3 Tastiest Chocolate Pizza Recipes – Dessert, Sweet, And Nutella Pizza

Chocolate on a pizza dough? Sounds like an irresistible desert this wintery weekend. Well, your kids will love this when pizza dough is spilled and spread with Nutella chocolate, M&Ms, Hershey’s chocolate, and nuts. Here we are going to present 3 Chocolate Pizza Recipes that your kids are going to love.

3 Tastiest Chocolate Pizza Recipes

To be honest, the chocolate pizza recipe isn’t like stuff out of this world. The good thing is, you can customize it as per your liking, like homemade dessert pizza can be anything Nutella Banana Pizza. And what if Blueberries come up with sweet condensed milk with white chocolate?

Mouthwatering? (Giggles)

Though tons of Nutella pizza recipes and dessert pizza are available on the internet, this article will serve you the top 3 yummiest and easy-to-make sweet pizza recipes to be super mommy/dad of your little one;

Chocolate Pizza Recipe – The Top 3 Easy-Peasy Homemade Dessert Pizza Recipes:

Okay, making a chocolate pizza is somewhat the same when it comes to dough making. There is nothing fancy or twists or turns for most of the chocolate pizzas recipes. So starting out with the first one;

The Nutella Pizza Recipe – How to Make A Nutella Pizza: 

Regions change, culture changes, and food changes, but Nutella remains the same as “toothsome chocolate” for all aged people from Amsterdam to the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf to Africa. There is minimal variation in the recipe when it comes to Nutella, whether you make a straightforward Nutella pizza, Molten Lava Nutella pizza, or make it in a dessert pie form.

So how to make a Nutella pizza? The below recipe is basic Nutella dough pizza:

How to Make Nutella Pizza


  • Flour: 350-450 gm (wheat, bread, or all-purpose; up to your choice)
  • Nutella: 90 gms
  • Yeast: 7-10gm
  • Oil: Olive or Vegetable 1-2 TBSP
  • Brown Sugar: 50-100 gm
  • Mild warm water: 250Ml
  • Honey: 1-2 tablespoon
  • Toppings: M&Ms, Any chocolate bar like Twix, Mars, Bounty

Nutritional Values:

Total Consumable Energy for an 8-slice pizza (12-13 inch pizza) with 12oz per slice: 1650-1800Kcal Approximately.

  • Protein: Approx. 30-35Gm considering wheat flour
  • Fats: 30-40g
  • Cholesterol: 120-140 Mg
  • Sodium: 4400-4600 Mg

Time To Get Ready: 

  • Prep Time: About 15 minutes to prepare the dough and toppings.
  • Cook Time: Approximately 10-15 minutes in the oven.

How Do You Do Make It:

How Do You Do Make It

Test The Yeast First: 

Firstly, test the active dry yeast first to make a bridge for further process. For that purpose, you have to take mild warm water and add yeast, sugar, honey, and some flour. The mixture should be in liquid form, with sugar activating the yeast.

When it shows bubbles in the yeast solution, it’s time to combine all the ingredients to make a dough.

Make the dough:

Combine all the ingredients, including the 1-2 scoops of Nutella chocolate. Follow the whole process of regular pizza dough with this sweet pizza recipe. When it’s an end of the kneading process and the beginning of the proofing period, this is where you can direct your pizza recipe.

If you want to make it a stuffed chocolate pizza, you can add chocolate chips, M&Ms, or any other chocolate chunks to the dough. Wrap the dough with this stuffing and let the dough ball enjoy the proofing period.

You can skip this part if you don’t want to make it a fancy Nutella pizza recipe. Just make a dough ball, place it in a covered bowl and let it proof.

Shape the Pizza Dough: 

Now, if you have turned your crafting towards a stuffed chocolate pizza, you need to be a little soft on the stretching part. Stretch the pizza dough into your desired size, believing that it should not tear. Pinch some holes in the pizza dough for gaseous release during baking, but it should not leak the chocolate stuffing.

Remember, sprinkle the brown sugar before it is going to bake. This will melt the brown sugar during baking and will also add flavor.

Shape the Pizza Dough

The Baking Time: 

Preheat the oven temperature to 350F and put your chocolate dough into the belly of your oven. Bake it for 10-15 minutes according to the oven platform.

Sprinkles the Toppings:

Now you have perfectly made a base Nutella pizza, spread or sprinkle the toppings as per your choice. Decorate the pizza according to your kid’s choices. However, in my case, I further spread Nutella paste, M&Ms, and chocolate chips.   

Pro Tip: You can follow the same process for Nutella Naan bread.

Key takes from this recipe: 

  • Easy to make
  • Required basic sweetening ingredients
  • It can be served as a perfect dessert

Who’s this for?

This recipe definitely targets sweet-lover kids and adults. Sweet lovers after meals, Guests,

Who Should Avoid This:

The ingredients have a considerable amount of sodium which is like oxygen to heart diseases. An average person takes 2000-2500mg of sodium. In this case, the sodium intake considerably crosses the line, so if you are taking it as a cheat meal being a heart patient, make sure you don’t take more than 2 slices maximum.

The Authentic Chocolate Pizza:

Apart from the Nutella pizza recipe, you can try another homemade dessert pizza that’ll need slightly harder work than Nutella, but you’ll definitely love your efforts. This time you can try a chocolate pizza recipe with authentic dark black chocolate.

The Authentic Chocolate Pizza


  • Flour: 300-400 gm (Wheat, bread, Plain)
  • Cocoa Powder: 2-3 TBSP
  • Mild Warm Water: 250ml
  • Dark chocolate: 7-10oz
  • Milk: 500ml
  • Active Dry Yeast: 2-3 TBSP or 7 gm sachet
  • Oil: Vegetable or Olive 2-3 TBSP
  • Salt: 1-2 Teaspoons

Nutritional Value:

  • For 12-13 inch pizza (8 slices * 12oz/slice= 96oz): 700-900Kcal
  • Protein Content: 18-20gm
  • Fats: 35-40gm
  • Sodium: 40-50gm

Approximate Time To Get Ready:

  • Prep Time: Roughly 20 minutes for dough and chocolate sauce preparation.
  • Cook Time: About 15 minutes in the oven.

How Do You Make It?

The initial process is all the same considering the Nutella pizza recipe, including the yeast testing and dough making and baking. The only difference here will be the inclusion of cocoa powder instead of Nutella. So, we will start where things are different from the above recipe.

How Do You Make  Authentic Chocolate Pizza

Making the Dark Chocolate:

You can either buy melted dark chocolate or a dark chocolate bar and can transform it into a liquid form at home. Well, I enjoy doing it at home. So I take dark chocolate and add milk to that hard form of chocolate. Let’s cook until the chocolate turns into smooth, shiny liquid chocolate.

 Paste the Hot Dark Chocolate on the Pizza:

Chocolate cools down fast. So, make sure that when you make dark chocolate liquid, you have done all dough preparation before this phase. My pizza cocoa powder dough is all-ready and now spread this chocolate paste onto this dough. You can add white chocolate, nuts, chocolate chips, and legendary and kid’s favorite M&Ms as toppings.

Key Takes From This Recipe:

  • Requires Minimal Efforts
  • Versatile Recipe
  • It can be a favorite dish for Chocolate lovers

Who’s this for?

Recommended for: Kids, Dessert lovers, Authentic chocolate lovers

Who should avoid this recipe?

Diabetic patients, severe heart and cholesterol patients. Not recommended above 2 slices for these patient types.

The Fruity Homemade Dessert Pizza:

This is a kind of sweet pizza recipe that’ll include a formation of butter and condensed milk. Else, some fruits can be added as topping to give it a Pie touch. So how do you do it? Let see;

The Fruity Homemade Dessert Pizza


  • Condensed Milk: 80-100ml
  • Butter: 2-3 TBSP
  • Flour: 300-400gm (All-purpose, wheat, bread)
  • Mild Warm Water: 250-300ml
  • Salt: 1 -2 teaspoon
  • Sugar: 1-2 teaspoon
  • Oil: 1-2 Tablespoons (olive or vegetable)
  • Nutritional Value: 500-700kcal

Approximate Time to Get Ready:

  • Prep Time: About 20 minutes for dough, slicing fruits, and arranging toppings.
  • Cook Time: 15-20 minutes in the oven.

How Do You Make It:

Again, the dough-making process is as same as in previous recipes. You can add cocoa powder and other sweetening and flavoring agents to the dough mixture, but I don’t add any other flavoring additives due to condensed milk.

Making the Condensed Milk Paste:

You can use readymade condensed milk and add butter to it. Let these both ingredients together so they can gel smoothly. After approximately 5-7 minutes, the butter will dissolve in the condensed milk paste.

How Do You Make It

Bake the Dough:

Make some holes into the dough so it should not hold the gaseous release during baking. Spread the condensed milk paste onto the dough. Add ingredients that you want to gel in with the dough, so it forms like a pie, like cinnamon, boiled fruits like apples, strawberries, or bananas, nuts like almonds, walnuts, pecans, etc.

You can also use the stove and steam method to bake it if there is no oven available in your kitchen. Well, I use a wood-fired oven. Preheat the oven to 300-400F for 10-15 minutes. Place the dessert pizza recipe into the oven and bake for 5-7 minutes.

Adds the Toppings:

After you have done the baking process, the crust and pre-baking topping should form a Jelly like surface. All the topping ingredients should be gel together. Leave it for 2-3 minutes for a resting period.

To add chocolate flavor to this sweet pizza recipe, add chocolate chips, white chocolate, or other topping materials. Put the pizza again in the oven, so the chocolate will melt and be a part of our recipe perfectly. However, this time, use the oven’s residual heat only to melt the chocolate.

This is all done.

Key Takes From This Recipe:

  • It can be done in minutes
  • A diversified recipe
  • You can try multiple flavors with it 

Who’s this for?

Recommended for: Kids, adults, pie, and dessert lovers, it can be served as a movie meal or weekend party dessert.

Who Should Avoid it: 

Diabetic and heart patients, Dieting individuals.  

The Bottom Line: 

So, these were some super easy-to-make and “flavorish” chocolate pizza recipes. You can try different toppings, but the base is the same for all the recipes. These homemade dessert pizza recipes are not cash-hungry, so you can try these once a week.

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