers a Carry Case/Cover as an optional extra. Also, they can easily transport and protect against damage when not in use. With the Feeder Box, you can keep your fuel topped up easily. Various fuels can use with this product, including charcoal, hardwood and wood pellets. High cooking temperatures are not a problem for the Cordierite stone board.

Easy to Clean: 

The DG11’s stainless steel structure increases its durability and cleaning simplicity. Simply clean the surfaces after usage, and the oven will ready for your upcoming culinary endeavors. Cover your pizza oven before removing the front and handles. Before covering your oven, let it cool down.

Safety Features: 

The DG11 is outfitted with security features that put your security first. These might feature heat-resistant handles, a burn-prevention heat shield, and strong legs that provide cooking stability.

Safety Features

User Review/Use Case: Why do I recommend it to you?

This oven is stainless steel, which I bought. It is still also offered in a chic black shade. A pizza peel, feeder box, and pizza stone are included with each option. What a fantastic value for your money! I may be a skilled pizza maker, but I can still suggest this model to novices. According to past users, the hardest element is keeping a steady heat. There is hardly any learning curve. I had no trouble in this regard. 

I heartily suggest the Dellonda Portable Smoking Oven – DG11 as an enthusiastic outdoor cook. Due to its adaptability, I can experiment with a variety of cooking methods, from perfectly done pizzas to savory grilled meats & veggies. The envy of all your friends will be the Dellonda Wood-Fired Pizza Oven. It will enable you to get the most out of being outdoors, whether having a garden party or camping. 

This model is for you if you’re searching for a portable choice with quick cooking times. I always receive consistent results because of the effective fuel usage. It is excellent for outdoor parties and camping vacations thanks to its portability & lightweight construction. Plus, I can enjoy delectable dishes quickly thanks to my quick cooking and heating abilities, which help me save time. The DG11 is ideal for a versatile and effective outdoor cooking buddy.

Buying Guide – What to Consider While Buying a Dellonda Pizza Oven?

There are a number of things to take into account when selecting a Dellonda pizza oven to make certain you make the best decision. The following are important things to bear in mind:

What to Consider While Buying a Dellonda Pizza Oven
Infographic: Buying Guide – What to Consider While Buying a Dellonda Pizza Oven

Amount and Dimensions

Depending on your requirements, decide on the pizza oven’s size and capacity. Take into account the number of diners you will be serving as well as the area you have available outside. A 14″ cooking surface provided by the Dellonda DG11 allows for the creation of pizzas of various sizes.

Heating Technique

A crucial factor is the heating technique. Conduction is the Dellonda DG11’s mode of operation. Therefore, cook your pizzas and other foods using the heat the wood fire transfers. This time-honored technique offers consistent heat distribution and a real wood-fired flavor.

Construction and Robustness

Look for high-quality construction for a pizza oven that will last and work well over time. The finish on the Dellonda DG11 is brushed stainless steel. That not only lends an air of elegance. However, it increases its durability and resistance to the weather outside.


Consider your pizza oven’s portability if you frequently move or store it. The Dellonda DG11 has a removable chimney and legs that are hinged. Moreover, making it simple to set up and take down. Its 14kg lightweight design makes traveling to many outdoor settings simple.

Temperature regulation 

Check to see if the pizza oven has a precise temperature control system. You can reach high temperatures of 350 to 380°C with the Dellonda DG11, which additionally offers ideal cooking conditions for a variety of dishes.


Always consider a brand that can easily clean and comes with cleaning accessories. Dellonda makes cleaning pizza ovens easier. As a result of the stainless steel construction and brushed finish, residue and grease are easily removed. In addition, the chimney can be removed, and the legs can hinge to simplify cleaning. Additionally, you can maintain the oven’s cleanliness easily.

Equipment Included

Verify that the pizza oven has the necessary extras. A pizza peel, a useful tool for securely transferring pizzas into and out of the oven, is included with the Dellonda DG11. You can save time by having the required equipment supplied. 

In addition, it makes certain you have all you need to begin. For example, pizza stones, pizza peels, rain covers, or thermometers. This can enhance the efficiency and convenience of cooking.

Customer Reviews and Reputation: 

Check out customer reviews and the reputation of Dellonda Ovens before making a purchase. Feedback on performance, durability, and customer support is important. Also, make an informed decision based on overall satisfaction.


When selecting a Dellonda oven, keep your budget in mind. The DG11 strikes a balance between value and excellence. Its dependability and affordability make it a great option for a wood-fired pizza oven.

It’s crucial to match these considerations with your unique needs and preferences while making them. To choose the Dellonda pizza oven model that’s right for you, consider your cooking requirements, available space, and your budget. The Dellonda DG11 offers a dependable and practical alternative for wood-fired cooking, whether you’re an enthusiastic home cook or enjoy outdoor gatherings with friends and family.

Final words

To conclude, Dellonda is a world-renowned brand known for quality and innovation. Using top-quality materials, their pizza ovens are highly durable and perform well. Dellonda ovens replicate authentic wood-fired pizza flavors and textures. In addition to offering a consistent heat distribution, Dellonda pizza ovens deliver delicious pizza every time.

Those who love wood-fired pizza and want a versatile outdoor cooking experience will love the Dellonda DG11 Pizza Oven. This pizza oven cooks more than just pizza thanks to its quick heat-up time and high temperatures. Providing an unparalleled cooking experience is Dellonda’s commitment. 

Overall, Dellonda is a reputable pizza brand that combines authenticity, functionality, and quality. In summary, Dellonda’s DG11 Pizza Oven offers functionality, durability, and versatility. This pizza oven is a great investment for pizza lovers, outdoor cooks, and anyone who loves the taste of wood-fired food.

Have a wonderful time shopping for Dellonda ovens!

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