How Much Does Brick Weigh – Fire Bricks Vs Regular Bricks Size

It’s partially cloudy out there; you are enjoying yourself with little ones and making preparations for your DIY pizza oven project. It’s definitely relaxing as a father to let your kids learn some educational stuff with entertainment.

How much does Brick Weigh

Anyways, bricks are the most crucial part of building a brick pizza oven. There are 100 types of bricks categorized by their weight, heat insulation, duration, and other factors. But what are the best choices for your oven? How much does a brick weigh? What to avoid when building a pizza oven?

All these questions really impact the life and performance of your pizza oven. The brick weight always depends on the dimension and size of the brick. However, the red clay bricks mostly cemented in domestic constructions and sometimes in pizza ovens, have a weight of around 4.5 – 5 lbs.

Let’s see what options you have for your outdoor pizza oven.

How much does a brick weigh – Listing the Most Common Bricks:

You’ll see all the different brick sizes and dimensions when considering a single block. However, red clay brick is the most preferable building material and captures a significant share in the Asian and Western markets. It holds an approximately rectangular shape due to standard brick dimensions of 3 1/2″ x 2 1/4″ x 7 5/8″ (L X W X H). With this standard brick size, you can weigh 4.5 pounds or 2.04 KGs.

However, constructors prefer some other types of bricks when it comes to engineering sites, places where bricks have to face intensive temperatures, humid areas, etc. Below are some of the most common brick types and their weight.

How much does a brick weigh
Jumbo Modular5.1-5.4lbs
Double Monarch25.5 – 26.2lbs
Norman6.5 – 6.9lbs
Queen5.6 – 5.8lbs
Roman4.7 -4.9lbs
Closure6.1- 6.4lbs

Hey, hey, hold on …. hold on; these all won’t be the best fit for a pizza oven. So, what bricks to use for the pizza oven? What are the best bricks for a pizza oven? Let’s solve this mystery now.

What Bricks to Use for Pizza Oven? Ideal Pizza Oven Brick To Pick

Have you heard about refractory bricks? Maybe not, but you definitely have heard about “Fire bricks.” Yes, perhaps you have heard about it and ignored it due to its name, “Fire–Bricks.” Basically, some of the DIY brick pizza ovens get to build on red clay bricks.

What Bricks to Use for Pizza Oven

Indeed, there is no issue there if your plans are to use your oven a few times a year, like once a month, maybe. Let’s shed some light on the other pizza oven brick, which is a mixture of silica and alumina.

So, what are fire bricks?

In a close competition between fire bricks vs. regular bricks, the main difference here is ingredients, ratio of ingredients, and heat bearing capacity. Technically, there is a lot of variation in the proportion of ingredients. These bricks, also known as hard bricks, can vary from 4.5 lbs to 25 lbs per block size.

Regular oven bricks are a fusion of silica (silicon dioxide), alumina (aluminum dioxide), and other oxidants. And these standard clay bricks for pizza ovens have a 30-40% ratio of silica. Yet, here in the case of fire bricks, silica content rises to 70-75%, alumina remains at 22-23%, and the rest is for other oxidants. You can also check, Are Vermiculite Bricks Good?

what are fire bricks

This is because silica can fly high when it comes to facing ultra-extreme temperatures. Silica can easily hold the line against 3000+F temperatures, and alumina even goes further to 3800F. These contents help your pizza oven stand firm when you burn the hottest wood over 38K-40K BTUs.

These materials don’t let the fire bricks melt or soften even at these temperatures. That’s why most extreme thermal environments like kilns, furnaces, or other fireplaces use these bricks.

The only drawback of using these outdoor pizza oven bricks is the high cost. This will definitely and significantly raise your budget compared to standard bricks for a pizza oven.

Benefits of Using Fire Bricks for Pizza Ovens as Foundation:

As I have done a speech about how powerful these oven bricks are, you probably ask me what the real benefit of these expensive building materials, apart from their endurance against high temperatures, is.

Benefits of Using Fire Bricks for Pizza Oven As Foundation

Save your Fuel Cost: 

Firebricks are slightly softer and more porous compared to regular clay bricks for a pizza oven. This makes a great platform to hold the heat for longer durations. Thus, you won’t be burning logs and logs of wood to maintain the temperatures.

Also, heat release isn’t flashier and quicker, and you won’t burn your loaves of bread and other foods. So, when you bake Neapolitan-style pizza at the highest temperatures, you have some extra seconds to save your pizza.

Moreover, as these bricks are more porous and have much better thermal conductivity, the insulation is a much better factor you can experience here. Consequently, when you burn the highest temperatures, these bricks keep the outer environment comparatively cool.

Endurance against Higher temperatures: 

Your regular clay bricks can fall apart at 650-700F temperature. However, these silica-based bricks can withstand the sizzle at 3KF degrees, where every other ceramic or substance gets melted into a liquid. So, this will positively save your cost on fuel and maintenance of the pizza oven.

Lighter Color, More Visibility Inside the Pizza Oven:

These bricks come in a variety of colors. As per additives, you mostly see these in cream, greyish and off-white tones. This adds more visibility inside the pizza oven due to lighter colors, which means much smoother baking sessions to enjoy.


What is a Standard Brick Size?

Every region or country has its own construction and development standards. So, it is obvious to see a variation in standard brick size. However, in case you are wondering what a standard brick size in the US is, it is 8 inches long x 3 5/8 inches wide x 2 1/4 inches high.

How Heavy Is a Brick?

I have mentioned different types of bricks and their weight in the form of a table. That maybe gets difficult to remember each type. Yet, you can note that the standard US brick weighs 4.5 lbs with a dimension of 8 X 3.62 x 2.25 LXWXH.

What Bricks to Use for Pizza Oven?

You can use red clay bricks if your plans include using a pizza oven a few times a year. However, the preference should be refractory or fire bricks. These bricks are definitely a robust solution for heat insulation and shield against extreme-degree temperatures.

The Bottom Line:

 So, how much does brick weigh? How heavy is a brick? Well there is battle between firebricks vs regular bricks, so this depends on the block size of the brick. A firebrick can weigh somewhat between 4-25 lbs depending on the thickness and size of the block. Whereas, the clay bricks for pizza oven often get 4-7lbs in weight.

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