Top 5 Product Reviews for Wood Oven Pizza

Ready to taste new heights of flavor on a culinary journey? A wood-fired oven is a great choice. You might be thinking, “Why use a wood-fired oven when I can simply pop a frozen pizza into my regular oven?”. Ah, my dear reader, that’s where the real magic lies. 

Wood Oven Pizza

In comparison to traditional ovens, wood oven pizzas offer a fusion of flavors. The intense heat and fragrant smoke infuse a unique essence into the pizza.

Here, we explore the compelling realm of wood-fired ovens uk, their artistry, and their unique advantages over traditional pizza-making techniques. Discover the magic of wood-fired cooking and the secrets behind creating unforgettable flavors and textures. Now let’s dig deeper:

Top 5 Product Reviews for Wood Oven Pizza  

We’ll explore the nuances of making a perfect and best wood oven pizza, the ins and outs of dough preparation, quality ingredients, and the nuances of heat and timing. Whether you prefer Neapolitan classics or creative modern twists, we’ve got you covered. Over 11 weeks, our expert team compiled the best products for you. In addition, we will provide you with a buying guide.

1. PIZZELLO 4 in 1 Outdoor Pizza Oven Wood Fired


PIZZELLO 4 in 1 Outdoor Pizza Oven Wood Fired

Interesting Facts about Oven

  • Detachable 2-tier design
  • A 12-inch stand-alone fire pit
  • For even heat distribution and crispy crust
  • A waterproof oven cover

Take Note

  • Requires Outdoor Space
  • Limited Cooking Space

Feature Description:

An innovative 2-layer detachable design makes this pizza oven versatile. Furthermore, it allows you to make perfect wood-fired pizzas every time. The oven comes with a 12″ pizza stone. As a result, the stone ensures even heat distribution and a crispy crust.

PIZZELLO’s 4 in 1 Outdoor Pizza Oven will enhance your outdoor cooking adventures. There is a 12-inch fire pit that is stand-alone. We found it to provide a steady heat source for authentic wood-fired cooking. Pizza stone, pizza peel, and a waterproof cover are included in the oven. Therefore, we provide everything you need to make cooking a pleasure.

The pizza oven can be used for cooking pizzas, grilling, and as a fire pit. It offers a variety of outdoor cooking options. Easy assembly and disassembly make it convenient to use and clean the oven. The smoky flavor of wood-fired pizza comes from the cooking method. Hence, they will taste better and be more authentic. 

PIZZELLO 4 in 1 Outdoor Pizza Oven Wood Fired

User Review/Use Case: Why do I recommend it to you?

PIZZELLO ovens are a great choice for outdoor cooks and pizza lovers alike. It is versatile, allowing you to cook pizzas, grill, and even use it as a fire pit. A detachable design and included accessories make it easy to use, and wood-fired cooking ensures tasty and flavorful pizzas. It is recommended for those seeking an authentic outdoor cooking experience, whether hosting a backyard party or enjoying a family gathering.

My son received this product damaged and battered as a present. It was amazing to work with Pizzello. My problem was handled very promptly and satisfactorily by them. The outcome was very satisfactory to me. Additionally, all my neighbors now buy it after we have the best pizzas.  Furthermore, we also did BBQ, which was terrific. Quality, price, and ease of cleaning and storing – all wins!

2. Morsø Forno Wood Burning Outdoor Oven


Morsø Forno Wood Burning Outdoor Oven

Interesting Facts about Oven

  • Versatile Cooking Options
  • Sturdy and Durable Construction
  • High Temperature Capability
  • Spacious Cooking Area

Take Note

  • Initial Heat-up Time
  • Maintenance and Cleaning

Feature Description:

Make outdoor cooking fun with the Morsø Forno outdoor wood fired pizza oven. With this oven, you can grill, smoke, and bake pizza at the same time. Also, you can savor delicious meals in true Scandinavian style, unleashing your culinary creativity.

This Morsø Forno is designed to provide a versatile cooking experience. It features a round design and double-coated cast iron construction. It retains heat well and cooks evenly. You can make perfect pizza crusts with the oven’s pizza stone. The unit can reach a temperature of up to 500°C. We analyze that, its ample cooking surface measures 750 x 600 mm. It can be used for a variety of dishes. In any outdoor setting, it adds a touch of elegance.

The outdoor oven can be used for grilling, smoking, and baking pizzas. A variety of culinary options are available. It is made from cast iron that is double-coated. Therefore, it ensures excellent heat retention, durability, and long-lasting performance. Having large dimensions, the oven accommodates multiple pizzas or other dishes simultaneously.

User Review/Use Case: Why do I recommend it to you?

An excellent addition to outdoor cooking setups for those who value versatility and Scandinavian style. You can grill, smoke, and bake pizzas using this device. The cast iron construction ensures exceptional heat retention. As a result of the large cooking area, multiple dishes can be prepared at the same time. 

The camping set was perfect for our getaway and for the garden! Easy to use, and delicious pizzas were ready to take home the next day! Mobility is not a problem. This reliable and versatile outdoor cooker is ideal for those seeking a reliable and versatile outdoor cooking experience.

3. Dellonda DG218 Portable Wood-Fired Pizza Oven


Dellonda DG218 Portable Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Interesting Facts about Oven

  • Quick Heating
  • Portable and Easy to Transport
  • Versatile Cooking & Fuel Efficiency
  • Compatible with charcoal or hardwood pellet

Take Note

  • Lacks built-in temperature monitoring features
  • Heat Management

Feature Description:

Enjoy authentic wood-fired pizzas and more with this versatile oven. It’s all right there in your backyard or outdoor space. Portable, quick-heating, and fuel-efficient. For outdoor cooks, it’s the perfect companion.

Dellonda DG218 outdoor oven features a brushed finish for a sleek look. The hinged legs and removable chimney make easy set-up and transport possible. Maximum oven temperatures range from 350°C to 380°C. Additionally, it allows for fast and efficient cooking. Within 10-15 minutes, it’s ready to cook. In addition, you will save time and enjoy delicious wood-fired creations right away.

Its hinged legs, and removable chimney makes it easy to set up and transport. A 14-inch pizza can be made in about 60 seconds. Charcoal or wood pellets can use as fuel for the oven. Therefore, these options give you flexibility and eco-friendliness.

Dellonda DG218 Portable Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

User Review/Use Case: Why do I recommend it to you?

Dellonda DG218 is a delight for outdoor cooks who value portability and the unique flavors of wood-fired cooking. Pizza, roasted vegetables, or other wood-fired delicacies can be cooked quickly. Charcoal and sustainable hardwood pellets are available as fuel options. 

It took a few attempts to get the pizza oven right, but now the pizzas are beautiful. We have not ordered takeaway pizza since we began using this oven. Very well done, Dellonda. Due to its small size, the oven is portable and efficient for camping, picnics, and backyard cookouts. The Dellonda DG218 is a superb portable wood-fired oven.

4. Black Deluxe Wood Fired Pizza Oven


Black Deluxe Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Interesting Facts about Oven

  • Visually appealing orange arch and gold door
  • Large cooking area of 100cm x 100cm
  • Superior insulation for excellent heat retention
  • Durable construction with high-quality alloy steel

Take Note

  • 620 kg Heavy Weight
  • Initial Setup required Expert

Feature Description:

Black Deluxe Wood Fired Pizza Oven allows you to cook the perfect wood-fired pizza. It combines functionality with aesthetics. A gold door and an orange arch are also featured. Additionally, it adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor cooking area. As a result of its large size, superior insulation, and durable construction. You will enjoy exceptional cooking results with this wood-fired grill.

Both the design and the performance of the Deluxe oven are outstanding. Its striking orange arch and black steel finish will enhance any outdoor setting. The gold door enhances its overall appearance. 100cm x 100cm oven provides ample cooking space for pizza, roasted meats, bread, and more. 

It has excellent heat retention and durability and is made of high-quality alloy steel. Heat will be distributed efficiently, and cooking conditions will be optimal due to its superior insulation.

A large oven provides ample space for cooking multiple pizzas or larger dishes at the same time. Cooking results are consistent and precise due to the oven’s excellent heat retention and distribution. Black steel, orange arch, and gold door create a visually stunning focal point. Alloy steel construction ensures long-lasting performance and resistance to high temperatures.

User Review/Use Case: Why do I recommend it to you?

Deluxe ovens are the perfect choice for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Its spacious cooking area accommodates multiple pizzas or larger dishes easily. Wood-fired creations are always perfectly cooked, thanks to the improved insulation. Any outdoor space will look elegant and sophisticated with this oven. 

I am still getting used to it. It’s great, and we’re getting better every time. You might need a forklift to move it into position… it’s heavy. The Deluxe is an excellent choice for outdoor cooks with its visually stunning design and high performance.

5. idooka Outdoor Pizza Oven Wood BBQ Pizza Oven


idooka Outdoor Pizza Oven Wood BBQ Pizza Oven

Interesting Facts about Oven

  • Black steel firebox stove with a chimney 
  • Multi-functional design 
  • Reaches a maximum temperature of 400ºC
  • Easy to assemble and operate 

Take Note

  • Size Consideration
  • Freestanding Only

Feature Description:

The idooka oven will enhance your outdoor cooking experience. This portable wood-fired pizza oven is perfect for backyard parties or outdoor gatherings. Our findings show that, multi-functional, durable, and large. You can use it for barbecues and garden parties in the summer, as well as for outdoor cooking adventures in the summer.

Any outdoor space would benefit from the idooka Outdoor Pizza Oven. A black steel firebox stove with a chimney adds a sleek look while retaining and distributing heat efficiently. A pizza stone and stand are included with the oven. Hence, creating perfect crisp pizzas with a wood-fired taste. Additionally, you can grill, bake, and roast a variety of dishes with its multi-functional design.

The oven reaches a maximum temperature of 400’C, which is the ideal temperature for wood-fired cooking. Furthermore, it ensures delicious results every time. With the Idooka Pizza Oven, you can bake, grill, and bake pizzas outdoors. Additionally, it is portable. Furthermore, you can take it camping or to outdoor events. The stainless steel oven keeps food warm while cooking by retaining heat.

idooka Outdoor Pizza Oven Wood BBQ Pizza Oven

User Review/Use Case: Why do I recommend it to you?

For outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy wood-fired cooking, the Idooka Outdoor Pizza Oven is a must-have. With its versatility, I can cook pizza, grill, and bake. Drawn from our tests, we found that it is suitable for a variety of outdoor occasions and gatherings. Its high temperature capability ensures crisp, wood-fired pizzas. 

It is easy to assemble and has built-in features like a thermometer and wheels. Despite the oven’s size, it is ideal for freestanding setups. It makes a great focal point for summer barbecues. The Idooka Outdoor Pizza Oven features a durable construction and efficient heat retention.

Buying Guide – What to Consider While Buying Wood Pizza Oven?

Here are some factors to ponder when purchasing a wood oven pizza:

What to Consider While Buying Wood Pizza Oven
Infographic: What to Consider While Buying Wood Pizza Oven

Size and Capacity: 

Select the pizza oven that best meets your needs by considering its size and capacity. Decide how much space you have outside and how many pizzas you want to cook. Smaller ovens are appropriate for usage by one person or for intimate gatherings. Additionally, larger ovens can cook several pizzas at once.

Construction and Materials: 

Pay close attention to the wood oven pizza’s construction & materials. Look for solid and long-lasting materials, like cast iron or stainless steel. These materials offer exceptional durability and heat retention. Excellent resistance against corrosion and rust. Additionally, it guarantees long-lasting performance.

Heating Method:

There are various heating techniques for pizzas made in a wood oven. Convection, conduction, or a mix of the two are all included. Conduction ovens take advantage of the fire’s direct heat. Whereas convection ovens move hot air around to provide even cooking. When choosing a heating method for your pizzas, consider your cooking preferences and the results you hope to achieve.

Temperature Range: 

Verify the wood-fired pizza’s temperature range. It ought to be able to withstand and sustain extreme temperatures. Therefore, wood burning pizza oven is usually between 300°C and 500°C (572°F and 932°F). To have a crisp crust and quick cooking periods, you must be able to reach and maintain these high temperatures.

Ease of Use and Maintenance:

Consider how simple it is to use and maintain the pizza oven. Look for features like adjustable airflow, temperature control systems, and user-friendly controls. For simple maintenance, choose models with removable ash pans or trays and easy-to-clean surfaces.


Consider the weight and style of the wood pizza oven if portability is necessary. Choose easy travel or store types with integrated handles, wheels, or a small, light design.

Accessories and Extras:

Look at the extras and accessories that come with the wood-fired pizza. Pizza stones, peels, coverings, thermometers, and appliances with built-in storage areas are typical accessories. Examine whether these accessories fit your cooking requirements. And make your experience better overall.

Safety Features:

Consider safety features while selecting a wood-fired pizza. To avoid unintentional burns, look for features like heat-resistant handles and insulated doors. And shielding shields to defend against flying embers. A reliable and robust design is also essential to guarantee the oven’s security.

User evaluations and suggestions:

Read through customer testimonials and suggestions for various oven pizza models. Pay close attention to temperature control precision, durability, and general customer happiness comments. Real-world user experiences can offer insightful information about the effectiveness and dependability of a product.


Set a spending limit for a wood-fired pizza. Moreover, take into account the features, quality, and performance it offers. While it’s crucial to stick to your spending limit. Consider the oven’s overall quality and performance to ensure a worthwhile purchase. Things will be helpful to you for many years.

You can confidently choose a pizza oven if you consider these variables and do your homework. Carefully analyze your unique requirements and preferences to locate the ideal wood pizza oven. Furthermore, that will provide fantastic, real, wood-fired pizzas for outdoor culinary endeavors.


Are Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens Better?

For pizza lovers, wood-fired pizza ovens are very popular due to their numerous benefits.

  • Authentic Taste: 

The pizza has a distinct and smoky flavor from wood-fired ovens. It results in a unique flavor that is challenging to reproduce using conventional cooking techniques. Wood ovens’ high temperatures result in crusts that are attractively browned and crunchy. while keeping the interior soft and delicious.

  • Even Heat Distribution: 

Heat is evenly distributed throughout the cooking chamber in wood-fired ovens. Consequently, the cooking will be even and constant. A thermal atmosphere is created by the radiant heat from the burning wood. It rapidly bakes the pizza from all angles, producing flawlessly cooked toppings and crust.

  • High Temperature Resistant: 

Wood-fired ovens frequently exceed 800°F (427°C) in temperature, which is an exceptionally high temperature. Pizzas may cook quickly, generally within minutes, because of this intense heat. Additionally, producing a crisp crust and keeping the moisture of the toppings inside.

  • Versatility: 

Wood-fired ovens can be used for various foods in addition to pizza, including bread making, roasting meats, grilling vegetables, and even baking desserts. This flexible cooking equipment can be used to prepare a variety of culinary delights due to its capacity to retain heat and disperse it evenly.

  • Having Cooked Outside:

Wood-fired pizza ovens produce a distinctive and delightful cooking experience, particularly in outdoor settings. The atmosphere created by a group of people gathered around a wood-fired oven while they watch the flames dance and breathe in the fragrant wood smoke improves the eating experience.

Wood-fired pizza ovens are popular for pizza lovers looking for an authentic and exceptional pizza-making experience. Due to their superior flavor, even heat distribution, high temperature capabilities, versatility, and the pleasure of outdoor cooking, they require a little more work and skill.

How Long to Cook Pizza in Wood-Burning Oven?

A wood-burning oven’s cooking time for pizza depends on several factors, including the oven’s temperature, dough thickness, and desired level of doneness. Generally, wood-burning oven pizzas take between 60 and 90 seconds to cook.

Wood-burning ovens can reach temperatures exceeding 800°F (427°C). Pizza is cooked quickly in the oven, resulting in crispy crusts and tender, flavorful interiors. Toppings remain fresh and intact due to the short cooking time. The cooking time can vary depending on the oven and the chef’s preferences. To find the perfect cooking time for your pizza crust and toppings, practice and experiment. During cooking, it is vital to monitor the pizza closely.

In addition, wood-burning ovens are designed for rapid cooking. Prepare all toppings and ingredients before baking the pizza. As a result, the pizza will cook evenly and won’t burn. Pizza typically takes 60 to 90 seconds to cook in a wood-burning oven. Personal preference, oven temperature, and dough thickness may require adjustments. Watch the pizza closely during cooking to achieve a crispy crust and flavorful toppings.

Is Wood Pizza Better Than Gas?

Wood-fired or gas-fired pizza ovens are ultimately a matter of personal preference. Several advantages make wood-fired pizza ovens unique and desirable. Typical oven temperatures exceed 800°F (427°C) when burning wood in a well-insulated oven. It imparts a smoky flavor to the pizza with a blistered and charred crust. Cooking times are fast and efficient with wood-fired ovens.

On the other hand, gas-fired pizza ovens offer ease of use and convenience. They allow precise temperature adjustments since they are easier to ignite. Furthermore, gas ovens provide consistent heat distribution, which can result in even cooking.

Ultimately, the features of wood-fired and gas-fired ovens are slightly different. The unique flavor profile and texture of wood-fired ovens make them famous. Conversely, gas-fired ovens offer convenience, control, and consistency. In the end, the choice between wood-fired and gas-fired pizza ovens depends on personal preference and cooking style. 

Is Wood Fired Pizza Crispy?

Yes, wood-fired pizza is famous for its crispy crust. When an oven generates over 800°F (427°C) of heat, cooking occurs quickly and intensely. A crisp exterior and chewy interior result from this heat. The charred and blistered crust from the wood fire adds texture and flavor. Crispy crusts are achieved in wood-fired ovens that are well-designed.

Why Does Wood Fired Pizza Taste Better?

Several factors contribute to the superior taste of wood-fired pizza:

  • Flavorful Smoky Aroma: The burning wood imparts a unique smoky flavor to the pizza. It adds depth and complexity to the pizza with its aromatic compounds. Besides, creating a better sensory experience.
  • Even Heat Distribution: Wood-fired ovens cook pizza evenly and quickly. By rapidly cooking, the ingredients, moisture and flavors are locked in. Plus, perfectly melted cheese and a crispy crust.
  • Charred and Blistered Crust: Wood-fired ovens produce charred and blistered crusts. Adding a delightful crunch and smoky flavor. Also, there is no comparable texture or taste in a conventional or gas-fired pizza oven.
  • Faster Cooking Time: Wood-fired ovens cook pizzas quickly due to their intense heat. The shorter cooking time preserves the quality and freshness of the ingredients. Additionally, this results in a pizza that is more vibrant and flavorful.
  • Natural Cooking Method: Wood-fired ovens use natural fuel, making them environmentally friendly. Moreover, no gas or electric heating elements eliminate chemical or metallic flavors.

Overall, wood-fired pizza has a distinct and superior taste due to its smoky flavors, even heat distribution, and charred crust.

Is Wood Oven Pizza Healthy?

Yes, these have many health benefits. The ingredients and preparation methods can make wood oven pizza a healthier option. So, the health benefits of wood pizza oven are:

  1. Minimal Additives: Fresh, simple ingredients are used in the oven. You have more control over the toppings and crust’s nutritional value this way.
  2. Retains Nutrients: Pizza cooked in wood-fired ovens retains more nutrients. A shorter cooking time preserves vitamins and minerals in toppings, making the pizza healthier.
  3. Less Fat and Grease: Wood-fired pizzas are cooked quickly, creating a crispy crust that absorbs less fat. Due to this, pizzas cooked in other types of ovens may have a lower fat content overall.
  4. Reduced Sodium Content: Wood oven pizza allows you to control your salt. Plus, choose healthier toppings or less sodium to reduce the sodium content.
  5. Customizable Ingredients: You can choose and customize the ingredients according to your preferences. It can be made healthier by adding vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grain crusts.

In short, the oven’s overall health depends on your choice of toppings and crust. A healthy oven starts with fresh, nutrient-rich ingredients and portion control.

Final words

In conclusion, wood oven pizza brings the authentic taste of Italy to your backyard. Wood ovens produce delicious, crispy pizza crusts due to their high temperatures and smoky flavors. If you choose an oven, consider its size, construction, heating method, and portability.

According to thorough testing and analysis, these are the best wood pizza oven:

  • PIZZELLO 4 in 1 Outdoor Pizza Oven: 

There are two layers to this detachable pizza oven. You can turn your grill into a fire pit as a pizza oven. Featuring a sturdy construction and a wood-fired heating method.

  • Morsø Forno Wood Burning Outdoor Oven: 

The Mors is practical, and attractive, and features a durable cast iron design and Scandinavian style. The large dimensions and 500°C maximum temperature make it ideal for pizza baking, barbecuing, and smoking. Heat is retained well thanks to the double-coated cast iron construction.

In short, these top picks offer excellent performance and quality craftsmanship. You can go right with the Mors’ Forno Outdoor Oven or the PIZZELLO Pizza Oven. Bake pizzas in wood ovens!

Have a great time shopping!

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