9 Different Types of Pizza Sauces – Try the Best Sauces for Pizza at Home

You know, you have tons of options for that delicious layer hiding under your mountain of cheese and toppings. I am talking about pizza sauce! It’s true that the classic tomato sauce has been the go-to for ages, but that doesn’t mean the pizza world is only the representation of “reddish” and saucy.

9 Different Types of Pizza Sauces

Nope, definitely Nopes!  

Factually, you get slathering pies all over the USA with creamy ranch or tangy barbecue. Similarly, European pals might swirl on a luxurious béchamel or herby olive oil, and other regions bring their own customized pizza sauce types.

So, let’s dive into different types of pizza sauces, and you’ll realize it’s a saucy rollercoaster out there. I have categorized pizza sauce types with 3 best sauces for pizza in each category so you never run out of “sauce” options when it comes to feasting at home.  

9 Different Types of Pizza Sauces – Try the Best Sauces for Pizza at Home

Though there are endless sauces to put on a pizza. However, not every sauce is feasible to get prepared at home. That said, I have arranged 15 sauces for pizza which you can either try at home or easily get from stores. Don’t worry, I also get you the top brands for these pizza sauce choices.

Tomato-Based Best Sauces for Pizza

1. Traditional Marinara

  • Complexity: Easy-to-make at home
  • Taste Profile: Savory with a hint of sweetness.
  • Who’s it For: Classic lovers, versatile base with a tangy kick.
  • Avoid it If: Looking for a sauce with a strong kick.
Traditional Marinara

Undoubtedly, this is the good old faithfulness of pizza sauce. Every time there is a sudden get-together, or when I am up for a nostalgic or heartwarming pizza flavor, this is my go-to sauce to put on a pizza without a second thought. The sheer practicality is the beauty of this sauce, as with a few pantry staples, you get a sauce that is ever pizza-ready and beyond.

And when you feel a tad adventurous, you can play with its spice notes with a splash of red wine or a sprinkle of chili flakes. And I always use the leftovers to spread it over pasta, as a dip, and even dollop it on my bruschetta.


  • Versatile – works with most toppings.
  • Simple to make with readily available ingredients.


  • Might be too basic for adventurous eaters.
  • Lacks spicy or zesty elements. 

Best Pizza Sauces to Buy:

  •  Rao’s Homemade Marinara Sauce: A truly authentic Italian taste, premium artisanal sauce. It’s my favorite tool to impress the “special” guests with authentic Italian flair.
  •  Barilla Marinara Sauce: Reliable and consistent, this sauce is my go-to when I need a familiar, balanced flavor. Perfect for family pizza nights or when you want a tried-and-true classic.
  •  Newman’s Own Marinara: I choose Newman’s when I want not only a hearty, rich sauce but also to feel good about my purchase, knowing it’s for a good cause as all the profits of this sauce go to a charity fund.

2. Arrabbiata Pizza Sauce

  • Complexity: Medium-to-craft at home
  • Taste Profile: Spicy and tangy.
  • Who’s it For: Lovers of heat and zesty flavors.
  • Avoid it If: You have a mild palate.
Arrabbiata Pizza Sauce

This best sauce for pizza is surely my pick for days when I want some fire in my belly. You can certainly think of it as Marinara with a bold attitude. And when it comes to practicality, it’s super handy to craft, especially when you get some red chili peppers lying around.

And when you worry that this pizza sauce option isn’t only for pizza? Nope, I usually ladle it over pasta for a quick dinner fix to give a “Pastalicious” treat to my kids and even use it as a zesty dip at parties. Furthermore, you can toss in some smoky paprika or even a touch of roasted garlic to make it bolder.


  • Elevates the pizza with a spicy kick.
  • Great for branching out from traditional flavors.


  • Might be too hot for some.
  • Requires a bit more effort in sourcing and handling chilies.

Best Pizza Sauces to Buy:

  • Rao’s Spicy Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce: A rich, vibrant sauce capturing the essence of Italian flair. I opt for this rich vibrant sauce for pizza when I am after an authentic kick Italian flair, bringing a touch of Italy straight to my table.
  • Cucina Antica’s Spicy Arrabbiata: Crafted with an old-world charm, balanced blend of spices is the speciality here. Cucina Antica never disappoints whenever there is a need to elevate my dishes with a robust, homemade feel.
  • Classico Spicy Tomato and Basil: It’s my choice for those days when I want a mix of classic and spicy due to the harmonious blend of fiery spice and sweet basil. The basil adds that little twist, making it versatile for pizzas and beyond.

3. Margherita Pizza Sauce

  • Complexity: Easy
  • Taste Profile: Fresh and herbaceous.
  • Who’s it For: Fans of light, garden-fresh flavors.
  • Avoid It if: If you’re into richer, complex sauces.
Margherita Pizza Sauce

My version of Margherita pizza sauce is like capturing Italy in a jar. It is always simple to make; it just asks you for ripe tomatoes and aromatic basil. With that demand, whenever I want a break from the heavy stuff, this is my quick fix: lightweight, quick, and less carb. So, what do you anticipate? Its versatility.

I often spread it on bruschetta for a light snack when I’m not in the mood to go with pizza. That’s why I rate it as one of my good sauces for pizza and other culinary adventures. Moreover, if you are up for experimenting, a sprinkle of lemon zest or a drizzle of olive oil can really amp it up. It adds more depth in flavor with little tanginess.


  • Celebrates the purity of ingredients.
  • Perfect for a light and refreshing pizza.


  • Might be too plain for those seeking deeper flavors.
  • Fresh basil can sometimes be season-dependent. 

Best Pizza Sauces to Buy:

Cream-Based Sauces for Pizza

1. Alfredo Sauce

  • Complexity: Medium-to-make at home
  • Taste Profile: Rich and cheesy.
  • Who’s it For: Lovers of creamy, indulgent flavors.
  • Avoid It If: Watching calories or lactose-intolerant or prefers tangy pizza sauces.
Alfredo Sauce

Alfredo sauce is the undisputed champ of creamy delights and the best sauce for pizza, pasta, and spaghetti, without any doubt. Creamy taste is one thing, but this pizza sauce choice gets whipped up, something decadently rich with very minimal ingredients.

And factually, this pizza sauce type single-handedly beats the white sauce vs. red sauce tussle when it goes beyond pizzas and pasta. I mean, have you ever tried it as a dip with crispy garlic bread or over steamed veggies? Truly Heavenly, I must say! So when you feel creative, let’s make a deadly combo with grilled chicken or sautéed mushrooms. And certainly, it doesn’t matter how you use it; Alfredo’s a kitchen MVP.

However, you may ask, is Alfredo sauce acidic? I would say, who told you this? It’s not acidic due to plain dairy contents, which have no acidic notes compared to tomato-based hot and red pizza sauce choices.


  • Luxuriously creamy texture.
  • Versatile for multiple dishes.


  • Can be heavy and calorie-dense.
  • Might be too rich for some. 

Best Pizza Sauces to Buy:

  • Bertolli Alfredo Sauce: When it comes to store-bought best pizza sauce to buy in Creamy texture, Bertolli’s Alfredo sauce definitely needs a shout out. It offers a velvety and rich experience, making it ideal for those evenings when I crave authentic Italian comfort food without the fuss.
  • Ragu Classic Alfredo: It provides a great balance between creamy and cheesy, turning into a reliable choice when I want a familiar and comforting taste. I love how beautifully it pairs with a variety of pasta and pizza toppings.
  • Prego Alfredo Sauce with Real Parmesan: It always feels like a treat as it brings together the indulgence of real Parmesan and the creaminess of fresh dairy.  For “That” extra cheesy kick, you must consider this good pizza sauce.

2. Garlic Cream Sauce

  • Complexity: Easy
  • Taste Profile: Creamy with a strong garlic punch.
  • Who’s it For: Garlic enthusiasts.
  • Avoid it IF: Not a fan of strong garlic flavors.
Garlic Cream Sauce

So you are an Alfredo fan? Why not try it with a garlic flair? It’s Garlic Cream’s best sauce to put on a pizza in that regard. Like the Alfredo, preparing at home with the simplest ingredients readily available in your kitchen is a breeze. And when you experiment with a unique style, a dash of rosemary or thyme can instantly elevate its flavor profile.

Moreover, this sauce works wonders with shrimp or scallops. With that move, you can effortlessly transform this best sauce for pizza into the base for a luscious, creamy soup.  


  • Distinct, aromatic flavor profile.
  • Perfect base for many dishes.


  • Garlic might be overpowering for some.
  • Less versatile than traditional Alfredo. 

Best Pizza Sauces to Buy:

  • Classico Creamy Alfredo with Garlic: This pizza sauce type is my pick when I want that classic Alfredo creaminess but with a bolder flavor profile. Surely, it’s a delightful twist to the traditional Alfredo with a pronounced garlic touch.
  • Bertolli Alfredo Garlic Sauce: A harmonious blend of garlic and creamy richness! To elevate the premium taste for even the simplest dishes, this pizza sauce option takes center stage.
  • Simply Organic Alfredo Sauce Mix: A convenient mix that lets me control the creaminess and intensity. The organic ingredients ensure a fresh, wholesome flavor that feels both homey and luxurious.

3. Pesto Cream Sauce

  • Complexity: Medium
  • Taste Profile: Herbaceous and creamy.
  • Who’s It for: Those who want a fresh twist on creamy sauces.
  • Avoid It If: If you’re not into basil or nutty flavors.
Pesto Cream Sauce

When you love basil with a luscious creaminess, this is where you should dive into this sauce. And when you want to add extra kick, tanginess, sweet and spicy notes, let’s toss in a handful of sun-dried tomatoes or a sprinkle of olives and watch the dish come alive. It’s surely an exquisite addition to pizzas; the fun doesn’t end here. It drapes salads, grilled veggies, and even roasted meats in sheer deliciousness. And that said, Pesto Cream Sauce is my trusty sidekick whenever I look for an easy yet gourmet touch.


  • Fresh and unique flavor.
  • Elevates simple dishes.


  • Pesto flavor might be distinct for some.
  • Contains nuts, which might be an allergen for some. 

Best Pizza Sauces to Buy:

  • Barilla Creamy Genovese Pesto Sauce: The creamy texture of this pizza sauce type blends seamlessly with pasta, pizza, and more. It’s Rich in flavor with the genuine taste of basil, making me its fan especially when I aim for an authentic Italian touch.
  • Knorr Pesto Sauce Mix: With this pizza sauce choice, I get to control the intensity and creaminess. Just add the recommended ingredients, stir, and you have a sauce that’s consistently delightful.
  • Classico Traditional Basil Pesto Sauce & Spread: A multipurpose gem! Not only is Classico’s offering rich in traditional basil flavor, but its versatility as both a sauce and a spread is a game-changer.  

Ranch Based Best Pizza Sauces for Homemade Pizza

1. Classic Ranch

  • Complexity While Making at Home: Easy
  • Taste Profile: Creamy and tangy
  • Who’s this for: Anyone who loves a versatile, creamy dressing.
  • Avoid It If: Avoiding dairy or looking for a low-fat option.
Classic Ranch

Class ranch is definitely being treated as a staple in many households. It’s because of its incredibly straightforward recipe to get prepared within minutes. This classic Ranch is one of the best sauces for pizza lovers who want a rare combo of tang and creamy texture in one sauce. And considering this, this basic ingredient pizza sauce option is hard to resist.

You can equally utilize it at home over fresh salads or as a trusty dip for those crunchy veggie sticks. Even on an advanced step, let it spread on a sandwich or Subs. And when you are in a mood of experimentation, a sprinkle of chipotle or your favorite herbs can elevate its flavor profile instantly.


  • Can be used on a myriad of dishes, not just pizza.
  • It’s simple to whip up at home.


  • Can be high in calories due to its creamy base.
  • Not always dairy-free 

Best Pizza Sauces to Buy:

  • Hidden Valley Original Ranch: The classic ranch lovers who want to buy a pizza sauce with comforting tang, this is my fail-safe pizza sauce choice, makes me feel just like home.
  • Ken’s Steakhouse Ranch Dressing: When my pizza needs a creamy kick, Ken’s never disappoints; it’s like a restaurant experience in every bite.
  • Wish-Bone Ranch Dressing: A delightful surprise with every use, its unique blend always gives my homemade pizzas a gourmet twist.

2. Buffalo Ranch

  • Complexity while making at home: Medium
  • Taste profile: Creamy with a spicy kick
  • Who’s this for: Lovers of spice and everything nice.
  • Avoid it If: Those sensitive to spicy foods.
Buffalo Ranch

Taking a slightly different route from the classic route, this type of pizza sauce is an ultimate fusion of creamy coolness and spicy zing. I mean, you can’t deny the brilliance of combining classic ranch with the audacious kick.

While there are many recipes out there, I simply put chosen ranch with buffalo sauce, and this allows me to brace myself for a taste sensation. That’s why I can’t resist this best sauce for pizza as a companion to my crunchy chicken wings or even some crisp celery sticks. Lastly, sprinkle a few more chili flakes to tweak the spiciness and set your taste buds on fire.


  • Bold Flavor elevates the taste of any dish.
  • Can easily adjust the spice level to your preference.


  • Might be Too Spicy for Some:
  • High in Calories may not be suitable for those who prefer a lean diet 

Best Pizza Sauces to Buy:

  • Frank’s RedHot Pizza Sauce: It’s the best pizza sauce for classic homemade pizza on a spicy note. Whenever I want to have that signature wing-night vibe, the perfect tang and heat without overpowering the toppings makes it an excellent sauce to put on a pizza. 
  • Hidden Valley Spicy Ranch: Those days when I want just a hint of spiciness with the creaminess of ranch, this sauce has never let me down; it’s like Buffalo Ranch’s milder version.
  • Ken’s Steak House Buffalo Wing Sauce: This is my go-to pizza sauce option when it’s a time for a truly indulgent treat. Its authentic spicy flavor elevates my homemade pizzas to restaurant quality.

3. Dill & Garlic Ranch 

  • Complexity while making at home: Easy
  • Taste profile: Creamy with a herby, garlic punch
  • Who’s this for: Fans of aromatic, herbal flavors.
  • Avoid it If: Anyone not keen on strong garlic undertones.
Dill & Garlic Ranch

When we talk about different pizza sauces, the creamy, herby taste profile makes it all different from others. I mean, just do nothing for a minute and just Imagine the smooth creaminess of ranch livened up by the freshness of the dill and the zesty punch of garlic; isn’t a scrumptious match made in culinary heaven?

I often reach for this pizza sauce choice not just for pizza but to elevate my potato salads and as a trusty sidekick to grilled fish. And even sometimes, I up the garlic quotient for that extra kick, a perfect fine tune for my love of garlic. If you’re a garlic fan, you definitely know this drill.


  • Provides a unique and refreshing taste that stands out from traditional sauces.
  • Can be served with a variety of dishes like salads, fish, and wraps.


  • Might not appeal to everyone, especially those who prefer classic or milder tastes.
  • Fresh dill and garlic are recommended, which might not always be readily available. 

Best Pizza Sauces to Buy:

The Bottom Line

So, that’s all pizza enthusiasts! With all these different types of pizza sauce, you definitely get plenty of good pizza sauce options for you next homemade pie. And definitely, if you are not in the mood to whip that sauce in your home, I have also placed 3 best sauces for pizza to buy and instantly settle down your cravings.

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