Roccbox VS Ooni – Best Pizza Oven Battle Between Gozney & Ooni

We all know that Ooni knows how to play the market game well with their versatile pizza lineup. They offer different versions of 12 and 16-inch outdoor pizza ovens, such as Fyra, Koda, and Karu, providing endless choices for users who enter Ooni’s sphere. I mean, different prices, different fuel options, and different sizes – but all with great performance.

Roccbox vs Ooni

On the other hand, Gozney packs many of Ooni’s capabilities into a single oven called “Roccbox.” To be honest, Roccbox stands exactly in the center of Ooni’s lineup to match every Ooni pizza oven’s capabilities. So, are you ready for a Roccbox vs. Ooni battle?

With five top-level outdoor pizza ovens in Ooni’s inventory and Gozney’s masterpiece Roccbox, it’s a battle of 5 vs. 1. To see how Roccbox performs compared to each of Ooni’s ovens, let’s examine the Roccbox vs. Ooni tussle in detail.

Roccbox Vs Ooni – The Fight of Greats in Portable Pizza Oven Category:

How I am going to compare these products? What are the quick results you can drive from this battle royale? Don’t smash your head with thoughts!

Roccbox Vs Ooni

I am going to give an overall competition of a specific Ooni pizza oven against Gozney Roccbox for those who want to quickly see a winner coming out of the battle Arena. Moreover, just for kicks, a 1-1 comparison will also be included in today’s menu to observe how Roccbox performs against each Ooni’s boy.

Which Ooni Perform Better Against Roccbox:

From specification and Price-point wise, Roccbox extends its wings to every Ooni’s domain. But considering pizza-making capability and features, Both Ooni Koda 12 and Karu 16 are great alternatives to Gozney’s team player. 

CriteriaGozney RoccboxOoni Koda 12Ooni Karu 12
Dimensions16.3 x 20.7 x 10.6 inches15 x 11 x 24 inches31.5 x 15.7 x 30.7 inches
Weight44 pounds20.4 pounds26.5 pounds
Max Temperature932°F (500°C)932°F (500°C)932°F (500°C)
Build MaterialsStainless steel body and insulated shell, cordierite stone cooking surfacePowder-coated steel shell and ceramic fiber insulation, cordierite stone cooking surfaceBrushed stainless steel body and ceramic fiber insulation, cordierite stone cooking surface
Fuel TypePropane gas or woodPropane gasWood or charcoal
Preheat time15-20 minutes15 minutes15-20 minutes
ProsGreat Insulation, Studier build, Dual-fuelMost lightest weight, quick preheating time, great practicalityDual fuel, light weight, great insulation, good opening height
ConsHeavier, ExpensiveNo built-in thermometer, Runs hotNo built-in thermometer

Through table comparison, the Ooni vs. Roccbox battle is pretty evident in drawing a conclusion. There is a lot of resemblance between pizza-making titans side by side, while Gozney Roccbox is weaker in the portability department but performs exponentially in the heat retention and safety arena.

It may be a bit of a pain to lug around, but it’s worth it if you want to ensure your pizza game is on point.

Which Ooni Perform Better Against Roccbox

On the other hand, Koda 12 is a bit cramped to cook 12 inches pizza but showcases great practicality in nomad life and when one needs a trusty oven to take on the road with him/her. Both Karu 12 And Koda 12 preheat pretty quickly and offer easy management when not in use.

So, if you want a quality performance for most portable scenarios like hiking, RVs, camping, and tailgating, you can choose Koda or Karu 12. However, if your goal is backyard baking with safety as your first priority, Gozney Roccbox comes into play without any hassle.”

Roccbox Vs Ooni Koda 16

CriteriaGozney RoccboxOoni Koda 16
Weight44 pounds40.1 pounds
Dimensions of Cooking Space12.4″ W x 13.3″ D Inches16.5 x 16.5 Inches
Fuel TypePropane gas or woodPropane gas
Insulation TypeDual-wall insulated stainless steel body and ceramic fiber insulationCeramic fiber insulation
Preheating Time15-20 minutes20 minutes
PracticalityCan be used with propane tank or wood, Built-in thermometerPortable, bigger and uses propane tank
Pizza Cooking Time60-90 seconds60 seconds

Roccbox vs Ooni Koda 16 in a Nutshell

Good Points for Koda 16

  • Good design and cooking space
  • Competitive pricing
  • Strong performer and reaches the height pretty quickly
  • Lighter weight in 16” category

Bad Points for Koda 16

  • Ah, still no built-in thermometer. A big miss!
  • Single fuel ability
Roccbox Vs Ooni Koda 16

Good Points for Roccbox

  • Good safety with dual-wall insulation
  • Thicker Cordierite pizza stone
  • Provide good quality pizza cooking.
  • Delivers dual-fuel capability in competition with its single-fuel counterpart

Bad Points for Roccbox

  • Relatively congested to cook a family size pizza
  • Even with less space it’s heavier than Koda 16

As with the names, it’s pretty clear there is a difference in the league, considering the size. And definitely, if the size is a point of distinction, the pizza-making ability and handling volume will affect the overall performance of both pizza ovens.

However, price is a point that forces us to split hairs and pit these babies against each other in a sub-segment competition in the Roccbox vs. Ooni battle.

Specifically, Roccbox takes the cake with the dual-fuel ability and better construction and insulation materials, outclassing the bigger Koda 16, originally a gas-powered table-top portable oven.

On the other hand, Koda 16 beats the Roccbox with bigger space, better efficiency in handling moderate or large families, and much better practical design/weight to furnish excellent ease in managing this oven when you turn on your travel mode. 

Gozney Vs Ooni – Roccbox vs Karu 16

FeaturesGozney RoccboxOoni Karu 16
Body Materials304 grade Stainless steelPowder-coated carbon steel
Cooking Dimensions12″ diameter16.7 x 16.7″ diameter
Fuel TypeGas and WoodWood and Charcoal and Gas
Weight44 lbs.62 lbs.
Preheating Time15-20 minutes20-25 minutes
PracticalityCompactness, Excellent Insulation for SafetyCompactness, portability, Good Usability,
Insulation TypeDual-wall insulatedSingle-wall insulated

Roccbox vs Karu 16 In a Nutshell

Good points for Karu 16

  • Slightly slow to preheat due to its bigger space but is a robust performer
  • Recommended by APVN; Allow users to put their full trust
  • Gets one step ahead with a digital thermometer
  • Bigger space and good opening height deliver ample amount to make a family-sized pizza

Bad Points for Karu 16

  • Doesn’t come with additional accessories like peel and scraper tools
  • Needs improvement in insulation
Roccbox vs Karu 16 In a Nutshell

Good Points for Roccbox

  • Pretty quick to preheat
  • Sturdiest build quality
  • Admirable insulation to deliver high safety standards

Bad Points for Roccbox

  • Expensive in 12” portable pizza oven category
  • Heavier than its 12” counterparts

With both ovens posing multi-fuel capability (optional multiple burners), the fight between both ovens is between performance and practicality. Definitely, Ooni Karu 16 is bigger in terms of size and volume and suits better to those who are practically looking to handle the moderate volume and cook up a storm with their fam bam.

On the other hand, with comparatively tighter space than Karu 16, the Roccbox features quicker preheating time for those who want to chow down on your pizza in no time flat or hold back for their pizza feast.

Similarly, the Roccbox dome-shaped body incorporated with an analog meter and better dual-wall calcium silicate insulation makes it splendidly versatile when it comes to safety-led accuracy. But for Karu 16, it’s more about easy usability and performance.

That’s why upgrading from Karu 12, the 16” version has much fancier named features along with it, like Viewflame technology and a digital thermometer.

On the whole, both ovens are strong performers, bringing higher temperatures to furnish classy Neapolitan and Artisan pizza cooking. A huge gap makes it easy for users to decide on the price point. But giving our two cents, Ooni Karu 16 asks the price for its advancement in features and a cooler design while Gozney Roccbox being one of the most expensive in the 12” category, asks for better safety and performance.

Ooni Vs Roccbox: Fyra Vs Roccbox

FeaturesOoni FyraGozney Roccbox
Body MaterialsPowder-coated carbon steelStainless steel
Cooking Dimensions12″ diameter12″ diameter
Fuel TypeWood pelletsGas and Wood
Weight22 lbs.44 lbs.
Preheating Time15-20 minutes15-20 minutes
PracticalityCompact and portableCompact and portable
Insulation TypeSingle-wall insulatedDual-wall insulated

Gozney Vs Ooni Pizza Oven: Roccbox vs Fyra in a Nutshell

Good Points for Roccbox

  • Good practicality and usability
  • Better at managing temperatures and heat
  • Ignition process is easy

Bad Points for Roccbox

  • Heavier and expensive
Roccbox vs Fyra in a Nutshell

Good Points for Ooni Fyra

  • Cheapest in Ooni Lineup
  • Most straightforward Usability for beginners
  • Lightest weight and easy maintenance
  • Slightly more extensive cooking space than Roccbox

Bad Points for Roccbox

  • May not be suitable for beginners due to hard temperature management
  • Most basic design

Well, if you say, this competition is like comparing apples with oranges; Umm, we wouldn’t node it with “No, it’s not like that”. The major difference here is the league. While Wood pellet ovens are considered hard-to-manage kitchen appliances, propane pizza ovens are relatively easy to breed. 

Similarly, when it comes to managing temperatures or heat retention, Roccbox puts Fyra to shame like it’s nobody’s business.

Moreover, Multi-fuel capability is there in Roccbox but at a fraction of the big cost difference. Technically, Roccbox wins many appreciations in the cooking department, which is apparently due to its multi-fuel capability, built-in thermometer, and better Insulation to provide good heat retention. 

But on the other side of the equation, Fyra executes good usability and easy management, featuring the lightest weight allowing travelers to go tension-free, more removable parts to give space-saving design, and cheaper cost not to break the bank.

So overall, it’s a performance vs. management thing, you feel us?

People Also Ask – FAQs

Is Ooni better than Gozney?

It’s difficult to verdict about whether Ooni is better than Gozney. Truthfully, both brands produce quality products that rival each other for better competition. Roccbox targets 12” portable outdoor oven category, while Dome has its own domain. So ideally, both brands are good in particular domains.

Is Ooni made in China?

Yes, Ooni ovens get manufactured in China. Ooni is originally based in Scotland. The design and planning get done in Scotland, and manufacturing executes in China.

Is Roccbox made in China?

Roccbox originated from the UK and had its manufacturing setup there. However, now Gozney designs and plans their product UK and manufactures in China. So yes, the Roccbox is made in China.

The Bottom Line:

So, in a nutshell, Roccbox stands in-between the whole Ooni lineup when it comes to Roccbox vs. Ooni. However, the main league for the comparison is, by default, the 12”. The 12” Koda and Karu ovens come in line with Gozney Roccbox, and we see both ovens having their wins in particular departments.

Conversely, Gozney Roccbox also battles Karu 16 mainly due to price and multi-fuel capability. However, Karu 16 triumphs it with better temperature maintainability and digital thermometers. But Roccbox had its own reasoning in the form of pricing. So, overall, it’s a performance vs. management thing, and the users should get an idea of which is the better oven for their particular needs.

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