Ooni Fyra Pizza Oven Review – Is it the Best Pellet Pizza oven in 2023?

Portable outdoor ovens make your gatherings more delightful. But sometimes these appliances have their own problems, like portability, temperature fluctuation due to unfavorable weather conditions, and so on.

Ooni Fyra Review

Ooni, without any introduction, simply counters this with its cheapest pizza oven Fyra 12”. Ooni Fyra 12, stepping up from its bigger and retired brother Ooni 3, poses the lightest weight, most straightforward usability, and ability to attain the highest temperatures to cook artisans and Neapolitan pizzas. Besides, as it’s a hardwood pellet pizza oven, transporting this 10 lbs appliance with its fuel isn’t a headache when it comes to camping, hiking, or other outdoor adventures.

So, compactness solders with excellent performance – aren’t these the best bet for budget users? Let’s dig deeper with a detailed Ooni Fyra Review.

Ooni Fyra Review – Is this a Perfect Pellet Pizza Oven For Outdoor Pizza Needs?


Ooni Fyra

Due to multi-dimensional intent, Ooni Fyra 12 gets competition within its brand lineups, like Ooni 3, and Koda 12, and outside counterparts like Vonhaus, Dellonda DG10, Burnhard Nero, and Argos. Tough decision? Let’s see to which Audience Ooni Fyra 12 wood pellet pizza oven is suitable for:

Who’s it For?

Users looking for; starting outdoor pizza journey with a budget oven, portability as first priority, most straightforward usability like just buy and cook, high temperature for thin crust pizzas, low maintenance pellet pizza oven, travelers cum foodies, non-techies avoiding complex pizza assembly,

Who Should Avoid It:

User’s Looking for: Most straightforward way of cooking pizza like gas ovens, a better fancy oven with dialers, meters and LEDs, a midrange oven with multiple accessories,


  • Only weights 10Kg, super compact and portable for various types of travel modes
  • It does reach the highest of 950F, which mostly pellet pizza ovens don’t
  • A sturdy build also ensures safety
  • Cheapest in the Ooni Lineup
  • Quick cooking times within 60-90 seconds
  • A breezy assembly that doesn’t puzzle non-techies


  • Maintaining temperature is a hard part
  • Only comes with a Pizza oven, no accessories alongside
  • No thermometer

Design and Build Quality:

It’s a pack of Compactness, Portability, and Easy Usability. But these are not the “Only” features to cheer Upon.

The Ooni Fyra 12 reached us, and after unboxing, it was evident why it’s the cheapest in the Ooni lineup. As a quick look, the design is pretty simple; no knobs, dialers, buttons, or LEDs to operate this wood pellet outdoor pizza oven.

But to dig down to its soul, Leonard being a design analyst, told some excellent technical stuff regarding its design. The pizza baking shell carries commercial-grade cold-rolled carbon stainless steel material to defy extreme weather conditions and sizzling temperatures. So, it’s drizzling outside; your Fyra will keep running without any problem.

Design and Build Quality

And, when it comes to heat retention, this material effectively does the trick preserving heat for a longer duration and fuel to save your cost.

Though this 10kg light-weight has a thin 10mm cordierite stone for heat retention, Fyra pizza oven has a removable stainless steel door as a shield to store heat.

Good Points

  • Cold-rolled Carbon Steel actually feels premium and serves as Insulation for heat leakage.
  • There are no unnecessary bells and whistles, so newbies get used to it in much lesser time.
  • The foldable legs and removable chimney go into the vacant cooking bay when the oven is not in use which boasts a space-saving design and storage effectiveness.
  • With Ooni Fyra dimensions measured as 29.1 x 15.4 x 28.5″, this mini outdoor oven fits in versatile and most portable scenarios.

Bad Points

  • As the Fyra pellet pizza oven only comes in 12” so, there isn’t much ample space to cook bigger pizzas, whereas Dellonda DG10 comes in 14”.
  • The stainless steel door is effective for heat retention, but it blocks the view of flames though Ooni gives a small hole in the door for flame assessment.
  • Opening height is just 3.34”, which is kind of average against Dellonda DG10 and Burnhard Nero. So, transferring pizza into the oven and taking it out is a care-demanding process.
  • No built-in thermometer.

Performance and Temperatures – Lighting the Ooni Pizza Oven:

Limited space and smaller body, but bombastic in temperature reach.

Many outdoor pizza ovens don’t advance the temperature, which is recommended for artisans and Neapolitan-style pizzas. While Ooni claims Fyra portable outdoor pizza oven can actually reach 500c, Brian took it as a challenge.

First of all, lighting the Ooni pizza oven wasn’t a difficult task for us. Put the Ooni wood pellets in the hopper, use a fire starter, and it lights up quickly. With marketing claims of 950F/500c in 15 minutes, this portable wood pellet pizza oven reached the said temperature but with a trick.

Though the weather is the deciding factor here, anything below 10c windy will let the Uuni wood pellet oven struggle a bit. We had 8c most cloudy; it took around 23 minutes to reach 932F. Similarly, at 16c and in a bit of a sunny atmosphere, the Ooni Fyra 12 does this in 16:30 minutes, reaching 930F.

Performance and Temperatures

Other than that, we added Oak hardwood pellets, and Ooni struggled a bit, only reaching somewhat 440’sC in 20 minutes.

With such a category and oven size, this is a splendid thing that Ooni Fyra 12 delivers. However, if you want something quicker and a bit more advanced stuff, the Burnhard Nero is the alternative to nourishing 450c in 10 minutes.

Furthermore, maintaining temperatures in the Fyra pizza oven is a slightly tricky task as it does not always stay at its height due to pellets. With no availability of a thermometer and electric temperature regulator, it’s not something that’ll permit you to put the pizza in, sit back, relax, and enjoy. Factually, maintaining the temperature in an Ooni Fyra 12 pizza oven is a steep learning curve. And if you’re a guy who relishes every bit of baking, this pellet pizza oven will match your taste.

Good Points

  • Quickly reaches the temperature height within 15 minutes, so you don’t have to wait for prolonged preheating sessions.
  • Beat many expensive and advanced pizza ovens with its ability to reach 500c
  • Doesn’t consume tons of pellets; we compared it with its competitor. 3Kg for 2-3 hours is enough (usage and weather subjective)
  • Cook reasonably quickly; we had our first perfect pizza in 71 seconds.
  • Mostly cook evenly, but it depends on how you manage temperatures and rotate pizza often.

Bad Points

  • Maintaining temperature through pellets without a temperature regulator is slightly a pain until you don’t get fully used to it
  • It works to its fullest capability with premium Ooni wood pellets.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Since Ooni Fyra makes everyone joyous with its delicious pizza-making ability, cleaning and maintenance are what you should keep an eye on to make your pizza oven last longer. The cleaning of Ooni Fyra 12 isn’t a messier task. There are various removable parts, including the chimney, hooper, etc., and the company only recommends using a dry cloth on the interior side, and a wet cloth with a soapy solution can be used on the exterior.

Cleaning and Maintenance

You can use a long-handle pizza cleaning brass-wire brush for stubborn debris like soot, cheese, and vegetable oil spillage. This pulls off the sticky residue, so cooking remains unaffected by these elements.

Good Points

  • A fairly easy task, and doesn’t require any specialized tool
  • Removable parts make cleaning more quick and easy

Bad Points

  • Opening height is narrow, so chubby hands may find it a little difficult to get deeper in the oven

Alternatives to Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza OvenBurnHard Nero, Dellonda DG10, Vonhaus

Ooni Fyra 12 certainly has some design and performance limitations. So to find the closest competitor, filling the vacant spots that Ooni Fyra leaves, Burnhard Nero is the perfect pick. Both wood pellet ovens possess identical pizza-making capacities, but many dissimilarities compete against each other.

On the weight Side, Fyra is much on the lighter side, posing 10kg vs. 15kg of Nero. So, Fyra wins the “Portability” plot against Nero. However, Nero, having 3 layers of sandwich insulation of stainless steel –wood – stainless steel adds more weight and better insulation than Fyra.

Ideally, the temperature height, performance, and baking quality are somewhat the same. Yet, Nero has been said much quicker than Fyra to get charged. But in our testing, both ovens did a similar job with the same pellet quality. But then, Nero takes an edge with a built-in thermometer at a lesser price which Fyra lacks. 


Is the Ooni Fyra Worth It?

Yes, Ooni Fyra is worth the money if the sole purpose is to get an outdoor pellet pizza oven that is highly portable with a robust performance under its belt. If your cravings for a Neapolitan or thin-crust pizza on any day and any scenario don’t hold back, Ooni Fyra can indeed be a suitable consideration.

Can Ooni Fyra get wet?

The company suggests the Ooni Fyra should be covered in adverse weather conditions. Although, you can use Fyra in windy or drizzling conditions but it’ll take a little longer for Fyra to get heated up.

Can the Ooni Fyra be used indoors?

It’s not advisable to use Ooni Fyra indoors due to its fuel type. As it’s an Ooni wood pellet pizza oven, the chimney will exhaust out the smoke that can’t be suitable indoors.

The Verdicts – Who Should Buy it:

Undoubtedly, the Ooni Fyra Review landed us at a conclusion; Fyra, with all its limitations and cons, is a handy wood pellet pizza oven for the cooking enthusiast looking for a budget outdoor and Highly portable oven. The ability to reach 500c rings victory bells for Fyra in many departments and overshadows most of its weaknesses.  

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