Ooni Koda 16 Review – The Bigger and Better Award-Winning Koda

The 12” outdoor pizza oven category is the most practical genre for low-moderate volumes. However, imagine, if you suddenly face high volumes, so is your 12” pizza oven capable enough to handle these situations nicely?

Ooni Koda 16 Review

Certainly it’ll be a pun!

So if you want to come out from this sphere with a bang, Ooni Koda 16 should be the first consideration to manage your investment risk and energies better. We’ll dig deep into the detailed Ooni Koda 16 Review. But to see surface-level things first, the Ooni’s Koda 12’s bigger brother is an outdoor baking luxury with splendid practicality to experience, charming aesthetics to make your neighbors green with envy, and less mess to relieve newbies.

It certainly manages upper-moderate volumes, but stepping up from an Award-winning Koda 12 brings what performance changes? Let’s find out;

Ooni Koda 16 Review – Is this the Same Hero Like Its Younger Brother?


Ooni Koda 16

Since it majorly targets outdoor baking enthusiasts, the contenders like the Solo stove Pi pizza oven, Camp Chef Italia artisan, and Bertello outdoor pizza oven come to its opposition. So, this turns the choice of the best 16-inch outdoor pizza oven tough due to competitive pricing and features.

Who’s it For: Upper-moderate volumes, versatile kitchens, midrange budget users looking for a quality performer, a good portable outdoor oven in 16” category, Neapolitan and Artisan lovers

Who Should Avoid It: Budget Users, Newbie chefs (maybe), Oven with lots of widgets and features, dual-fuel oven.


  • The splendid fusion of usability and performance makes it tremendously practical.
  • Extended pizza cooking space can handle high volumes
  • Quickly climb to 950F Temperature
  • Good opening height makes pizza rotation easy
  • Temperature control knob for dealing with versatile menus easily
  • Manageable Weight in the 16-inch pizza oven category
  • Two-side pizza stone relieves you from frequent cleaning
  • Comes almost pre-assembled, which give a sigh of relief to non-techies
  • Weather-resistant carbon steel body ensures good heat retention


  • No built-in thermometer
  • Gets extremely hot
  • Doesn’t come with free pizza peels or other accessories.

Design and Usability:

Simplest as it looks, Practical as it cooks; No complex math to understand about its design sense.

Ooni appliances are known for their simplistic and no-frills looks, but don’t let the cute appearance fool you. Similarly, the Ooni Koda 16 gas powered pizza oven is a boujee-er brother of Koda 12” in terms of aesthetics but provides extended practicality. While looking at the overall look, Leonard asked us, isn’t it looking like a “Turtle-shaped” thing? And we nodded “yeah, it resembles a lot.”

However, there are many notable differences. The first one we noticed is the much-enlarged opening height. The Koda 12 has a somewhat narrow 3.37 inches, while the Koda 16 pizza oven sees an expansion with a 4.37-inch opening, which allows newbies to enjoy smooth sailings when it comes to pizza rotation.

Design and Usability

Moreover, the 16.5 x 16.5-inch cooking area feels excellently spacious to cook two personal pies in a single go. We cooked two 8-inch pizzas, and rotation wasn’t a mess at all, which is an excellent sign for handling upper-moderate volumes.

But then, the Ooni Koda 16 dimensions significantly increase, and the L-shaped burner becomes prominent when we inspect the cooking bay. While most of the outdoor ovens come with a single-round burner, as we can see in Gozney Roccbox, Ooni tries to give maximum heat coverage with this burner layout.

Technically speaking, due to the bigger cooking space, the layout of the L-shaped burner reduces the cooking time and provides evenly cooked items without any delay. However, we did have one gripe. The mighty Koda 16 still lacks the built-in thermometer, which is slightly a bummer to face.

Good Points

  • Doesn’t look bulky but has enough space to sweetly handle a family-size pizza
  • The L-shaped burner keeps the performance standard up to the mark.
  • The side knob to control the temperature allow you to have strong command over your cooking
  • Good opening height allows having an easy check on flames and pizza rotation.
  • Foldable legs create no mess for non-techies

Bad Points

  • No built-In thermometer – Still a miss
  • Single fuel

Performance and Temperatures:

What Koda 12 does, it also does in style but on a bigger scale. It never disappoints.

To test the Ooni 16-inch pizza oven, we had a closest benchmark as Koda 12 – the award-winning outdoor pizza oven that changed the dynamics of backyard baking. Being a 12-inch speedy devil to reach 500c, the newer 16-inch iteration in the Koda series is a bit sluggish to attain the peaks.

Ooni claims Koda 16 pizza oven has that spark and ability to kiss the 950F in 20 minutes. However, when we put it under the test, the bigger oven, even with a bigger two-sided burner, only reached 840F in 20 minutes. Although it missed the advertised claims, we don’t think it’s a big deal since there is definitely a significant increase in Ooni Koda’s 16 dimensions and cooking space.

Performance and Temperatures

On the other hand, without a built-in thermometer, you must keep an eye on pizza sides as the ones closer to burners may get burned if not rotated timely. This might be a learning curve for beginners, but Koda 16 produces the most even results with good management.

At a constant temperature of 750F, we rotated the pizzas after 35 seconds, and the crust was moderately brownish, the cheese was bubbling enough to hiss, and the toppings were cooked to the finest degree. But the good news is, the temperature control knob at the side profile will give you an outstanding grip in managing the temperature considering diversified menus. Although it’s not an out-of-the-box addition, it obviously boosts the practicality of the Koda 16 pizza oven.”

Good Points

  • Reaches Above the standards of Neapolitan and Artisan pizzas temperatures
  • L-shaped burner minimizes the pizza Rotation
  • Bigger surface cook multiple menus with excellent uniformity

Bad Points

  • A bit slower than its smaller version
  • Understanding L-shaped burner heat convection ability may be a steep learning curve for beginners

Safety and Portability:

No outstanding stuff here, but it does the purpose quite brilliantly.

While getting casual with pizza ovens isn’t always advisable, Ooni Koda 16 pizza oven wears a jacket of black matte-finished carbon steel. It retains the heat quite well, as it took almost an hour after 45 minutes of the cooking session in our testing.

However, Candie reported, it gets scorching and may burn anything closer to its body. So, keep an eye on your hyperactive dogs and mischievous kitties.

Safety and Portability

In this regard, Gozney Roccbox, with layers of calcium silicate as insulation material, does a pretty impressive job than Ooni Koda 16. Yet, it also somewhat raises the Roccbox’s weight. Though Koda 16 pizza oven weighs 40lbs which isn’t the Wow factor, it’s one of the lightest in the 16-inch category.

Along with this, the foldable legs and much squarer sleek body positively makes it convenient to carry into long and adventurous pathways.  

Good Points

  • Excellent body-to-weight ratio in the 16-inch outdoor pizza oven category
  • Easy to carry Sleek and square body
  • Carbon steel makes top-class weather resistance and acts as good insulation

Bad Points

  • It gets really hot

Alternatives to Koda 16 Pizza Oven – Bertello Grande, Camp Chef Italia Artisan, Halo Versa 16:

So, Ooni Koda 16 review tells us that this oven is a performance power pack but has its own limitations in the features and usability department. For that purpose, we take Halo Versa 16 as the best alternative to fill Koda’s shortcomings. To be honest, we assumed Halo Versa as a king of usability and automated features. Above all the features, we really liked the Stone rotator feature – a godsend that can make life easy for many intermediate and starter chefs.

On the flip side, it also reaches 950F but lags significantly in response to Ooni Koda. It delivered us a hot cooked pizza in 5 minutes whereas Ooni is known for 2-minute delivery. Both ovens are well-built for the design and build quality part, but Versa 16 holds better heat.

So, performance-wise and handling volumes better, we definitely vote for Ooni Koda 16 gas-powered pizza oven. However, for sublime practicality; most specifically, the stone rotator option is really a practical feature for the chef community. So, we endorse Halo Versa here.

Now, let’s talk about the moolah. Overall, both ovens are 500+ bucks gadgets.

People Also Ask – FAQs:

Is the Ooni 16 worth it?

Surely, for people who need authentic Neapolitan and artisan pizzas with no complexity of controls and temperature settings, Ooni 16 is worth it. The cooking quality and speed to deliver hot and evenly cooked pizza and receive recommendations by APVN raise the value of the Ooni 16 gas-powered pizza oven.

Is the Ooni 16 better than the 12?

Koda 12 is the most practical portable oven in the outdoor pizza oven Category. That being mentioned, it also got two awards to its name. Ooni Koda 16 is better than 12 regarding space and volume handling. Otherwise, both deliver similar great performances within minutes.

Can you use OONI Koda 16 indoors?

While Koda 16 is an extremely portable oven, it’s not recommended to use indoors. The gas-powered gas oven needs oven airflow to cook better pizzas quickly.

Can Ooni Koda 16 stay outside?

Ooni Koda 16 comes with better insulation and a powdered coating. Yet, the manufacturer doesn’t recommend storing or keeping exposed Ooni Koda 16 outside. This may affect the lifespan and performance of Koda 16 significantly.

The Bottom Line: 

Koda 16 Pizza Oven attracts users who want to step up from the 12” category. With this upgrade, the setup of a two-sided burner and the ability to reach 900F in a jiffy is the most favorable deal to taste the finest Neapolitans and artisans. However, Ooni always provides less value on providing free accessories and attachments, in which the lack of a built-in thermometer is a disappointment. C’mon, Ooni, you gotta do better than that! But wait a minute! if you have to prefer quality and performance, Koda justifies this lack with these particular qualities.

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